Post office cameo scheme … if the child is over 10 years old, open this new account … get thousands of rupees

New Delhi. Post Office Scheme: You need to be very concerned about the future of your children, to know how to make the future of 8 children bright in such rising inflation. Because today it is important to save as much as it is important to earn, in the same way there are many ways to save. Today we tell you and with that you can also make your child’s future bright. A new post office scheme, the Post Office Savings Plan, is currently being discussed. And you need to know how much safer post office plans are in terms of savings. And also get good money in returns. We tell you that you can start this savings plan on behalf of any member of your family, as if your child is 10 years old or older. So you can open a mail account with your name. With this, children will start receiving 2.5 thousand rupees every month or not, you will get huge benefits from this account. So we tell you in detail.

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