Bobby Deol said this special before the world TV premiere of ‘Love Hostel’

New Delhi / Digital Equipment. Everything is just in love and war! And Pictures offers one of those stories of two innocent lovers and a dangerous killer, where the struggle of love and life will take place! So get ready to watch the world TV premiere of the movie ‘Love Hostel’ on July 2nd at 10pm just at & Pictures! Describing love and relationships, along with his preparations for the character of Dagar, one of the most dangerous villains on screen, Bobby Deol talked about many things, such as the movie Love Hostel,

Today, the gray characters are also gaining strength as dangerous villains. What do you have to say about that?

The roles of the bad guys have evolved a lot over the years. Now these characters become more vivid, with whom the audience can easily connect. Playing Dagar’s character, I made sure he spoke exactly according to the script and I took care of every detail. I think these nuances are what made Dagar special. The same goes for any gray character you see on the screen these days. They are meticulously written and have a history of their own.

What attracted you to this character?

There always comes a time in life that changes you completely, whether for better or for worse. Dagar is also one of them, whose life takes a negative turn and he becomes a heartless man. I was looking for slightly different characters and that character is the same. This is a once in a lifetime character. Getting the role of Dagar was a challenge, mostly because he hadn’t done anything like this before. This encouraged me to play this character and gave me a look at the dark, twisted side in which this character finds himself. Lately I’ve been enjoying playing dark characters. I’m able to show that side of me as an actor, which I didn’t get a chance to show before.

Your character in this movie has had a very good response and we want to know your reaction. Have you ever thought that you would become such a good and bad cow?

I never thought my image of a bad boy would appeal to me so much. I learned the tricks of playing the gray character with Baba Nirala’s character and I enjoyed taking on this challenge. The response I received inspired me to do projects that tested my true potential. The Dagar character with Love Hostel gave me a chance to do something really different. I remember my son saying “sick” after seeing my appearance. I didn’t understand what he meant, but he actually meant it was great. I learned how our characters reach the new generation and how they like it. I think now is the time to make more characters like that.

Vikrant and Sania are a new generation of actors. How was the experience of working with him?

Both are experts in their art. He is so young that nothing is taken lightly. Although I didn’t interact much with him on screen, it was a lot of fun to see him take his photos so beautifully. I used to spend as much time on set watching the process and understanding this mood in order to be able to channel Dagar’s emotions in the right direction.

You spoke the Haryanvi language in this movie. Was it hard to learn? Was it the first time you did something like that?

It was very important to learn the right dialect for Dagar’s character. I had never tried my hand at Haryanvi before, so when I started learning it, I didn’t know anything about it. It was both challenging and exciting. I wanted it to be perfect, to make my character look believable. I remember being so nervous that I used to practice my lines with my director Shankar Raman during dinner at our filming location. And it’s really great to overcome those challenges.

Do you think love has no limits or should have limits? Do you have any advice for people in love?

I feel like there is no more strength than love and I can say that from my own experience. There are many ups and downs in the path of love, for which you either fight or leave it. In the past it was considered a taboo relationship, but now we openly accept this kind of experience because we know it teaches us life lessons that cannot be taught otherwise. To explain my experience, I would like to create a safe ground with my children, where they can talk to me openly about their love life problems and we can help them when their heart breaks.

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