When men wore saris, men were also fascinated, people used to walk miles to see them. unsuni dastaan: 2 children died but did not leave the stage, the death of two women broke him so that 100 days they remained in a coma

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3 minutes agoAuthor: Ifat Qureshi

A man who for years dressed like a woman. Dressed in women’s clothing, combed and holding exquisite gestures like women, her name was Bal Gandharva. Although he was called Narayan Shriprasad Rajhans, but at the age of 10, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, impressed by his singing, named him Bal Gandharva.

This was the period when women could not go on stage, but women were needed on stage. As a result, Bal Gandharva herself began to take the stage as a woman. Bal Gandharva was so engrossed in this art that spectators used to travel miles to see them at a glance. The women used to follow the saris and jewelry they wore. It was becoming a female trend brand.

As amazing as his career was, his personal life was full of tragedies. They were the ones who continued to play on stage even after hearing the news of the children’s disappearance. There were tears in the eyes of the spectators, but for them the performance was before the family.

Today we will talk about the amazing story of these Bal Gandharvas in an unheard of story.

Lokmanya Tilak called Bal Gandharva

Narayan Sriprasad Rajhans was born on June 22, 1888 in the village of Palus in Maharashtra into a Deshsta Brahmin family. His father played the sitar as an amateur, from where he inherited music. He was not interested in studies, so he began singing at an early age. Hunar Tarashne went to the Jalgaon School of Classical Music. At the age of 10, he had the opportunity to sing in front of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar. At the end of the performance, Lokmanya Tilak approached him and slapped him on the back and named Bal Gandharva (talented singer).

The voice was sweet, but hard to hear

At an early age, Bal Gandharva’s name appeared on the language until 1890. The reason was his melodious voice and his way of singing hymns, but he used to have trouble hearing. Once his skill was observed by King Maharaj Sahu of Kolhapur. When Sahu found out about his hearing problem, he treated him himself by spending money. He got a place in the drama group Kirloskar. From there began the acting career of singer Bal Gandharva. The company was looking for a woman to play with for a long time, but when Bal Gandharva joined the company, her elegant face and cut face ended the search.

He first took to the stage at the age of 18 as Shakuntala.

In 1906, when Bal Gandharva, 18, came on stage as Shakuntala in the play Miraj, everyone was amazed. Drawing the straw with delicate hands, facial expressions and the detail of becoming a woman are such that the viewer is deceived at first sight. He won the hearts of the people by becoming Nandini, sometimes Subhadra, Bhamini and sometimes Devyani and Rukmini in dozens of shows like Saubhadra, Man-Apaman, Vidyaharan and Swayamvar.

Bal Gandharva, who changed the finish from the start, made 5,000 plays

In 1913, due to mutual differences, the Kirloskar drama group disbanded and Bal Gandharva’s work came to a complete halt. It was a bad end, but Bal Gandharva made it a good start. It was in 1913 that Bal Gandharva started his Gandharva Natak Mandali. He made great plays like Samsaya Kallolas Mrichhakatikam, Sharda, Ekcha Pyala. He soon became a natsamrat.

The beauty is such that it also attracted men

It is said about Bal Gandharva that no man has presented the beauty of a woman as beautiful as Bal Gandharva did. Bal Gandharva used to raise a new trend for female saris after each play. The jewels and saris that were worn in his way were made to order. The beauty was such that there were many men who were attracted to her even knowing that she was a man.

Laughing even after hearing the news of the children’s death, performing on stage

While on the one hand Bal Gandharva’s troupe climbed the ladder of success, on the other hand, clouds of sadness loomed over his personal life. The family married Lakshmibai in 1907 at the very young age of Bal Gandharva, who belonged to a Brahmin family. From this marriage they had 7 children. In March 1911, first Bal Gandharva lost his eldest son and then his daughter. Despite hearing the news of the children’s deaths, he continued to play on stage. There were tears in the eyes of the audience who saw them play, but Bal Gandharva did not cry.

Personal life full of tragedies

Seven years after losing their first two children, two more children died in infancy. In 1928, the Bal Gandharva theater group was to perform on stage in Amravati, but on the first day the news came that Bal Gandharva’s eldest daughter also died from an infection. He ordered the team to continue the work. This show was Vasant Sena. Even after receiving the news of the daughter’s death, the audience cried again when they saw Bal Gandharva play.

The son by whose birth the yajna was realized, died in a day

In 1928, of Bal Gandharva’s 7 sons, only two daughters remained. Her two daughters married at an early age with great pomp, leaving Bal Gandharva in great debt. When the couple fell alone after the marriage of their daughters, they made a yajna with the desire of a son. Finally, after years, Bal Gandharva and Lakshmibai gave birth to a son, but he also died in one day. The saddest moment for Bal Gandharva was when his wife Lakshmibai also died after 35 years of marriage. They were totally broken.

He played a male role only in one film, but it was a failure

In 1935, when large-scale films began to be made in India, audiences began to see films instead of drama. The congregation was heavily in debt. To recover from the loss, Bal Gandharva signed a contract for 6 films with Prabhat Film Company. In 1935, Gandharva entered cinema with the film Dharmatma by V. Shantaram, but this movement did not prove to be beneficial.

Gandharva first appeared in the role of a man in the film, but that film was hit hard. This result was so disappointing for Gandharva that she left all her contracts unfinished in the middle and in 1936 she started working again as a woman in the theater company. After 15 months of fighting, he re-launched the troupe, but all plays began to fail one by one.

Gandharva’s magic diminishes with age

Baburao Ruikar, a big fan of theater, convinced Bal Gandharva to use it for the 1937 film Sadhvi Mirabai. Gandharva, 50, came into the role of Mirabai in the film, but in the face of emerging artists, the magic of his performances had diminished. Gandharva returned to the theater group after resigning, but now it is not talked about here either.

he continued to play in an empty theater

Somehow the dramatic company started again. This time Gandharva came to Yevala with his troops. Before the play began, a person who was near the stage angrily said: Why do the actors take so long, that it is too late to open the curtain? At that moment, like a Gandharva woman, Sanvarkar was behind the curtain. Someone said: the artists are ready … but …

The question came face to face, but what? You have the answer, there are only spectators, only 6 people have come. Hearing this, the Gandharvas were terribly disappointed and were left with the support of the pillar. Then the question arose, should I cancel the show? After regaining consciousness, Gandharva said aloud, do not raise the curtain, the show will pass. The doorbell rang and the show began, but this time in front of only 6 spectators, not the noisy audience.

In 1944, Bal Gandharva delivered his theater group to Gauharbai. Gandharva quit his job and gave Gauharbai the responsibility to do the same with the women in his place.

There was controversy when Brahmin Bal Gandharva married a Muslim singer

After 11 years of losing his first wife, Bal Gandharva married Gauharbai, the singer of his own theater group. When Gauharbai came to Bombay from the village with his dreams, he got a place in the Bal Gandharva theater group. He also liked Gandharva’s voice and art. I used to listen to his songs for hours and I started to like it in my heart. Eventually, the Gandharvas also became attracted to them.

When the two married in 1951, there was a stir. India was already fighting amid Hindu-Muslim unrest and on the other hand, the Gandharva of the Brahman family had made a Muslim woman his wife. As a result, the family of both turned against him. Despite living together for years, the two had no children.

The second woman left the world too soon

He did not get the happiness of the children of the second marriage. In 1964, Bal Gandharva’s second wife, Gauhar Bai, died, leaving Gandharva once again alone in the world.

Nor would it be wrong to say that, despite being successful at every step, he remained in debt all his life. No job, no family, no health. The situation was getting worse, but there was no one to take care of them. When Bal Gandharva’s state became critical in 1960, his friend left his job in Pune and came to Bombay.

There was a long treatment, during which he remained in a coma for three months. Finally, Bal Gandharva died on July 15, 1967, lying in bed without turning for three months. This was not only the end of Bal Gandharva, but also the end of the Marathi musical era.

Next Saturday read again the unheard of story of another star.

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