Who was Anand Dighe, the political guru of Eknath Shinde and the ‘Thackeray of Thane’?

  • Shrikant Bengale
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Anand Dighe

Eknath Shinde has been sworn in as chief minister of Maharashtra. During this, he thanked the BJP leaders and also mentioned Anand Dighe.

Speaking of Eknath Shinde, Dighe should be mentioned. In fact, it was Dighe who played an important role in the establishment and progress of Eknath Shinde as a leader in Thane.

There are a large number of people who still believe in and respect Anand Dighe in Thane, even though 21 years have passed since his death.

In 2001, his car collided with an accident during Ganesh Utsav. The wounded Anand Dighe was operated on at a Thane hospital, but later died of a heart attack.

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