R Madhavan said: – I thought I would make a film about the Maldives affair of Nambi Narayanan, I was ashamed when I received it – Interview with R Madhavan talking about his rocket film the nambi effect rhtdm remake

A beautiful smile actor R. Madhavan settled into the hearts of the fans with his first Hindi film ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein’. Then, in a three-decade film career, he left his mark as an actor from north to south in films like ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, ‘Vikram Vedha’, ‘Mara’. At the same time, now in the film ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’, he plays all the roles of actor, director, writer, producer. In this situation, we had a special conversation with him.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is a passion project for you, how was the whole trip? You are the writer, director, producer and hero of the film. What challenge was it to play all these roles together?
If you really weigh this project, it shouldn’t be done because the budget is out of my market. We thought we would shoot it in three languages, in eight countries. Change your appearance without prosthesis. It will show things that have not been shown in any film so far and the reason for all this madness was that we met Nambi Narayan ji. His story shook us to the heart. We went to meet him with the intention of making a little James Bond movie. The adventure of an ISRO scientist with a woman from the Maldives and how he proved to be innocent, but when we found out what contribution he really made to the country, we were obsessed with the shame that we had to tell his story. Not knowing it is an injustice to this country. it is a deception. That’s why we were able to make this film despite being so crazy.

This film is about a national hero. When you were older, who was the hero of your life?
I am from the city of engineering. Growing up in Tata Steel, he was a fan of Jamshedji Tata who planned such a city in 1908 at the time. But my hero has always been my father, because he is completely a middle class man. I think our greatest power is the Indian middle class. He doesn’t care who the king is, who the tower is. Either Ram or Ravana rules his kingdom. They want this brother, they should be allowed to live their lives comfortably. They don’t care about caste or religion, they just have to educate the boy, marry the daughter, the son buy a house so that our old age is safe. But if you push them down this path, they will shake the whole world. They will change government in a second. Whatever you do, what the middle class underestimates will make the biggest mistake.

You have another hero in your house, your Vedant son, who is giving glory to the nation by swimming! Stopping the question halfway, he said:
No. No. Look, my son is a swimmer who has done well in a competition. He brought gold and silver. His fame is more than his success and I’m glad he also understands that because he’s my son, he looks a little good, so people think he’s a hero, but he Hero isn’t. He still has a lot to do. There are many swimmers his age who are better than him, but they don’t have as much name or fame, so my son also tries to talk about his friends on his website. He wants to be part of the team. I won’t say at all that he’s a hero and he doesn’t believe it either. Delhi is far away now.

It is said that after Kovid, now people want to see only entertainment movies in the theater. Is there any pressure on that?
There is nothing like it. Any man who has tried to scale the industry has always fallen for it. You can’t say anything from the audience. You tell me a prophecy, which turned out to be true. They used to say that only southern films are made. Then, if the “Bhool Bhulaiyaa” goes, ours is happening too. If ‘Kashmir Files’ comes out, patriotic films will be played. People are so scared that they want to put everything in a frame that if you do that this will be fine. While this is not the case.

Talking to you, the mention of ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein’ is inevitable, which people still love so much. What do you think is the reason for this immense love?
As far as I know, I was told the movie is a failure (laughs). In fact, the reason for this is that this film touched many teenagers at the time. It became an anthem for him at that time. Today these teenagers are in an important and powerful position. Someone is a police commissioner, someone is a cricketer and today as an influencer, when they talk about it, they talk about it. After ten years, kids growing up watching some other romantic movie, then this movie will be talked about. People will forget us.

What about the sequel to ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil’? So what do you think of the remake trend these days?
I can’t do this sequel. Look, whatever sequel we make, the reason has to be something other than money. If we don’t have this script, the audience will never forgive us. I had also said during Tanu Weds Manu Returns that if we are doing a sequel, even those who have not seen the first film should like it, only then will our film be successful. I think people are wrong about doing this remake, because it’s not that people in the north aren’t watching the movie that is released in the south. He has seen and is also comparing that man, when he has seen this, I will go to the theater for hours, to see the same back. Now people don’t even have such crazy fans.

What would you like to tell your industry people who are scared?
That’s all, the audience has changed. Our audience only tolerates us. We have lost their respect. Once upon a time that brother came to the theater, these actors are older than us. Today each child has six packages. Every girl dances like a heroine. Going to a wedding, watching the dance in its procession, its shooting is like a movie. So how did we become role models for them? What about us who think they are better than us? We will go to see them at the theater. Right now it is our duty to earn that respect for him again.

Just as your father was your hero, what are you trying to be your son’s hero?
My attempt is to make him understand that he is the son of a celebrity, so his life will not be comfortable. Whatever he does, people will be watching him closely. The cameras will always be there. If an ordinary man hurts, he will not have to suffer as much as he should because he is the son of Madhavan, so I think the most important thing is to make him understand this responsibility.

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