Untold story of officers: the options were many, he chose the uniform for the service, now he seems to have taken the right step

Author: Naveen DalalDate Posted: Thu, June 30, 2022 7:29 PM (IST)Date Updated: Thursday, June 30, 2022 7:29 PM (IST)

Sirsa, Jagran’s correspondent, In my childhood, I heard people say that working is not easy, so I assumed I would go to public service. During his studies, steps were taken towards the medical world and he obtained the MBBS degree from Banaras Hindu University, but the childhood conversation worried the mind that public service should be done and the best medium can be the IAS and IPS.

people become sources of inspiration

With this in mind, he took the UPSC exam and in 2014 succeeded in the second chance. His rating was 194. Here he had many service options but he chose the IPS service. This story is about the young SP of Sirsa, Dr. Arpit Jain. Sirsa Superintendent of Police Dr. Arpit Jain, who has become a source of inspiration for the people of Haryana Police for a long time. Born in 1984, IPS Arpit Jain grew up running down the village track. Born in the village of Maksi of Shajapur district, Dr. Arpit Jain first studied in Bhopal. He later went to Banaras.

The publication was made in Sonepat

Dr. Arpit Jain said that after joining the police service, he married IPS Anshu Singla in 2015 during the training. He was assigned a painting by Haryana. The first post took place in Sonipat and was also the additional SP here. After that, DCP Faridabad remained for two and a half years and for about 11 months he has been in charge of the responsibility of the superintendent of police at Sirsa.

Then I felt the choice was right, I won’t be able to forget those moments

Its publication took place in Faridabad during the Crown period. Crown patients were here on a large scale. No one was allowed to move. Then they have seen situations where a man’s father died, the woman was in the hospital and a small child was crying. There was no one with him for the last rites, so he received a call and could not forget the scene of the night when the cremation was done with difficulty. There was a policeman to help the boy. A man’s father died and his only son was trapped in Faridabad and was not allowed to go to Bhopal. Then he arranged to send him to Bhopal. Likewise, there are many stories in which it helped and now the mind says it was a good decision to become IPS.

She received a motorcycle asking, then they transported her to Bihar

The superintendent of police has recounted another case from the Crown period, in which the young man from Madhuban in Bihar was said to be in Faridabad. When the family disaster came during Crown, it was necessary to contact his family. The vehicles did not move. The problem was how to send and then send. Then he arranged someone’s motorcycle and gave his number that if someone stops him, definitely talk to him.

There will be problems at every moment, the solution should come

The superintendent of police said there is no place where there are no problems. Problems will come at any moment. There will be different types of problems. You just have to find your solution. The more the public connects with the police, the more powerful the police will be, the stronger the information system will be and crime will stop. As the police moved away from the public, the problems increased, not decreased.

Sirsa turned out better than he had heard, now everyone is asking for drunkenness, everyone’s hand

Sirsa has been under drugs for many decades. Gradually the intoxication increased. The concern did not occur at the societal level. Now the intoxication conditions are not good. You can tell that joint efforts are the only option to get out of this swamp. The police alone cannot fight. Police can try to close the supply line, send to prison those who are drug traffickers, can not stop the demand. The job of stopping demand will come through awareness. Will smugglers sell when there are no dining rooms? That’s why the police are knocking on all the doors that the two will fight together but will not allow intoxication.

The superintendent of police said that when it was not Sirsa, he was aware that Sirsa was a common area. When I came here, I knew that people are very nice, that they support in the good work. Now the police are also asking for support in a noble spirit. No doubt people have started to support it. He said the era of loneliness in society is causing depression. I have to get out of it. The habit of our ancestors was good enough to prevent the child from deteriorating. But no one says anything to anyone.

The Ellenabad elections were also no less than a challenge for the peasant movement.

The superintendent of police believes the Ellenabad by-elections were a major challenge and the reason for this was the farmers ’movement. Where the people of the ruling party would go to protest. In this situation, it was very important for the police to maintain law and order. The Sirsa Police did a commendable job in this matter and got the elections to be held peacefully without facing any controversy. He said the Sirsa Police is the most suitable force to fight at the front and morale is so high from the constable to the officers who can face all the problems like a stone.

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