People don’t consider menstrual pain as a pain, they think it’s an excuse for women to avoid work. Chinese tennis player Qinwen Zheng on menstruation (monthly menstrual pain) Open of France 2022

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  • Chinese tennis player Qinwen Zheng on menstruation (monthly menstrual pain) Open of France 2022

New DelhiOne month agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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Recently, an image has come out of the Paris French Open, in which the players have their eyes blindfolded and some people are handling them. This 19-year-old tennis player is Zheng Qinwen, who said after the defeat: I wish he were a man, he would have no periods, nor would he lose. According to Zheng, it was her first day of menstruation, when she had to play with convulsive nerves and abdominal pain.

A very simple thing. That truth, which almost all women go through month after month, but that seemed like a challenge to the male mind. They win the battle after suffering so many deep wounds and don’t even do it: here a girl pretends to be in pain.

People started saying on social media: nowadays girls get angry. Someone started writing: if there are so many problems, why did I go out to play, sit at home! Someone started writing: our mothers never made excuses to cook or wash clothes.

That is correct! The girls lick the pain and do it continuously. When Mian Pyaar returns to the office after ordering, instead of a cup of tea, he finds a scattered house. The kitchen is filled with the smell of old chopped onions. On one side rises a small mountain of unwashed clothes, on the other side a group of children weave, blowing their noses. Here the woman is sleeping near the door of the room. Reason? He has had periods. When the husband cooks the food, then she will wake up.

This tantrum will last a day or two and continue until menopause. After that, the sound of bone crunch will resound. The men of the past were wise, they knew that once women could cry, they would expand like the stomach of a rich man.

That’s why he even stopped looking for pain medications. From 1590 to the following year, these women who used to treat pain were sought in Scotland. Who would find these herbs in the woods, which can take away the pain. Or he cooked broth in the kitchen, which would give strength to the woman.

These women are believed to be witches, who are making the hell out of the world by removing the pain from women’s lives. In fact, pain was a way to keep busy women busy, either in childbirth or by beatings. The pain was that whip, which kept women from running erratically and kept them tangled in the home.

In the same period, Euphem Mac-Calgene, a woman from Edinburgh, claimed to have created an analgesic during childbirth. The women of the flock began to come to ask for medicine. That was enough. Euphemus was caught and thrown into the fire. The sound of his scream drowned out the burst of fire. After that there was silence for many years. No woman has asked for or sought a medication to reduce pain.

In the late 19th century, came anesthesia, that is, sedative drugs. However, the women had nothing to do with it. It would be useful for men, who came back after losing or winning a battle, who were injured in a fight with a neighbor, or who had some other problem. The use of anesthesia was forbidden to the woman who cried out in pain and died during childbirth. A woman who can’t even give birth to a child with her effort, how she will take care of the rest!

We are in the 21st century, but the situation is still no different. According to a 2019 report from the National Library of Medicine, hospitals still differentiate between genitourinary and male pain. If a woman arrives at the emergency room complaining of pain, she is made to wait a long time, while taking the men’s complaint seriously, treatment is started almost immediately. That is, women’s pain is not urgent, but can wait.

In 2018 a case was discussed in France, in which a 22-year-old woman, Naomi Musenga, called the emergency with a headache complaint. Crying, he said, there is so much pain that I can die! The doctor published in the emergency room responded with a philosophical tone: one day everyone dies! After a five-hour wait, when the service finally reached the woman, she had died of a stroke and organ failure.

Asking for an answer, the doctor posted to the emergency said with a sigh of throat: Women often do big little things. So I couldn’t pay attention to the matter! If a woman complains of a headache, she will cry at night. If you talk about chest pain, you must have eaten spicy. If you say stomach ache, there will be some sporadic illness of women. If you complain of foot pain, you are getting old. Doctors give anti-anxiety medications to most women occupying the hospital with such mild complaints.

A study in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests that women who go to the hospital with pain complaints are often prescribed medication for mental illness or stress reduction, while men are fully examined.

Queen Victoria was the first woman to seek medication to reduce pain during childbirth. The doctor treating the queen agreed after much debate that he would give her some chloroform, just so she wouldn’t die. This is about April 1853. The queen was also relieved as much as she should live. Back then there was no talk of ending the pain, nor is it happening now.

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