Learn about the causes of speech delay in children.

As parents and caregivers we are always concerned about the development of our children. The first few years of a child’s first few years are spent learning something completely new and valuing successes. When your child is unable to learn key things, your anxiety begins to increase. Parents of bilingual or multilingual children often wonder if exposure to more than one language causes delays in their children’s speech.

Here is information on when to contact a doctor about whether or not multilingual children are late in speaking.

such as being multilingual or bilingual

The ability to use or understand two languages ​​is called bilingualism. If a person can speak or understand more than two languages, it is multilingual. Learning two languages ​​may seem like a daunting task for children, but they are believed to learn two languages ​​naturally. Because they can do that. The mother tongue or mother tongue is usually the first language of the children. as well as other languages ​​they learn in school or with the input of the community.

When recognizing that there is a delay in the word

When a child cannot speak despite the estimated age of speech, it is called speech delay.

A normal child between 12 and 18 months should be able to speak 2 to 3 words. Must have a vocabulary of 4-6 words. When you are 2 years old, you should have a vocabulary of up to 50 words. You should also be able to pronounce sentences of 2-3 words.

It is important to remember that every child is different. You may not always follow this rule. If there is a delay in speaking, do not ignore it and have your child examined by a specialist.

Does being multilingual or bilingual cause speech delay?

The short answer to that is no. Speaking more than one language may not be the reason for the delay in speaking in children.

The vocabulary of a bilingual child may be smaller than normal in each language. Bilingual children can utter their first words a few months later than monolingual children, but within the standard age range (8 to 15 months).

When multilingual children begin to form short sentences, they develop grammar in the same way that children who learn a language do.

Speech retardation cannot be due to the fact that the family is multilingual. If a multilingual child is missing something important, they may have a language problem. It can be examined by a speech therapist.

What are the other causes of speech delay?

Speech retardation in children can be due to several factors, which can also be congenital. or it may be present at birth. Hearing loss, mental retardation, cognitive deficits, genetic differences, neurological disabilities, and physical abnormalities can also cause children to speak late.

Sometimes children talk little at first. The problem of speaking less may be due to multilingualism. When each language is seen differently, there may be a reduction in vocabulary in the following days. This problem can occur over a period of time. When the two languages ​​are seen together, the terminology is almost the same, which is what we call conceptual vocabulary.

How can parents help bilingual or multilingual children?

Children learn language by listening. The time to eat, bathe, dress and play are great opportunities for children to speak, teach and learn words in any language.

Don’t worry if your child uses both languages. This is a common fact when learning a new language. Let your child listen, speak, play, and speak their native language on a regular basis.

If you suspect that your child may be delayed in speaking, consult a speech therapist about best techniques to help him or her learn more than one language.

Before a child can use new words, children have to hear them hundreds of times. A parent can use a simple sentence to teach their child the word they want them to learn. Also tell them what the word is.

Parents can help their children by talking a lot. Image: Shutterstock

Every child is different and learns to speak at their own pace. There will be ups and downs in the language most bilingual children speak and in their proper use. Encourage the child to continue speaking in the language that most interests and comforts them.


The fact that the family is multilingual or bilingual does not cause speech delays in children. There may be other reasons for speech delay in children. A speech therapist should be consulted in case of delay in children’s speech.

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