Opposition parties embroiled in misunderstandings, it is dangerous to prepare a narrative in their favor instigating citizenship

Author: Ashish RajputDate Posted: Fri, July 1, 2022 10:24 PM (IST)Date Updated: Fri, July 1, 2022 10:24 PM (IST)

[आशुतोष झा ], To date, more than two thousand young people have applied for the Agneepath scheme for army recruitment, which is many times more than the number of recruits to be recruited. Even after that, the Punjab Assembly passed a resolution against the Agneepath scheme. In Bihar, opposition parties are continually disrupting the assembly. A few days ago, many opposition parties, including Congress, met with the president and demanded the withdrawal of this plan, calling it dangerous for the country’s security and against youth.

Fifteen days ago, protests against the Agneepath scheme in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Telangana, etc., which were shown or shown, were also behind the participation of political parties. Efforts to incite young people are still ongoing. The compulsion of regional parties on this issue is understandable, but why doesn’t even a national party like Congress want to understand that cheap politics on an issue as sensitive as security overwhelms it? The truth is that Congress understands that, but those who have to make a decision are confused. That’s why while most senior leaders are silent, Manish Tewari has begun to speak openly in support of the Agneepath scheme.

Elections are the test of democracy. No government or party should achieve uncontrolled power, which is why the drafters of the constitution foresaw this ordeal every five years. It doesn’t take long for the public to kick out those who don’t live up to expectations. Opposition parties play an important role in monitoring the government, but it is dangerous to create a narrative in your favor by inciting the public. A few days after the announcement of the Agneepath scheme, polls were held in several states. People showed their inclination in this. Even after that, Congress and other opposition parties refuse to read the writing on the wall.

During the opposition to the Agneepath plan, the opposition had to be defeated in the by-elections in three Lok Sabha and seven seats in the assembly. The SP also lost its strongholds: Azamgarh and Rampur. Congress was unable to stop the BJP even by indirectly supporting SP. Earlier, SP had run in the assembly elections uniting some small parties, including RLD, but this was also rejected for the second time in a row. In Punjab, Bhagwant Mann became prime minister just a few months ago with an unprecedented victory, but failed to get the Aam Aadmi party to win its Lok Sabha Sangrur seat. This was his first election exam, in which he failed.

Prior to the Agneepath plan, the opposition launched a political campaign against the CAA, demonetization and even the GST, which was rejected by the citizenry. Even after that, opposition parties are not prepared to understand the reality on the ground. It has become clear that the way public property was damaged in Bihar in protest of the Agneepath scheme, political party workers also played a role. His open activism was also seen elsewhere.

After all, what else would be a symbol of nationalism greater than the army, but a group also rose up. This is the same group, which also celebrates the 76 jawans of the CRPF that were sacrificed at the hands of the Naxalites. When questions are raised about this, it is clarified that it was only a protest against “Operation Green Hunt”. Complaints and counter-denunciations are normal in politics, but it is unfortunate that they are part of a larger conspiracy. Because the BJP also knows that the issue of employment can be connected to the citizenry, which is why a few days ago the Prime Minister announced a million jobs in a year and a half. The Agneepath scheme was also announced on the same day. Opposition parties made their opposition a political weapon, but it was unsuccessful. The question is, why do the same faces appear in every movement of the last eight years? People cannot forget the violence that took place in the name of the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the way in which Shaheen Bagh’s continued for months. Similarly, in the name of the movement against the agricultural law, there was anarchy around the capital Delhi for almost a year. The fear that it would be shown that farmers would end the MSP proved futile after a few days. Statistics show that farmers sold grain on the open market and made more profits.

Recently, through the Chintan Shivir organized in Udaipur, Congress had indicated that it has understood that it must escape the clutches of narrow politics and make positive politics, but unfortunately, it is once again choosing to follow the old path. He organized a nationwide satyagraha against the Agneepath plan. Meanwhile, top party leaders said the Modi government should be ousted at any cost. This proved that protest is an excuse, the goal is something else.

Congress and other opposition parties are definitely preparing for 2024, but are unable to pick the right topics. Congress has been shrinking since 2014. A few months ago, in elections to the assembly of five states, including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Congress was only able to win 56 out of a total of 680 seats. Congress had also lost the Punjab in trying to make the anti-agriculture movement a weapon of its victory.

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