Sushil Kumar Shinde’s blog: Neither the commotion for power, nor the attachment to the publication Sushil Kumar Shinde’s blog: Neither the commotion for power, nor the attachment to the publication

HighlightsBabuji was one of the people who maintained the friendship, Vasantrao Naik and his friendship was world famous.Babuji was an art lover, had a love for nature and therefore his life was very balanced.We used to have frequent meetings at Babuji’s house and his luxurious ‘Lokmat’ office.

I met Jawaharlal Darda ji once before he entered politics. At the time he was the president of the Housing Treasury and used to sit in an old Fort building. He had gone to meet her for a housing society issue. At the first meeting, he was in love with Jawaharlal ji. I really liked his nature and I thought, “There’s something about this man.”

After that he became an MLA in 1974, then he also became an MLA. After that he was a minister and then our closeness grew. The Congress government was in Maharashtra during the period 1981-82. Chief Minister AR Antulay had to resign. After that, Babasaheb Bhosale became the chief minister. We were all ready to help him, but he once used abusive words for MPs. We all got angry and started a campaign to kick him out.

Many people like Jawahar Lal Darda, Ramrao Adik, Balasaheb Pawar of Aurangabad participated in the 1982-83 “Bhosale Hatao” campaign. Due to Babasaheb’s use of abusive words, the “anti-Bhosale” group decided that it would present a motion for breach of privileges to the assembly and Nanabhau Ambadwar would approve it. Jawaharlal ji will present it to the Legislative Council.

In those days, there was a meeting at Babuji’s house almost every day. He had a splendid ‘Lokmat’ office. That’s where we had our meetings. I filed a motion for breach of privileges against the Chief Minister in the Assembly. Mr. Darda proposed the same resolution to the Legislative Council. There was a great deal of discussion due to the motion of breach of privileges filed by members of Congress against the Prime Minister of Congress.

Babuji was doing everything in silence, then the government changed. Bhosle left, Vasant Dada came. Babuji became a minister in the new government and I was also a minister. Works began for the progress of Maharashtra. Despite all this, there was never any bitterness between Baba Saheb Bhosale and us.

Both the children of Babuji-Vijay and Rajendra took on the responsibility of ‘Lokmat’ initiated by Babuji and made the newspaper popular throughout Maharashtra as per their expectations.

After Babuji, Vijaybabu became a member of the Rajya Sabha, Rajendrababu became a minister in Maharashtra. The ideology of the Babuji Congress spread everywhere through ‘Lokmat’ by his two sons.

Babuji remained loyal to Congress throughout his life. Nehru, Indira, Rajiv: The only witness of the Maharashtra Congress of these three generations is Jawaharlal Darda and Babuji sided with these three leaders. Babuji made no fuss about power, nor did he have any affection after gaining power, nor did he boast of power.

I see him as a balanced politician. He respected each of his opponents. You have never used your diary for your own benefit. Nor did he himself use his diary to murder anyone, nor did he allow children or publishers to do so.

Babuji was an art lover, had a love for nature and therefore his life was very balanced. He never ran after power, nor did he cry after losing his ministry. I had a lot of work to do. Because of this love for nature, he cultivated brilliantly and made a garden in Yavatmal. After seeing his garden in Bhilwale, near Karjat, Raigad district, it would be hard to say that “this man is deeply absorbed in politics.”

He and I had great similarities. We both had a passion for agriculture and gardening. Both he and I were happier when he had free time in politics, Babuji was determined to complete the job that came his way. As soon as the work was finished, he used to get away from him immediately. To achieve this detachment, a state of wisdom and spiritual practice is necessary.

I have been considering him an ideal statesman. There is joy in life outside of politics and one must learn to enjoy it. We both understood it very well. I agree that Babuji was one step ahead of me in this matter.

Babuji was one of the people who maintained the friendship. Vasantrao Naik and his friendship were well known, but Babuji did not take long to separate from him in a political trial. Despite the political differences, there was not the slightest difference in personal friendship. Making decisions on these occasions is a difficult task.

Pawar sahib brought me into politics, but I could not separate myself from Congress, Indira ji, Rajiv ji and later Narasimha Rao while making political decisions. Babuji continued to be my inspiration for moving forward with strong steps in politics.

Older people can leave us according to the laws of nature, but their principle leaves its mark on time. My sincere tribute to Jawaharlal Darda was one of those leaders.

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