Children have many good and bad habits that can be seen by observing their education. Children have many good and bad habits, which can be seen by observing their education.

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  • Children have many good and bad habits, which can be seen by looking at their education.

Dr. Rahul Taneja, consultant, Paras JK Hospital, Udaipur20 minutes ago

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  • Attention to a young age is also important because these seemingly normal habits prepare children for the future.

Rohit and Rohan are good friends. They are both eight years old. Every evening he goes to play in the park. One day Rohit asked Rohan to stay for a while, then Rohan replied with great humility that “I can’t stay now because I came to my house asking to come back at 7 o’clock.” If I go late, everyone at home will be upset. But tomorrow I’m sure I’ll come after asking mom and then I’ll stop. Rohit’s mother was standing listening to both of them. He loved hearing Rohan’s words. They realize that Rohan has grown up very well. He also relaxed with Rohit’s company.
Children’s little habits say a lot about their family and education. Parents should sow the seeds of habits in children. When good habits are sown in childhood, the future will be better. In this article, we talk about some of the main good and bad habits of children.
hygiene training
If the child washes his hands before eating and drinking, even when the parents are not there, eats the food properly, puts chocolate residue and fruit skins in the same bin, keeps his hands in his mouth so good sneezing and coughing point. . So looking at it you know that at home you have the right training for all these habits. The message also says that relatives should also behave in the same way at home. At the same time, if the child does not know and adopts cleaning habits, then it becomes clear that they have not taught him good habits at home.
follow discipline
If the child goes to play on time and returns home after a time without being called, it shows that at home he has been taught the rules of discipline. Even after staying at a relative’s home, if the child falls asleep on time and wakes up early, it is clear how much discipline there is in their upbringing. Some children do no work on time and become irritable when they wake up early to sleep at someone else’s house. As a result, even in the future, they cannot easily adopt a disciplined lifestyle.
adapt to circumstances
When the child goes to someone’s house, he eats what is in the food without any hesitation. As the elders say, accept. Even if he expresses his likes and dislikes at home, he accepts everything outside. This practice suggests that the child has been taught to adapt to the situation at home. There are some children who insist on eating away from home, if they don’t get the food they chose, they don’t eat or bother. When the nature of the child does not adapt to the situation, then they do the same.
active learning
Whatever the child does, but when you make a sound, he leaves the place and comes to you, then it is known that his parents have not allowed him to befriend laziness. At the same time, some children also have such a habit that if you have told them any job, they will never get up with the first voice. ‘I get up, I go, I come’, these answers will be heard. Laziness in the body increases day by day due to this behavior. The proactive attitude is also ideal for the future.
practical skills
The child bows to the guests in front of the older ones, talks to the younger ones with love, plays with them with their toys and does not fight. This nature of the child shows his practical skills. There are also children who have the habit that when a guest comes home, he does not respond well to adults. We don’t give away any of our toys to our kids, we fight and we fight with them in no time. This behavior shows a lack of education in practical skills in the child.

The future will shine with these habits

Make children aware of the information about the country and the world from the beginning. Give them these comics for them to read and show them these channels from which they can learn something new. Introduce them to interesting things, from space to migratory birds. Arouse their curiosity to know the topics of particular interest. Teach children to help everyone. Be sure to teach how to help if an elderly person has trouble crossing the street, can’t bend down to lift things, or if an animal needs help. Instill a sense of help in children from an early age. Some children start manipulating their belongings as soon as they go to someone else’s house. How to open the bag, ask for the phone password and play games, etc. Tell the children that this type of behavior is not appropriate. Teach children the label how to bring water for guests when they return home, asking them about their well-being.

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