This diet can damage children’s teeth

There are some foods, the excessive consumption of which can damage children’s teeth. Find out in this article.

As parents, adults often try to take full care of their children’s health. But when it comes to their oral health, they feel that just brushing the baby is enough. While in reality it is not so. The brush certainly removes dirt stuck to the teeth and also removes bad breath, but it cannot take care of general oral health.

The effect of food is also visible on the teeth. In particular, young children have baby teeth and are slightly weaker than permanent teeth. Apart from this, children also have the habit of eating sweets and junk food, which can harm their dental health. In children, caries, cavities and gum pain occur when food is not taken care of. So in today’s article, Dr. Rahul Narula, HOD and senior consultant, Department of Dental Care at Saroj Hospital, tells you about some of these foods, which can damage children’s teeth.

Avoid sugary items

Kids love to eat chocolates, lollipops, candies and candies. But all these items have a very high sugar content, which is bad for teeth and gums. It can cause cavities in children’s teeth. Not only that, most children have a habit of not rinsing after eating sugary foods. Due to which a layer of sugar remains on your teeth, which continues to damage your teeth continuously. If the candies, etc., stick to the teeth, it causes great damage to the enamel.

Avoid packaged foods

Children's teeth and food

Kids also like to eat packaged foods like chips and snacks, but they’re not good for their teeth either. In fact, packaged items contain refined carbohydrates. These starchy foods stick to your teeth and cause cavities. Therefore, avoid giving these snacks to your children. It would be better if you give them fresh snacks instead of giving them packaged items.

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Avoid ice cream

Baby teeth and food ()

Kids love to eat ice cream. Especially during the summer season, children demand ice cream every two days. In fact, flavored artificial color is used in ice cream and ice cream balls. That’s why they don’t just stain children’s teeth. In addition, ice can cause cracks and, as they develop, can cause plaque and bacteria to grow. It can damage tooth enamel which can cause cavities. It can also irritate your gums. (healthy eating for a one year old baby)

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Avoid cold drinks

Baby teeth and food ()

If your child has a habit of drinking too many cold drinks, it can damage their teeth. In fact, children’s soft teeth cannot tolerate the harmful effects of carbonated beverages. This affects your enamel. In addition, the amount of sugar and acid it contains is also very high, which can damage your teeth and gums. Instead of giving the child cold drinks, it would be better to give him sugar-free almond milk and smoothies, and so on. (Disadvantages of drinking cold drinks)

Avoid these things too

Baby teeth and food ()

Apart from these foods, you should avoid giving anything else to feed the baby. instance-

  • Don’t feed them junk food like pizza, burgers, fries, and so on.
  • Tea or coffee can damage children’s teeth.
  • Consuming anything that has a lot of sugar causes damage to the baby’s teeth.
  • Frequent consumption of any food or fruit at short intervals also affects children’s teeth.

So now you should also eliminate these foods from children’s diet or feed them in very limited amounts and help them keep their teeth healthy. If you liked this article, share it. And to read more articles like this, stay tuned. with your own Harzindagi website.

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