Happy with the free electricity ad, but women should expect a thousand rupees

Author: JagranDate Posted: Monday, June 27, 2022 6:32 PM (IST)Date Updated: Monday, June 27, 2022 6:32 PM (IST)

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The Aam Aadmi party formed in Punjab has presented its first budget. No announcement has been made in the budget to offer financial aid of 1,000 rupees a month to women. That is why there is a feeling of despair among women. Employees and pensioners are also disappointed. Of course, to strengthen the state’s educational infrastructure, the government has increased the budget, with the help of which it will improve the condition of Punjab government schools, while students will benefit the most. At the same time, the government has also announced the abolition of the additional workload for the school principal and teachers, so teachers have breathed a sigh of relief. ———————- Statement of Free Electricity Benefit

Rachpal Singh Tipu has announced its first government guarantee to provide 300 units of electricity for free, which will benefit all consumers from 1 July. This will bring great relief to ordinary families. The electricity bill burden is high for poor families, so they were facing problems, but now getting the free electric unit will not charge their economy and they will be able to spend that amount to cover their other needs. .


The promise of a thousand rupees was not fulfilled

Nisha Goyal said the Aam Aadmi party had promised before coming to power that women would receive financial assistance of one thousand rupees a month, but even after three months had passed, the promise was not fulfilled. Even in the budget, the government has not announced it, so women are being disappointed. Women in need can get a lot of relief from this amount.


Shows seriousness for women’s security Seema Garg said the Punjab government has not announced that it will take any special measures for women’s security in the budget. CCTV has announced to install CCTV on Mahila Mitra Kendras, but did not think about the safety of women in common life. The situation of law and order in the Punjab is deteriorating. In this situation, the Punjab government should consider it. ——————– Better free electricity decision, Dilip Mishra, while welcoming the announcement of supply of 300 units of free electricity by of the Punjab government, said this will bring great relief to the people, will achieve Due to the cost of electricity, people have to bear the burden of a huge electricity bill. Because of this, every family goes through many problems, but now this government decision will strengthen the economy of the common people. ,

He did not take charge of the pensioners: Guddu Ravider Singh Guddu expressed his disappointment towards the government and said the government has not made any announcement for the pensioners. In the first government budgets he was very hopeful that the demands that were pending for the last time would be met, but the government has also ignored pensioners like previous governments. ——————– Silent government over old pension

Pensioners in Kamaljit Singh’s government are being asked to implement the old pension scheme. This lawsuit was also filed before the previous government. Many times this demand was brought to the attention of the Minister of Finance, who had assured that the government would study it, but the government did not make any announcement about the old pension in its budget. At the same time, the demand of pensioners to release the DA quota was not met.

——————– Nothing for seniors: –

Elderly Amardas said the government has not given any relief to the elderly. They are demanding an increase in the medical allowance for the elderly, an increase in the allowance for estimation to the government, but the government ignored their demands. The government continued to talk about giving relief to all sections on one side, but its hanging for years is still pending today. Now next year, the elderly will have to see the path of government again. ,

All sections should be relieved: – Dr. Kuldeep Singh Rekhi said the Punjab government has not imposed any tax and financial burden on the people, so the people have gotten great relief. This time the government has increased the budget by 23.80 percent more than last year, which will create a better health infrastructure, which will benefit the public. Today, sanitary facilities are the first need of the people.


The government should take the essence of the carriers

Carrier Dalbir Singh said the government has not announced any major relief for carriers. That is why there is disappointment among carriers towards the government. Carriers have long been demanding a tax cut from the government, because the burden of various types of taxes falls on carriers. If this tax is reduced, carriers will reap their benefit and their economy will be strengthened.


Best decision to make Mohalla Clinic: –

Sukhwinder Singh Soni said the government is announcing the creation of Mohalla Clinics, which will benefit the people. Along with the creation of Mohalla Clinics, the government should also focus on improving the condition of existing health centers and offering better facilities there, so that people do not face any kind of problem.

——————— Open CM office in each district Best job Entrepreneur Rajiv Jain said opening the Prime Minister’s office in every district it is a laudable job, but for that the government will also have to be responsible. Listen seriously to people’s problems and show seriousness in solving them. So that the prime minister’s office doesn’t stay like a mere show piece.


The government should immediately announce the amount for women: Isha Sharma said the government is fleeing to keep its promises. The government should immediately announce an amount of one thousand rupees a month to the women and start depositing that amount into the women’s account, so that the women can get some financial relief.

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