Why can’t BJP elect its next president in Uttar Pradesh?

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  • Lucknow BBC correspondent

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In Uttar Pradesh, 100 days of Yogi Sarkar will be completed. Swatantra Dev Singh, the current state chairman of the party and close to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has been a minister in his cabinet since day one.

Since his tenure, the discussion of many names for the party’s new state president had begun, but the central leadership is in no hurry to make him a new state president.

It has been a tradition in the BJP that it does not give any leader a place in both the organization and the government simultaneously. Especially in a state like Uttar Pradesh, where he has been accusing the SP and BSP leaders of occupying both the party and the government.

But the situation is completely different now. In a state like Uttar Pradesh where the party is in full force, does it not consider it necessary to appoint a new president of the state or is it looking for a face that is the most effective from the point of view of its 2024? Elections in Lok Sabha?

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