National Doctor’s Day Exclusive: Why Become a Doctor After Dealing with Occupational Violence Against Doctors in India

Along with the mother, the role of the doctor is also important in bringing a baby into the world. As soon as the baby begins to grow in the woman’s uterus, doctors begin to try to protect both the mother and the baby. From the birth of the child, doctors stay with him at all stages related to health.

In earlier times there were Vaidyas and midwives, who used to treat patients with their knowledge and experiences. But now, after years of hard work and studies, one gets the doctorate. When that doctor, after taking on the promise of saving his life, arrives at work, he not only has to deal with the most serious illness and pain of the patients, but sometimes he also has to facing the fury and insolence of the patients ’family. Doctors who were considered the form of God, the doctors themselves must also face the struggle.

There have been many changes in the condition of doctors in recent years, now it is becoming a big challenge for them to stay safe along with caring for patients. Every day the question of hitting a doctor in a hospital or clinic continues in the discussion. There is no legal protection in the country for doctors who save other people’s lives. We celebrate National Doctor’s Day on July 1 in honor of doctors, but are the doctors themselves safe in the current era? Aside from violence, tension among doctors is also increasing for many other reasons.

Currently, physicians face pressures at all physical, mental, economic, and social levels. On National Doctor’s Day, do you know what is the reason for the difficulties and increasing violence from doctors? The big question that arises from these adverse circumstances is: Why should I be a doctor?

Increased cases of violence against doctors

On July 1 we celebrate National Physicians Day in honor of physicians, but in recent years the condition of physicians is in jeopardy.

According to a report by the Indian Medical Association, 75% of doctors in India faced some form of violence in their workplace. Patients or their relatives get angry with doctors at any time. He speaks out loud, uses abusive language, threatens and even raises his hand.

In the Kovid period, where doctors cared for patients continuously without caring for their lives, then the maximum number of cases of violence against doctors was also reported. Many patients misbehaved with the doctors and medical staff in the Kovid ward. The medical team that landed on the field for Kovid’s test had to face bumps and stones.

Patients do not understand the doctor’s stress

On violence against doctors Mohammad Arshad (PG resident, Department of Psychiatry) It is said that if we have become doctors, it does not mean that we are working to kill patients or their assistants. A doctor works many days without sleep. In this situation, ordinary people do not know how much mental pressure there is on the doctor.

With this mental pressure, he deals daily with patients and their families.

For us, treating patients is not only a professional job for us, it also provides us with emotional satisfaction. We give our lives to heal the patient, so where is it justified to be angry with us without thinking anything? We also have a limit, we are not God.

Violence has a negative effect on the will of doctors

At a medical institute located in Lucknow Junior resident Dr. Arful Khan According to this, so much negativity has come to the society that people do not see positive things. Like where I am working, there the OPD is free, but still many patients do not have the right attitude with the doctors, even though the doctor is still doing his duty. But after working continuously for hours, if a patient or a relative raises their hand over the doctor, the doctor’s heart breaks.

The self-satisfaction he has been working for so much is starting to fade. Because of these journeys, the doctor’s desire to work dies, is a direct loss to society.

Increased workload of doctors

Our healthcare system still needs a lot of improvements. The burden of the number of patients on each doctor is so high, so there is a lot of pressure on doctors. With the pressure of work, finding time for family and a little pressure also comes from the level of authority. In the midst of growing pressure, violence, the situation is that doctors are now shying away from making their children doctors.

People accuse the doctor without knowing it

Dr. Swapnil Srivastava (Associate Professor, Pharmacology) It is said that all doctors remain under pressure in the state of doctors in India. How will you treat patients with the right mood under this pressure? From studies to practice, there are different types of challenges everywhere. The doctor is also a human being, when he goes to the vegetable or clothing store, he also gets things just by paying money. Economic gain according to work also remains a challenge.

In the midst of all this pressure, when the relatives of the patient you are treating are on fire, it is certainly a discouraging situation. For this reason, doctors do not want their children’s children to become doctors. Alam is about to arrive that there is already a shortage of doctors in the country and if young people show no interest in this profession, the situation may get worse.

Doctors forced to work abroad due to economic pressure

There is a lot of work pressure on a resident doctor. He has many patients. You can only sleep 4 to 5 hours in 24 hours, but your income is much lower. In this situation, the stress on the doctor increases further. In addition to working, they must also take care of the family.

Loss of our country by the departure of doctors abroad

Dr. Arshad Khan says doctors work very hard to complete their medical studies, but when they are under financial pressure, they leave the country and leave. That is why the fruits of our country’s talent and ability are beyond the reach of the people of our own country. Depending on the hard work a doctor does, their salary is much lower. Many Indian doctors are forced to work in countries like America, so our country is suffering a lot.

Dr. Arful Khan says not all doctors work just for money, but it takes five and a half years to study MBBS to become a doctor. Before, getting ready for MBBS, getting ready for NEET PG, which takes us two years. After MD for three years, some people do DM for three years after that. Generally, after 10 to 12 years of study, if a person expects their salary to be at least that, which will make their life easier.

How do doctors treat abuse?

When a patient or family member speaks abusively to a doctor, even then the doctor speaks politely. Along with treatment, they are also given training for this. According to doctors, from the second year of MBBS, doctors begin to visit the patient. During clinical training, he only talks to patients. Know your illness, but when doctors go into practice after the last year and start working with senior doctors, they are taught how to treat these patients or their families.

It is said that no matter how angry you are, but a doctor should speak comfortably. If you calm down and explain them with love, half of the patient’s problems are solved with the doctor’s behavior. Gradually with experience we learn to manage patients ’anger.

Measures must be taken for the safety of doctors

Dr. Arshad says that even though we are told during medical training that we need to be very polite to the patient or family member. But when this misconduct goes beyond the limits, this treatment to a doctor who works 24 hours a day is embarrassing and very unfortunate. Therefore, good safety measures should be taken for the doctors of each hospital and department, whose responsibility should be in the hands of capable people so that the doctor can also work with a calm and quiet mind. .

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