The new Maharashtra government will be able to accelerate the bullet train project

Bullet train against Maharashtra government: Following the change of power in Maharashtra, there is also speculation on the day of the Bullet Train because the BJP government has come to power both in the Center and here. It is said that if heart and mind keep the same thinking, then the work becomes easy and in case of bullet train project, now BJP has also formed government in Center, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Because of this, the ideology of two state governments, including the country, has also become the same. As soon as the government changes, the speed of the bullet train project in Maharashtra can also have wings. This is the dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at whose speed the brakes are activated in Maharashtra so far. The thinking of the former government of Shiv Sena is explained behind this. It is worth mentioning that there is a BJP government in the center and now the BJP government has also come to Maharashtra and if there is already a BJP government in Gujarat, in Maharashtra the work of the bullet train can be expected. Here, we look at some things that can speed up the 508km bullet train project from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

After all, why has the bullet train project stopped in Maharashtra?

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, Sadananda Gowda had announced the bullet train while presenting the first railway budget of the Modi government and the bullet train in the country had to run at a bullet speed in 2023, but in view of the current conditions, this PM dream project can not be completed in this period. In Maharashtra, land acquisition work for this has not been completed and there has been a sudden brake on its speed. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw had also said that the bullet train tests will be carried out in just 48 km in 2026 due to the non-completion of land acquisition works in Maharashtra. According to railway sources, one of the reasons for the hanging of the bullet project in Maharashtra is the thinking of the leaders here, so there was no special seriousness about this project here. Leaders here continued to feel that this project would not benefit the state, but due to the convenience of transportation, the Maharashtra business would not be carried out while moving to Ahmedabad and Surat to Gujarat. Here the BJP was the government of Maha Vikas Aghadi at the time, so the BJP leaders of the state also thought it was good to distance themselves from this issue and cut their throats by saying anything about it, but now the BJP government has come here. It can be hoped that now, to please their top leadership, these BJP leaders are raising their voices for this project, because they are Prime Minister Modi’s dream project.

Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train

The speed of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train has been maintained at 320 kilometers per hour. The government of India, with the help of Japan, is working quickly on the 508 km Bombay-Ahmedabad high-speed train (bullet train) project, but in a way the brakes are activated in Bombay. Maximum land acquisition has to be done in the Palghar area in Maharashtra, but this work is pending here, so so far the Railways have decided to work only on the bullet train project from Ahmedabad to Navsari . A separate high-speed track is being installed for the bullet train between Mumbai-Ahmedabad. 91 percent of its route is elevated, part of which has been completed. The rest of the track is seven miles under the sea and up to 4 miles underground. The length of the tunnel that goes down to the sea is 21 km. In 2023 two more years and three more years have been added for testing this dream project. Now the test of this train from Surat to Navsari will be done in 2026. There are 12 stations under this project, of which eight will be in Gujarat and four in Maharashtra.

How long did the bullet train work in Gujarat

As for Gujarat, the work of this project has been done indiscriminately due to the presence of the BJP government there. Land acquisition work in Gujarat for the bullet train project is almost complete, but the big challenge remains in Maharashtra. A total of 352 km of bullet train from Sabarmati to Vapi is to be made in Gujarat and here also Vijay Rupani of the BJP heads the government. So far, bullet train pillars have been installed in 61 kms on the stretch from Sabarmati to Vapi and work is progressing rapidly in 170 kms. The momentum in the work of this project at the Surat NHSRCL high-speed railway site is proof of how seriously the BJP-governed states take the Prime Minister’s dream project. If we consider the report of the recent work of this project, in 2024, the first Surat station of this project will be ready. The bullet train highway bridge is being made of two types of small and large light beams. An important part of a small section has been completed at a site in Surat and is being worked on daily. They are being used on the bullet train elevated bridge. They are being built 40-40 meters from the joist and a large part of 320 meters of the drawbridge is ready. In this work 40 meters are advanced every day. Until last week, the bridge has been prepared for 500 meters. The works are being worked on quickly in eight of its 25 locations. This train will run from Vikhroli to Silpata in Mumbai, 45 feet below sea level.

The bullet train elevated corridor was a victim of politics

An estimated budget of Rs 8,000 crore has been made for the 508 km bullet train project from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, but due to the brakes of this project in Mumbai, its cost is increasing. The acquisition of land for the bullet train elevated corridor is not yet complete. Part of this elevated Bombay corridor has become really elevated due to politics.

The change of government in Maharashtra will change the fate of the bullet train project

We can only hope that the policy change in Maharashtra will reverse the fate of the brakes on the bullet train project. This train was scheduled to run from August 15 this year, but due to brakes in Bombay on the project, it will run on August 15, 2023. Although the Railways expect to run it in 2028. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has announced that the first bullet train test will take place in 2026. With the formation of the BJP government in Maharashtra, there is a possibility that this trial will start with a fixed timetable.

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