Who is the King of Bombay? BMC election “exam time” for rebel Shinde, “nose question” for Thackeray

Rohini Swami / Mumbai: With Eknath Shinde in the driver’s seat in Maharashtra, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections will now be a veritable test of fire for Shiv Sena, hit by the insurgency. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken a deliberate step by placing Shinde at the helm, as the BMC is not only a stronghold of the Shiv Sena, but the party has controlled it for decades.

From 1971 until now, Shiv Sena has given 21 mayors in Bombay. Although Shiv Sena came to power in the BMC in 1985, it soon turned the civic body into its stronghold until 1996. According to experts, most of Shiv Sena’s political battle in Bombay was it is reinforced by its dominance over the richest civic body in the country.

“Without BMC, Shiv Sena is like a fish out of water”
With more than two-thirds of MPs supporting Eknath Shinde’s rebellion, maintaining control of Mumbai’s civic corps is a difficult task for the faction led by Uddhav Thackeray. Bombay is the cradle of Shiv Sena and the party network in all the streets and neighborhoods is phenomenal. The figures show that from 1996 until now, the BMC has had complete control of Shiv Sena without any interruption. Shiv Sena has won the consecutive BMC elections in 1997 (103 seats), 2002 (97 seats), 2007 (84 seats), 2012 (75 seats) and again in 2017 (84 seats). In the recent delimitation and reservation exercise, the Shiv Sena constituencies have gone from 237 to 236.

Professor Avinash Kolhe, senior Bombay political analyst, said: “Without the BMC, Shiv Sena of Thackeray is like a fish out of water and the BJP believes this is the best strategy to eliminate its faction in Bombay.” . He also said that Eknath Shinde has been an old man of Shiv Sena. He knows the nuts and bolts of the party machinery very well. He is expected to reach the Shiv Sena (Thackeray) faction even further. Professor Kolhe said: “My thought is that with a Shiv Sena man in the prime minister’s seat … I am sure he must have been told that he is being offered this post in the hope that he will join the BMC for the BJP. -Shiv Sena Alliance. ” It will work wonders in elections.

Professor Kolhe told News18: “The thought process would be to be able to get Eknath Shinde out of Thackeray’s clutches at the BMC. The BJP must have ordered Shinde to hide the Shiv Sena from Thackeray, for which the BMC has Many Shiv Sena corporations and leaders are concerned about new political developments in the state, as their future at the BMC also depends on where they move in. held in April and May, voting was delayed this year by the reservation of other backward castes.

What do corporates have to say?
News18 contacted some Shiv Sena corporates, who preferred to remain anonymous but said their opinion openly. A one-room corporation in southern Bombay said: “The internal division has definitely worried us. We have fought against our choice for the Shiv Sena symbol and now we don’t know how people will react to our campaign. We have to walk with Santosh Kharat, a former Worli councilor, said the election should not affect those who have worked on the ground. “People only see what has been done for them.” BMC will not be greatly affected by the current political situation.

Ashish Chemburkar, a former Worli councilor and chairman of BEST, told News18: “People know who is available to them. Chemburkar said, ‘I don’t think there will be any effect on Shinde ji becoming CM. So far, people have chosen Shiv Sena under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray. This time, it will be about who has worked for the people and how they have handled the crises for them. Shiv Sena deputies from just two cities, one from Byculla and the other from Borivali, joined the Shinde camp. Shinde and the rest of the MPs are from rural areas, so it will have no impact on the BMC elections.

What happened in the last BMC election?
In 2017, in the battle for control of the BMC, the competition became so intense that both the Shiv Sena and the BJP fought each other with 84 and 82 seats respectively. A senior local leader of Shiv Sena said Thackeray should spend more time at the grassroots level to counter the Shinde giant. He will have to regain the trust of those who had voted for his father and Shiv Sena under his leadership so far. Uddhav Thackeray will have to enter the heart of Shiv Sainiks of Bombay. The leader said: “Uddhav Thackeray will have to go out on the road and connect the people of Marathwada and Vidarbha with the Shiv Sena.” He can do so with the legacy of Balasaheb Thackeray. Balasaheb used to be a standing Shiv Sainik. Uddhav should also have gone to the villages in each region.

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