Hasta Nakshatra: the person born in Hasta Nakshatra wants to change the world, these weaknesses bother

Hasta Nakshatra

It is even the thirteenth constellation of the zodiac. Ranging from 160 degrees 0 minutes to 173 degrees 20 minutes. This whole constellation is ruled by Mercury and resides in Virgo. The symbol of the hand is the hand. You can look up at the sky as if the hand is blessing all of humanity.

It is even the thirteenth constellation of the zodiac. Ranging from 160 degrees 0 minutes to 173 degrees 20 minutes. This whole constellation is ruled by Mercury and resides in Virgo. The symbol of the hand is the hand. You can look up at the sky as if the hand is blessing all of humanity. The Moon, which is the main holder of cosmic energy, Chandra is the lord of this nakshatra, while Mercury is the lord of the zodiac. It functions as a bridge between human beings and divine souls. Mercury is exalted here. Both Virgo and Mercury together bring clarity in thoughts and behavior and keep them fully focused. The driving force of this constellation is Moksha or liberation. It has a fundamental quality in both primary and second level, tamas, that is, inaction, and the third quality, rajas, that is, activity. The lord of the constellation of Hasta is the deity Savitar, that is, the Sun God, who is the storehouse of all the generated powers of the universe.

The legend of the constellation and its shape

The constellation Hasta is symbolized by Hasta or the human hand. Man has a very powerful hand-shaped weapon, which separates him from all living things. The difference between an animal and a human is only in the grip of the hand. The man can use the handshake in any way. No other animal has this weapon. It gives you such a skill with the help of which you can fight with anyone. If a man is autonomous in all departments of life, the credit goes to his hand, because he knows how to use it in different situations. Savitar is the dominant deity of this constellation that bestows creative and reproductive power. With the help of this power, there has been a multifaceted development of life.

Due to the influence of this nakshatra, a person always wants to make many changes and give a new shape to his imagination, but he is always surrounded by external conflicts, because struggle and crisis are the main part of his life. There are obstacles. . It even denotes duration or time. All activities can only be fruitful in the proper time-time, when their consciousness crosses all the limits of space-time or, otherwise, time-time has no effect on them. The field of work is set globally and is devoted to work in this area. Thus, work is associated with duration, which is a time-country combination. Globally, the hand is used for personal satisfaction and if the attitude of selfishness prevails, that hand becomes the most powerful enemy of all mankind. On a spiritual level, the hand is used for mudra, yoga and meditation.


properties and driving force

Tamas means that latency is present at the primary level and also at the second level, while Rajas remain active at the third level. We already know that the symbol of this nakshatra means Hasta, the human hand. In general, Tamas refers to indolence, lethargy, ignorance, and negative qualities, but Tamas ’indolence and lethargy cannot last forever. After the intermission or some time, Tamas will be task oriented, but this work will not be done completely due to lack of understanding or knowledge. When work begins under tamas, it is dominated by ignorance and eventually filled with knowledge and understanding. If we analyze the hand in this context, we will find that half of the hand movements are associated with tamas or negativity. From this it becomes evident that the work is contained under tamas, but there are many distortions in this work, but the work should still be continued. Tamas is active at two levels, primary and second level, while Rajas is active at third level. As practice is said to make a perfect man, in the same way practice also leads to understanding and practice eliminates negative thoughts and begins to engage in creative activities.

An important feature of this constellation is its driving force. The basic inspiration for this constellation is Moksha or liberation. It even means that the hand is a very promising tool given by nature to humans and, if used correctly, can be useful in the journey of salvation with time and practice. Gunas play an important role in the creation of the universe and man, and constellations reveal different patterns of gunas within different constellations.

Characteristics and personality of the constellation

Because of the hand-Moon-Mercury coordination, a person wants to change the world and wants to take a new look at the world and move forward continuously. You have such a tremendous hook that it motivates you to move forward regardless of external obstacles. The contradictory laws of nature are very active in you, but you are looking for ways to change the landscape. You face difficulties and obstacles at all levels, but that does not change your intentions to achieve the desired goal. This coordination also makes you self-sufficient and you can influence your patterns of power with your willpower and optimism. They consider life as an element of nature and do not change their intentions for any reason.

Mentally you are very strong and you always want to express your creativity in what you do. Your thoughts are very clear from the beginning. This is why you have total control over yourself to make your dreams come true. You have full confidence in your ability and are fully committed to achieving your goal. You have tremendous power, which is why you are always willing to help others. Even after you have reached the highest level of your existence, you are eager to make changes in the lives of all humanity instead of making changes on an individual level.

your weaknesses

You may face difficult times, difficulties, health issues and other obstacles in your early life. You can be demanding with everything, lose patience and get angry. Sometimes your cruel behavior can also have an effect on your relationship. Your tendency to be autistic can be fatal.

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