The story of the woman who was pronounced dead by the CBI

  • Situ Tiwari
  • From Sivan to BBC Hindi

image source, SEETU TIWARI / BBC

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Badami Devi (left)

On the streets of Kasera Toli in the Siwan city of Bihar, a narrow alley emerges between the central utensils and gold and silver shops. There is a house on the edge of this narrow street, of which people are reluctant to explain it.

The front door of the house is a heavy old wooden door. Upon entering through this door, you will find thick circular pillars painted light green. With this stifling heat, air barely penetrates the entire house.

There is darkness on the narrow stairs leading to the first floor of the house. There is a very narrow path that crosses this darkness with the help of moving light. As you pass by you get to the room where the light bulb is giving off so little light that no one’s face is clearly visible.

But even in a very normal looking house, you can’t go without any “references”. While only one elderly woman lives in this two-bedroom house. This elderly woman is described as a heart patient and can only walk by holding a door, a wall, or any solid object.

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