Lucknow News UP first pediatric liver transplant performed at Medanta Hospital Life saved in 9-year-old boy | Lucknow: the first pediatric liver transplant from the UP performed at Medanta Hospital, the life of a 9-year-old boy saved

Lucknow: Tejas Singh, 9, a resident of Allahabad, suffered from acute liver failure due to the hepatitis A virus. He was admitted to Sahara Hospital for 3 days, where he was in critical condition and unresponsive to medical treatment. . After that, he was referred from there to Medanta Hospital. The donor and patient were examined within 12 hours of arrival at Medanta Hospital and then transplantation work began and 40% of the donor’s left liver lobe was taken. After 2 weeks, when the child’s condition improved, he was discharged. Today after two months he is completely healthy and living life like a normal child.

These doctors were included in the team

The head of the Medanta Institute of Liver Transplantation, Dr. AS The liver transplant was performed by Dr. Head AS Soin and his team of surgeons, Dr. Amit Rastogi, Dr. Prashant Bhangui, Dr. Rohan Jagat Choudhary, Senior Pediatrician Dr. Neelam Mohan, Dr. Durgaprasad. Also, in this case the anesthetists, Dr. Vijay Vohra and Dr. CK Pandey also contributed.

Texas’ mother was a donor

Dr. AS Soin (head of Dr. AS soin) said pediatric liver transplantation is very difficult. This is technically difficult due to the small size of the arterioles, portal vein, and bile ducts in children. Our experience of over 450 pediatric liver transplants and one of the largest Medanta hospital chains in India are delighted to offer this facility in Lucknow. As soon as we checked the state of Texas, we recommended a liver transplant. Texas’s father quickly made all the arrangements with the help of his relatives. In this case, Texas ’mother was a donor and donated the left side of her liver, which was about 40 percent. During the surgery, Texas’s diseased liver was removed and a portion of his mother’s liver was transplanted.

If the surgery had been delayed, the results would have been worse.

Rohan Choudhary, a consultant surgeon for liver and liver transplants, said: “The Texas case was very complex, as the timing of the liver transplant was critical and any delay in surgery would prevent its consequences from being very bad. The child was taken to hospital on April 26, 2022 with jaundice, hepatic encephalopathy, and elevated INR.Due to acute liver failure, cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) also increased in the patient. His condition worsened and he would have fallen into a coma if the transplant had not been performed.The child was successfully transplanted on April 27, 2022 using the living donor liver transplant method.A few days later, on the 17th May 2022, we celebrated the 9th birthday of the child and that is why the child was very happy.

“Cases are a challenge”

Dr. Durgaprasad, a senior pediatric gastroenterologist, said: “Cases of childhood liver transplantation are a challenge, as they must be dosed according to body weight. In addition, they also have a high risk of infection. Texas had liver failure in due to hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection HAV infection is common in children, but about 2% of them progress to acute liver failure, although some acute liver failure is cured. , others require a liver transplant or else the patient will die.In this case, Texas had ALF and met the criteria of King College of ALF, so he needed an immediate liver transplant.

He will have to wear a mask for a year, he will not eat things outside

Dr. Rohan Choudhary further said, “After the operation, Texas received immunosuppressive drugs to weaken the immune system so that her body would not reject her mother’s liver inside her.” However, there is always a risk of infection due to weakened immune system. Therefore, it is necessary to take some precautions such as not being allowed to eat raw vegetables or food from outside for 1 year, not playing with dust and moving away from crowded places and always wearing a mask. We are also regularly checking Texas liver function tests to make sure everything is fine.

I was afraid to hear a liver transplant

Texas ’father said,“ At first we were scared by the news of the liver transplant, but when we met Dr. AS When we met Soin, we felt safe and hoped the boy would recover and do all the It was necessary to save Texas’ life.Our transplant decision has proven to be the right one and we are very happy when we embrace Texas.At the same time, when her mother remembers her days in the hospital, it is still hard for her to contain today. the tears.

He will become a versatile on the Indian team

Texas said with firm determination, ‘I will study hard. At the same time, he told his dreams that I want to become a versatile player on the Indian cricket team.

“Transplanting at the right time brings miraculous results”

Dr. Neelam Mohan, director of Pediatric Hepatology, said we have extensive experience in liver transplantation for acute liver failure in children. If the transplant is done at the right time, its results are miraculous. Unfortunately, not all children with acute liver failure arrive at the transplant center on time or parents are unaware of the liver transplant technique. We have a large number of survivors of pediatric liver transplant recipients who come to us for follow-up for a long time and also lead a normal life. Most of these transplanted children are over five or 10 years old.

can live a normal life

Answering questions about life after transplantation, Dr. Soin said: “If the child is recovering well after the operation like Texas, then this transplant is considered to be completely successful and the hope of leading a normal life increases even more. Also timely medications have a life quite normal, except for a few things like taking them and getting regular blood tests.

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