The herbs are mixed into cow’s milk and stored in four or five doses. The herbs are mixed into cow’s milk and stored in four or five doses

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  • The herbs are mixed with cow’s milk, they say they are stored in four or five doses

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The Lapung area is surrounded by forest, 70 km from Ranchi. Here, in Galgali Dham in Cuttingkela, a blue and red plastic tent has been set up under a dense tree. Vaidya Vandan Singh Kherwar is sitting in the chair inside. Some patients are sitting in chairs left, right and in front of them and some on the floor. Where Vaidya Vandan Singh is sitting, there are some utensils placed on the floor. Some have herbs and others have milk. He also has some helpers to make medicines. Vaidya Vandan Singh is in the news because he is treating the knees of former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dainik Bhaskar talked to him about how to do the treatment, where he learned this knowledge from, where he brings herbs, where people come from.

Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni with fans.

Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni with fans.

Since when is Dhoni undergoing treatment?

Doctor: Dhoni has been receiving treatment for about 20-22 days. Medications are taken at intervals of four to five days. I have taken five doses so far. Dhoni’s parents also come here to receive treatment for four months. He also has knee pain. Her parents are calm after taking the medicine. Since then, Dhoni has come to receive treatment.

Dhoni could have gone to a great doctor for treatment, but he came to you. what did they say

Doctor: I didn’t recognize them. I saw it on TV, I also saw photos in the newspapers, but not directly. When he came for treatment, he did not know it was Dhoni. I found out when people started taking pictures with him. As more patients come here, Dhoni could not talk much. He drank the grass mixed with cow’s milk and left.

MS Dhoni arrives at Cuttingkela Galgali Dham.

MS Dhoni arrives at Cuttingkela Galgali Dham.

How much does a dose cost?

Doctor: I take 40 rupees for one dose. By the way, herbs do not take money. The herbs are mixed with milk. Only milk money is taken. Like other patients, Dhoni also took 40 rupees for one dose.

What celebrities and politicians have come here? Where do patients sell you?

Doctor: The celebrity does not know, but many politicians, businessmen have come to receive treatment. Vijay Oraon, brother of former Jharkhand Assembly Speaker Dinesh Oraon, was treated. His back was broken. He was fine after treatment. Similarly, the treatment of former education minister Baidyanath Ram also lasted three months. He had pain in his feet. He has also treated the knees of former MP Bandi Oraon. The Jharkhand DGP had also set out today to receive treatment. He has also been given medication.

People not only come from different districts of Jharkhand to receive treatment, but also come from other states. Patients come from Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Bengal. Patients have also come from Delhi, Calcutta and Vellore.

MS Dhoni with village girl.

MS Dhoni with village girl.

How do you treat yourself? Where do you get the herbs from?

Vaidya: There are two ways of treatment. One, cow’s milk is mixed with herbs and given. Second, herbs are applied where there is pain. Treatment is given to the patient as needed. Some time ago a girl named Seema, a resident of Calcutta, came for treatment. His hand was broken. He was treated in many places, but did not improve. He first straightened the broken bone, tied it with a cloth, and then gave it medicinal herbs. After taking the full dose, he was joined by a broken arm.

Jungle is a forest in Jharkhand. Here the herbs are found all around. Its variety is more available in the forest. Take herbs daily. Do not store it in advance. If they are not used immediately, they are damaged in a few hours. Therefore, every 10 minutes the drug is prepared and given to patients. Consumption of these herbs increases the amount of calcium in the body. A broken bone joins. Bone pain is caused by calcium deficiency. The pain ends up drinking the grass.

How far have you studied? How long have you been trying and where did you learn education?

Vaidya: I studied until class III. They have spent 27 years doing treatment. This is the 28th year there. I belong to the Kherwar tribe. When he was young, once a Kherwar girl broke a leg. He took it. There the treatment could not be done at Sadar Hospital. Then the people of my in-laws there said that the treatment would be done here in the same village. There that girl Renu was treated. The legs came together.

There I met Ghasi Singh of the Revatia tribe. From him I learned to recognize herbs and to treat them. From then on he became my mentor. My guru had said that they only take money for milk and not for herbs. That’s why I don’t take money with herbs. I also learned to identify my mother’s herbs.

When Dhoni arrived for treatment, he couldn't help but stand in front of a fan.

When Dhoni arrived for treatment, he couldn’t help but stand in front of a fan.

How many patients come each day? Have you ever encountered a patient whose health has deteriorated after treatment? Have you ever faced any problems?

More than a hundred patients come every day. Someone comes with a broken arm, a broken leg, a broken waist. A moan with pain in his back, pain in his legs and arms. They receive relief from my medicine. I have never heard any complaints in all these years.

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