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13:57, 02-Jul-2022

Elections to the local body of the deputy: CM Shivraj made a road show in Govindpura in support of the candidate for mayor Malti Rai

The campaign of political parties is intensifying in the elections of Madhya Pradesh city council. As a result, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan held a roadshow on Saturday in support of BJP mayoral candidate Malti Rai. Read more

13:36, 02-Jul-2022

Elections to the local body of the deputy: the president of the state, VD Sharma, said: the BJP will make sixteen victory decorations winning all municipal corporations

Elections to the local body of the deputy: the president of the state, VD Sharma, said that the BJP will make sixteen victory decorations winning all municipal corporations

Polls have been completed for both phases of the three-tier panchayat elections in Madhya Pradesh. As for his tendencies, BJP state president and MP Vishnudutt Sharma said on Saturday that the tendencies of both phases indicate the BJP’s victory in the elections of the rural bodies. Read more

13:56, 02-Jul-2022

Meerut: Someone gave a gold ring to the bride, then some came to Jammu, the thieves became students to fulfill expensive hobbies

Modinagar students stole seven lakhs from petrol pump managers in Meerut to pay for their expenses

In Meerut, six students together had carried out the theft of seven lakhs from the gas station managers. Police have arrested four students while two were escaping. During interrogation, these students explained to police why they had committed the crime. Read more

13:55, July 2, 2022

Karnal: a horrible road accident, a tourist bus going to Vaishno Devi crushed two cyclists

The tour bus crushed two cyclists in Karnal

A painful traffic accident was witnessed late at night on the flyover of the Gharaunda National Road to Karnal. Where a high-speed tourist bus badly crushed two cyclists. Read more

13:55, July 2, 2022

Traffic accident: a truck loaded with cement crashed into an uncontrolled tree in Mau, killed by PRD jawan returning home from service

Bad road accident A truck loaded with cement collided with a dead PRD jawan tree returning home after work

An uncontrollable truck collided with a roadside tree on Saturday morning near the village of Khalispur on the Lucknow-Ballia road in Mau district. The driver of the PRD jawan truck died in the crash. Read more

13:45, 02-Jul-2022

Ank Jyotish July 3: What will be your lucky number and your auspicious color for Sunday

numerology prediction July 3, 2022 ank jyotish

In numerology, each person has a prime number, which is called the lord of the number and its fate is assessed by that lord of the number. Read more

13:52, 02-Jul-2022

Thousands of teachers will be transferred before August 15, direction aimed at updating profiles

Transfer of teachers to Haryana until August 15th

In Haryana, thousands of teachers will be transferred online on August 15th. First the PGT faculty will be moved after TGT and finally JBT. Read more

13:49, 02-Jul-2022

Eknath Shinde arrives in Goa to collect MLA, will have to arrive in Bombay for the ground test

eknath shinde arrived in goa for bagi vidhayak land test maharashtra political croisis

Eknath Shinde himself came to Bombay to pick up the rebel deputies. Everyone has to come to Bombay for the ground test. See what Shinde’s plan is in advance. Read more

13:47, 02-Jul-2022

Bundelkhand Expressway: An additional chief secretary arrived to inspect the midnight, with instructions to complete the work in a week

Bundelkhand Expressway: Chief Secretary instructed to complete work in one week

State officials are also putting all the emphasis on the timely completion of the Bundelkhand highway in Takha, Etawah district. Read more

13:48, 02-Jul-2022

Varun Gandhi: MP Varun Gandhi told the government the need for introspection, retweeted the news of Amar Ujala

MP Varun Gandhi told the government that the need for introspection retweeted Amar Ujala's news

The BJP MP has posted a screenshot of Amar Ujala’s news, in which he has reported rising prices for various goods and services according to the new GST rates. Read more

09:23, 02-Jul-2022

Telangana: KCR cabinet arrives at Hyderabad airport to pick up Yashwant Sinha, only one minister will go to receive the prime minister

Telangana: Only one minister will go to welcome Modi at the airport, the whole government, including CM KCR, will receive Yashwant Sinha

Telangana CM and TRS leader K. Chandrashekhar Rao has played an important role in making Sinha the common opposition candidate. Read more

13:47, 02-Jul-2022

Chhindwara crash news: truck hits cyclist on Parasia road and young man dies

Chhindwara crash news: truck hits cyclist on Parasia road and young man dies

A young man named Kamal’s father, Dhau resident Dubelal Seelu, was riding a motorcycle, during which the truck driver hit him on Parasia Road. Doctors declared he was dead. Read more

13:44, 02-Jul-2022

Landslide in Manipur: Landslide in Manipur for the second time, the death toll in Noni rises to 24, 38 people still missing

Manipur landslide, Noney landslide Many people Dead 38 Missing

News of Manipur Rain Land Landslides: Another landslide has occurred near the site of the tragedy in Noni, Manipur. The Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association provided information on Saturday. Read more

13:30, 02-Jul-2022

Fashion tips: try these cute dress sensations of Rashmika Mandanna, you will look beautiful every time

Today fashion tips Actress Rashmika Mandanna Dress Style Beautiful Look Pictures Photos Photos News in Hindi

The girls copy the style of Rashmika Mandanna. In this situation, you can enhance your style by adopting a little Rashmika Mandanna to dress up. Take tips from Rashmika Mandanna’s beautiful dress style. Read more

13:40, July 2, 2022

Kanhaiya lal Assassination: What is Dawat-e-Islami, with whom the assassins of Kanhaiyalal were associated, do you know how dangerous this organization is?

The name of the Pakistani organization Dawat-e-Islami has appeared in the assassination of the tailor Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The two assassins were associated with this organization. The killer Ghaus Mohammad had gone to Pakistan in 2014. He then stayed there for 45 days. During this, he also went to Dawat-e-Islami’s office in Karachi. Read more

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