Indore News: Unfinished roads full of mud, garbage lights turned off on empty plots

Indore News: Indore, Naidunia representative. District 31, located in the eastern region of the city, has developed colonies for the upper middle class as well as low-income settlements. The city’s major shopping malls, hospitals and hotels also enter this room with 21,000 voters. These include Mangal City, C-21, Arbit Mall, Malhar Mega Mall and Radisson Hotel and Bombay Hospital. Due to the statue of Maharaja Chhatrasal, this neighborhood is identified with the name of Maharaja Chhatrasal. Here is colony scheme 114 part-2, scheme 94, scheme 54 PU-3, Anurag Nagar developed by IDA for middle and upper class. Apart from this, there are also loop colonies and municipalities like Shantiniketan, Basant Vihar, BCM Heights, Shekhar Planet.

The room is Bhagyashree Colony, Sheetal Nagar, Suman Nagar, Gangadevi Nagar, Maa Ambika Nagar, Bapu Gandhi Nagar, Gulab Bagh, Adarsh ​​Meghdoot Nagar, New Sheetal Nagar, Chitra Nagar, Patel Nagar, Poonam Palace Colony, Shriram Nagar , Kalp Kamdhenu Nagar. . In this room, Sai Gulabbagh temple, Shiva Anurag Nagar temple, Hanuman temple behind Mangal city are religious places. During the year many religious acts are celebrated in these places.

District 31 is adjacent to the Vijay Nagar intersection that comes to the eastern part of the city. In many colonies in the room that are well organized from the outside, there is a drainage problem, dirt in the back lane, water crisis. Road construction is incomplete in some colonies. Because of this, with a little rain it turns to mud. In recent rains, water fattening became a problem for residents of many colonies. Water even entered the homes of many people. There is uneven development in the room. Some colonies are very clean and many are dirty.

There are still many vacant plots in Ward’s Scheme No. 114 Part-2, Scheme No. 94 and Anurag Nagar. Dirt was spreading on these plots. According to neighbors, after several complaints, the dirt from these plots is not collected. There is a possibility of spreading diseases by the dirt that spreads to the plots in the rain. Even for Gulab Bagh, empty plots and water spills became a problem. Many gardens have been developed here. However, its condition is unsatisfactory due to lack of maintenance. The state of Bapu Gandhi Nagar next door is worse. Here it is not easy to go through the narrow streets. Dirt spread to many places here. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of regular sweeping.

The state of Chitra Nagar next to the intersection of Vijay Nagar is the worst. The backlane here is full of dirt. Drainage oddities are common. After repeated requests to the corporation administration, the dirt and drainage of the rear lane is cleaned. Scavengers throw garbage in the streets. It takes a lot of effort to lift them. The people of Patel Nagar and Poonam Palace, next to Chitra Nagar, also face the same problems. Here the path is incomplete. Because of this, it becomes difficult for people to pass through here with little rain. Most people here depend on their own boredom for distributing water and water through tanker trucks. The water crisis situation becomes serious when the holes dry out during the summer. There is the Narmada line in many colonies but it has not yet reached the residence of the residents.

This is public …

In case of heavy rains, water fattening must be tackled. When drivers pass by, there is a danger of falling. A lot of people get hurt to slip and fall. Incomplete construction of the road should be completed.

– Sarika Pareta, Chitra Nagar

For the past 15 days, dirt removed after cleaning the drain in front of the house is stretched. The smell of dirt reaches even inside the house. The situation worsens as the water falls. I don’t understand who to complain to.

– Tara Sharma, Shriram Nagar

Here the water from the drain begins to enter the house with a little rain. The streets are filled with water. Mosquitoes are caused by dirt. Young children get sick because of the dirt. Repeated complaints must be made in the area.

– Laxmi Pawar, Chitra Nagar

There is water in front of our store. People throw trash in the empty field behind. Regular cleaning should be done here from time to time. At the same time, strict action should be taken against those who throw rubbish in the field.

Suresh Sen, Poonam Palace Colony

During the summer we have to face the water crisis. Narmada drinking water is not currently available to everyone. The Narmada line has been established in many colonies. Regular cleaning must also be ensured.

– Ashish Hedeau, Patel Nagar

The lower class colonies are more neglected. There is no light on the electric poles. Dogs have made it difficult for people to walk down the street. Many people have also been bitten by dogs. The corporation should try to stop their numbers.

Vinod Vaishnav, Sheetal Nagar

there is more problem

Street lights are not installed on neighborhood streets. Because of this darkness prevails. There is a danger of people falling into the open drains of the narrow streets.

Apart from Gulab Bagh, Scheme 114 Part-2, Scheme 94, Anurag Nagar, people throw rubbish in the empty plots of many colonies.

Many colonies here have water crises. In the summer, the situation becomes critical after the boredom dries up. People line up to fetch water from tanker trucks.

Pouring water is also a big problem during the rainy season. People are worried that water will enter the houses with heavy rain.

said the leader

During my tenure this field has developed well. The Narmada line was established in 10 colonies to relieve people of the water crisis. Along with this, the water tank on the PU-3 has been approved. Gardens have been developed at Gulab Bagh, Bapji Nagar. Cement concrete roads have been built with drainage and sewer works.

Saroj Chauhan, former councilor

There are a lot of problems in the room. The main problem is drinking water. There is the Narmada line in many places, but the water does not come with enough pressure. There are no street lights in many colonies. People also have to deal with the drainage problem. If all these problems are solved, it will become a model room.

– Nakul Patil, leader of the Congress

said the officer

The room is cleaned regularly. It will also solve the problems that the neighbors have called attention to. So far no water has been seen anywhere. Waste found in the empty plot is collected from time to time. Despite this, some people take advantage of the darkness of the night and throw their trash at home. Many houses are under construction. These people also throw in inappropriate material. Occasional fines are imposed on these people. The reported issue will be resolved.

– Shantilal Yadav, Area Officer

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