The issue of old sodium lamps with LED heats up, the allegation of a scam of 50 million – Scatter the old sodium lamps

Author: JagranDate Posted: Thu, June 30, 2022 7:49 PM (IST)Date Updated: Thursday, June 30, 2022 7:49 PM (IST)

Correspondent of Jagran, Jalandhar

Along with the disruptions in the LED street lighting project, allegations of fraud in old sodium lamps are coming to the fore. There has been a five million fraud allegation in this. LED lights have been installed after removing the sodium lamps, but no one knows what was done with the sodium lamps. On Friday, councilors can ask for answers on both LED lights and old sodium lamps. Faced with growing dissatisfaction among councilors over the LED lighting project and the fingers being raised on the mayor, an important decision may come out in Friday’s Corporation meeting proposal.

LEDs have been installed instead of about 60,000 sodium lamps in the city. As for sodium lamps, congressional councilors are asking the question: where did these lights go? Councilors allege that these lights are not found in any warehouse of the corporation. When the LED lighting contract was signed with the PCP company during the Akali-BJP government era, a separate contract was also signed to sell the antique lamps. Five years ago the cost of a sodium lamp was 250 rupees. When the congressional government came to power, the PCP company contract was canceled and the Sodium Light contract was also canceled. Congressman Shamsher Singh Khaira and Azad councilor Davidar Roni wonder where the sodium lamps are? If it is sold, with what process was it sold and what is the cost of a light? On this, the Deepak scrap says that the old lights were very heavy. Among them are about three kilos of aluminum, half a kilo of copper, iron rods and wires. If it is also sold in scrap, then its price is made between 700 and 1000 rupees. If it has been sold with the old rate of 250 rupees, it is also wrong and if it has disappeared, it is a more serious issue. He said if the lights were sold at the right price, 60,000 lights could have been sold for five or six million. The answer will be taken home. Khaira said the contract to replace the sodium lamps was handed over to Ravi Kumar along with the former LED PCP company. When the LED contract was terminated, along with it also ended the contract for the removal of sodium lamps. Questions are being raised about the repeated lifting of the chamber meeting

It will surely be the first meeting in the history of a municipal house on the subject of corruption in a project. On this bill, the ruling councilors in Congress are raising their voices more than the opposition parties BJP and Akali Dal and now Mayor Jagdish Raja is also facing accusations that he is saving the contracted company. There was a lot of noise on this issue at the June 8 house meeting. After that, the mayor had announced that an extraordinary meeting of the house would be convened for the LED lighting project. The mayor set the House meeting on June 20 on a single agenda and unveiled the agenda on June 17. The morning meeting was adjourned on June 20 and the next date was set for June 24. On June 24, two hours before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned again. Congress councilors Shamsher Khaira and Rajvidar Raja had alleged that the mayor deliberately postponed the meeting to give the company time to rectify its mistakes. They alleged that there was a nexus between the mayor and the company. When this project began, its cost was about 44 million, but it has now risen to 62 million. The MLA raised in the Legislative Assembly the issue of disruptions in the Smart City project.

Jalandhar West Sheetal Angural party MP Aam Aadmi has raised the issue of the Smart City project in the Punjab Legislative Assembly. He told the assembly that Smart City has carried out projects worth 550 million rupees in Jalandhar, but this work is not seen in the city. He said that even before the election he had said that there was a big scam in the work of Smart City Company. He had promised the public that if they sent him to the assembly, all irregularities would be investigated. He demanded that the Chief Executive Officer investigate all Smart City Company projects. He said there has also been a disruption in the work of the Sri Guru Ravidas community hall which is being built on a 120 foot road. This work is done by PWD. This work does not exceed 60 lakhs, but has been tendered for about 3.5 million. ,

Not only is there a flaw in Coates ’LED project, but the old sodium lamps have also been torn down. There is a scam of millions in this.

Davidar Roni, councilor

——- Tell the mayor where the old sodium lamps are. If sold, at what price was it sold to whom?

Shamsher Singh Khaira, counselor

——- Mayor Jagdish Raja has ruined the LED lighting project. Now, talking about this at home, we are trying to tell ourselves clearly. The CEO of the company Smart City is on leave and no other official is authorized to make statements in this regard. There is also the doubt that Smart City Company advisers will be present in the house.

Sunil Jyoti, former mayor

—— Councilors will keep their point in the house. Everything should be clear on the subject of LEDs. Action must be taken on who is responsible. The decision will be made with the consent of all public representatives in the chamber. Whatever the problems, they will also be investigated.

Jagdish Raja, mayor

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