July 1: How will the new labor laws affect wages, the working day and pensions?

  • Padma Meenakshi
  • bbc telugu

image source, Getty Images

The government of India will implement the new labor laws from July 1, 2022, i.e. Friday. Under this, 29 laws will be implemented in four sections.

Of these 29 laws, four laws are related to the provisions relating to wages and remuneration. Nine laws are related to social security provisions and 13 laws are related to safety, health and work facilities. The remaining three legal provisions are related to industrial enterprises.

The government says these changes will benefit workers in both the organized and unorganized sectors. However, union leaders say this will hurt workers.

Incidentally, these changes will not apply to state and central government employees. Find out what the effect will be on your salary, working hours and pension facilities after these changes.

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