Lifestyle Tips: Housewives keep these things in mind, life will be easy

Date of publication: | Sat, July 2, 2022 7:57 AM (IST)

Daksha Vaidkar, Bhopal. Highly pampered girls in the nursery often get angry after marriage over how to handle much of the housework. They have a lot of problems for four or five years, then somewhere they can learn to manage things. In this situation, today we tell you these tips, that if you include them in your habit, you will have no problem doing the daily work. You will feel relaxed. Your home will also be in order. With this, other members of the house will start to call you smart.

Buy vegetables together for two or four days so you don’t have to go out and buy vegetables over and over again. Along with this, sort the vegetables, wash them and pack them separately in bags and set aside in the fridge. You will find network-like packages to keep vegetables on the market. Wash, sort, break and preserve vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, goarphalli, then you will not have to make any effort while making the vegetables. Just push.

If your family eats garlic in legumes and vegetables, you should peel the garlic each time you make legumes and vegetables. In this situation, it’s best that while watching your favorite TV series or movie, peel a lot of garlic at once and pack them in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator.

Whenever you have time, put on your favorite songs and squeeze all the clothes and put them in the closet carefully. That way, all the clothes will be pressed, so when suddenly there is a chance to go out somewhere, it won’t be long before you get ready. That way, your closet will also look frozen.

Don’t expect a lot of utensils to build up in the kitchen. There are many occasions during the kitchen where you just stand and wait for things to cook, boil. Take this time to wash the dishes. Some utensils will also be less, so then you won’t have any problems. Later only large pots will remain. You will wash light utensils such as glass, bowl, dish at the same time.

– Save folders for papers such as purchase receipts, light receipts, medical records and save them immediately after work. That way the paper will not be scattered here and there and these things will be found immediately when needed.

Whether it’s drawers or cupboards, avoid putting things in them. Use these small boxes to organize the drawers by separating the top of the boxes that came during online shopping. With this, everything will not be wrapped and will be available immediately. The house will also be in order.

Try to hang as many things as possible on the closet hanger. Often people fold their clothes and store them on top of each other and when they take out a cloth underneath, all the clothes fall off. People don’t even use the top of the closet to the fullest. So try these tips. Hang ironed clothes, light saris, shirts, and more. on the hanger. To make the most of the top. Along with this, you will get baskets of many sizes, packages for storing saris, bracelet organizer, underwear organizer and so on. to organize your wardrobe online. With these, keep everything organized so that the closet always looks frozen and things can also be found immediately.

Try not to pick up unnecessary items in the house. The kids have grown up, so donate their old toys and clothes to organizations. One or two pieces of clothing and toys can be stored as a souvenir. But not everything has to be maintained. Along with that, there are a lot of things like that in the house, which have been around the corner for years. Not used. Come these things immediately. If you start handling it all by saying old memories, then the house will never look tidy. You can use these things by recreating, painting, and then try to do the same. Such as cupboards, old chests, chairs, tables.

All women like to work for their children and husband, but their work should not be done so much that they cannot do anything themselves when they are needed or when you are sick. It is best to let them do small tasks. Get used to it. Teach them to save the thing from where it is collected after using them. If you want to put the clothes, put them in the basket. Put your own dish in the sink after lunch. Keep shoes and socks properly. Don’t throw the bag here and there. Get up and drink the water yourself. After heating the food, sometimes take it yourself. Believe me, if they start doing all these things themselves, it will halve your stress.

follow these things too

Do not store broken utensils in the kitchen. Discard immediately.

When you get up early in the morning, a lot of work is done and you are free in the early afternoon. This will also give you time for yourself.

Sometimes she also takes help from her children and husband in her own work.

– Go out every Sunday. Both times are not right, but get food for once outside or go out and eat. This will also give you relief.

If you see dust anywhere in the house, clean it immediately with your hands. Don’t leave for later.

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