Relationships with Sushmita Sen: Who is this “interesting man” because of whom Sushmita Sen has not been married to date?

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Sushmita Sen has never hidden her relationships from anyone. He publicly accepted some relationships, while Sushmita Sen never gave a clear answer about some.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen recently revealed that some wonderful and interesting men had come into her life, but that she could not marry him just for a reason. That reason is the daughters of Sushmita Sen. Sushmita Sen has two daughters, whom she has adopted. Sushmita Sen doesn’t want any such person to come into her life, who might not share her daughters ’responsibility with her, but doesn’t take her away from her. Sushmita said there were three people in her life whom she would marry, but they disappointed the actress and then did not marry her.

There have been many ups and downs in Sushmita’s personal life

As beautiful as Sushmita Sen’s professional life was, her personal life has probably never been better. Many people came to Sushmita’s life, but no one could promise to walk with her for the rest of her life. Sushmita Sen’s last relationship was with Rohman Shawl. Sushmita and Rohman went out for a long time. During the relationship, the news of their marriage also came to the fore, but neither Sushmita nor Rohman ever said anything about them. Even before Rohman, the name Sushmita was associated with many people, some of whom were also associated with the film industry.

However, it will be difficult to say who this interesting person is among them, due to which Sushmita Sen has not been able to marry until now. For now, let’s take a look at those Sushmita Sen relationships, for which the actress ’name has been in the headlines.

Before that, let’s talk a little about Sushmita …

Former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is a very daring woman, either in terms of glamor or her decisions. Sushmita Sen entered Bollywood after becoming Miss Universe, but only after making some films did she move away from Bollywood. After that, she came into the spotlight when she adopted a baby girl and became a single mother. However, when Sushmita adopted the girl, she was also greatly troubled. Some people even expressed the fear that being a single mother, she would not be able to take good care of the child. However, this did not happen and she is now a proud single mother of two girls. A happy look appears on Sushmita’s face. There is consolation on his face. Maybe this comfort is because they have two loving daughters.

The name Sushmita Sen is associated with these people.

However, Sushmita Sen was not so lucky in terms of marriage and love. He went out with some guys and then broke up with them. But despite the breakup, Sushmita has maintained a good relationship with them even today. First of all, let’s talk about the person Sushmita Sen allegedly dated for about four years. Online reports claim that Sushmita went out with a Delhi restaurant owner for four years. The two were also seen together at the wedding of cricketers Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge. However, the two later separated.

After the restaurant owner, Randeep Hooda came into the life of Sushmita Sen. At the time Sushmita was a well-known actress and Randeep Hooda was a newcomer. The two never hid the subject of their relationship. But Sushmita’s relationship didn’t last long either, and she broke up with Randeep. For now, the two remain very good friends. It is also claimed in some reports that Sushmita Sen has also had a relationship with celebrity director Bunty. The two were seen together at many events many times. However, the two never made public the information about this relationship for themselves.

Sushmita Sen also went out with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, but the two soon separated. It is claimed in some online reports that Vikram Bhatt admitted once he cheated on his wife. Vikram Bhatt is said to have decided to leave his wife and children for Sushmita, but later regretted his decision.

Sushmita Sen has also come out with this Pakistani cricketer!

Not only did the people of India stay on the Sushmita fan list, but a former famous Pakistani cricketer was also crazy about her. Sushmita Sen is reportedly also in a relationship with former cricketer Wasim Akram. This relationship lasted a long time, but then some circumstances became such that the two separated. Apart from that, Sushmita’s name was also related to the owner of a hotel, but when the news of their marriage came to light, they separated.

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As we have already said that Sushmita Sen is a very daring person. He has never hidden his relationship from anyone. He publicly acknowledged some relationships, while some never gave a clear answer. However, it is certain that none of the people he went out with Sushmita could live up to his test. Sushmita loves her daughters more, and probably didn’t consider it necessary to decorate her happiness by putting her life at stake. Perhaps this is the reason why Sushmita Sen has not been able to find a partner who can adopt her daughters along with her.

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