Birthday Special: Alok Dhanwa’s Poem ‘Runaway Girls’

Alok Dhanwa’s Birthday: Today is the birthday of Alok Dhanwa, who gave a new identity to Hindi poetry. Born on July 2, 1948 in Munger, Bihar, Alok Dhanwa has made a different place thanks to his revolutionary creations. In the 1980s, Alok Dhanwa’s poetry used to resonate not only in the Hindi belt but all over India.

Her famous poems are ‘Runaway Girls’, ‘Goli Dago Poster’, ‘Clothed Shoes’, ‘Brunyon’s Daughters’ and ‘Janata Ka Aadmi’. His collection of poetry ‘Duniya Roz Banti Hai’ has been very popular in the literary field.

Alok Dhanwa says of himself that he is a casual poet. In one place he writes, “I was born in the village of Munger, Belbihama. My village is surrounded by small rivers everywhere. It is natural to compose poetry in such a natural setting. There is a library in the same village, Shri Krishna Seva Sadan. He started sitting in the library at a very young age and started reading books.Despite being a science student, I fell in love with literature.

Alok Dhanwa has been awarded Nagarjuna Samman, Firaq Gorakhpuri Samman, Girija Kumar Mathur Samman and Bhavani Prasad Mishra Smriti Samman, etc. for his poems.

Introducing his famous poem – Bhaaghi Girls

house chains
how much do you see
when a girl runs away from home

do you remember that night
which used to come again and again in old movies
Every time a girl used to run away from home?
Those stone lanterns surrounded by rain
Its light just to show the restlessness of the eyes?

And all these songs are crazy on the big screen.
Come to the truth in your home today!

did you think
That these songs are only for actors and actresses
were they drawn?
and that dangerous act
The destruction of Layla
which rises without breaking the stage
spread to the private lives of viewers?


you will not read
never that letter
before fleeing
he put it on his desk
you will hide it from time immemorial
their dialogue
he will steal his glass his mercury
its ebony
his seven-sailed ship
but how to steal
age of a runaway girl
which may still be enough
In the middle of your scarf?

the rest of his
you will burn
Will you burn his absence as well?
by the presence of what resonates
a lot
like an orange
in the hair


it will eliminate it
erases a runaway girl
from the air of his house
remove it from there
His childhood is within you
from there
I know
Violence of the nobility!

but it is about fleeing
will not be missed
like old windmills

she is not the first girl
the one who ran
nor will she be the last girl
there will be more boys
there will be more girls
Those who will flee in March

running girl
how to disappear in flowers
lost among the stars
running with swimsuit
At the crowded Jagarmgar Stadium


if a girl runs
so it is not always necessary
that some child also run

there are many other events in life
with whom you can go
you can do anything
Just giving birth is not being a woman

Closed and strong as your tank
out of home
the girls have changed a lot
Not allowed
that you also smuggle your chance

she could be anywhere
they can fall
can break
but she herself will be involved in everything
he makes mistakes for himself
you will see it all from start to finish
It will also see its end
no one else will die


running girl
how to ride a white horse
Beyond greed and play
of brides in poor condition
how much dust

keep women apart
of prostitutes
and separate lovers
of women
what a fear you have
when the woman wanders freely
find your personality
prostitutes and wives together
And to the ladies!

it can now be anywhere
in those countries
Where love will be a work of all


how many girls
the mind flees
in your diary
of real girls
its population is enormous

Did any girl run for you?

in your nights
Not a single red road?

Have you been married?
did you pick it up
Your position with your strength?
you grabbed right away
every night of a woman
Even the nights after his death!

you did not cry even once on earth
on a woman’s chest

it only remains tonight
no woman has told you
it only remains tonight
How many times did he say how many women in the world
He came running to all the gates of the sea

it only remains tonight
and as long as the world lasts
Only tonight will he be there.

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