Bihar: The living legend and myth have become Alokdhanva

  • Progressive Writers Association, People’s Writers Association and Jan Sanskriti Manch organized a joint event on the occasion of Alok Dhanva’s 75th birthday.

Patna, July 3rd. The program was jointly organized by the Association of Progressive Writers, the Janwadi Writers Association and Jan Sanskriti Manch on the occasion of the entry of the eminent poet Alok Dhanva in the 75th year. Alokdhanva’s memoirs related to this, continued a long round of conversations. A large number of people from different walks of life such as poets, storytellers, writers, theater workers, social workers were present in the program. On behalf of civil society, police officer Sushil Kumar welcomed the incoming guests. Tarun Kumar, head of the Hindi department at Patna University, said: “Those who have come today to this event have come themselves. This glow has not been seen in any case in the recent past. When the young man young man emerged in hindi.cinema, this is the time.The time that Alokdhanva comes to hindi poetry.I met Alokdhanva in 1977 when he was secretary of culture at the Mintoo Hostel at Patna College and I met Alokdhanva for poetry readings The new poetry that emerged in the 1970s had a dazzling comet, it became Alokdhanva, and after Rajkamal Chaudhary, Bihar’s name has been the most enlightened, where the game of fire and the game is played. water, Alokdhanva has reconciled these opposites.Without deep compassion, one cannot write a unity like Alokdhanva.Hindi poetry has been rejected .. Alokdhanva is a poet of different expressions and eras.He is attracted to both men and women. Alokdhanva’s poetry is one of the se most disgusting beliefs in history. ” Politician Shivanand Tiwari shared his memoirs with Alokdhanva. Sharing said “I met Alok ji in Banaras La. The beggar was found several times on his hillside. I went to Munger in 1970-71. It was Alokdhanva who had introduced him to Jabir Hussain. Then I was at the Samajwadi Yuvajan Sabha “.

Veteran poet Shri Ram Tiwari said ”

Alokdhanva’s poetic life began with Ara. His journey began with Aara. ”Storyteller Santosh Dixit said“ Alokdhanva is the legendary man of Hindi poetry. Whenever they go out in a city, people wonder how Alok Dhanva is? People ask to take care of him. We learned a lot from his personality. The most important thing about poems is that there are no difficult words. He is a poet of emotion. The poet’s poetry does not drag you into another world. Storytellers do not remember these lines of poetry. But my story serves as the legacy of the novel. ”Jasam’s Sudhir Suman said,“ Alok ji has become a place in our subconscious. Alok Dhanwa has been one of the people who made a place in our consciousness in the seventies. Alok ji used to come with rickshaw and it was easy to meet him. I have fond memories of meeting him. There is so much affinity with Alok ji that we disagree with him. immersed in his poems. Nutan Anand, who came from Purnia, said: “Alokdhanva ji was familiar with compositions, Goli Dagaon Poster, Janta Ka Aadmi Poems, but this time Prales had a chance to be near him at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar. His cell phone was lost, I saw that he was more concerned with others than with himself. When we look at the decade today, the seventies were more revolutionary than today. ” Famous poet Sanjay Kumar Kundan said, “Alokdhanva’s soul is always young. Those who are inside are outside. Alokdhanva has covered both old age and illness. It is the most difficult task to become the simplest personality. with Alokdhanva. ” Ramesh Ritambhar, who came from Muzaffarpur, said, “Every great man in the world is innocent. Within Alokdhanva there is an innocent and deceptive person who defies deception. He removes all intelligence and the gap of generations. a poet of generations.Five-seven generations who grew up in the city of Patna are in front of them.A poet and activist like this is very rare.He has hung posters, Alokdhanva is a full time poet who gives his whole life for to create a beautiful society. Apart from poetry, Alokdhanva has done no other work. ”

CPI (M) leader Arun Mishra said, “May Alok Dhanva continue to be creative in the times to come. As is the creative era, we will hear more poems like the people of the village. After Baba Nagarjuna, we keep coming Alokdhanva. Her poems had to be hypnotized. Her reading style also fascinates us. There is a little boy in her who is always jumping and jumping. ” Cultural worker Anil Anshuman said “Alokdhanva has made speeches in the streets and recited poetry. Premchand Rangshala Mukti In the campaign that took place in the movement, Alok Dhanva is not only a poet of words but also of the streets, just as Bahadur Shah Zafar was the symbol of 1857, so Alok Dhanva is the poet of today’s difficult times .. Vinod Kumar Veenu said, “All the photos I have taken of Alok ji are women. There is an irreverence in his personality. Beautiful memories are associated with him. ”According to narrator Ratneshwar,“ Alokdhanva read poetry like a yogi. He deserves it. be a hero if you see in every image of him. When he reads poetry. I can feel the rhythms happening in all five elements. ”Sunita Gupta said in her speech“ When I came to the unknown land of Patna Ton I first met. Alokdhanva. She met him with her fluid intimacy. The feminine mind, the tenderness that is in it attracts a lot. He is a struggling poet, he approaches those women who have been struggling. Who is in every crisis. works in works “. The poet Satyendra Kumar of Gaya, the leader of the CPI-ML KD Yadav, Samta Rai, Vinod Kumar Vinoo, Soumya Suman, Situ Tiwari, Ghandi Ram, former editor of Rashtriya Sahara Chandan Kumar, Nilanshu Ranjan, young workers of the theater conducted the ceremony. Jayaprakash did it. while the vow of thanks was made by Rajesh Kamal. On this occasion, Alok Dhanva recalled his old memories in many cities, including JNU, Calcutta and said, ” This is the country of Gandhi and Nehru, the country of Maulana Azad and in this situation, if someone writes poetry, then the history of their country. “From time to time, one has to become familiar with the history of their struggles in the world. ” Alokdhanwa also recited his famous poem “Bhaaghi Girls” with Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Social activist Nivedita Jha chaired the function. A collage of Alokdhanwa photographs from the last five decades was made on the premises with photographs of various writers, theater workers and social workers. The photo collage was a special attraction. A large number of people were present at the program organized on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Alokdhanva. Notable people were Srikanth, Kumar Mukul, Ghalib Khan, Jaya, Nitin Chainpuri, Osama Khan, Runjhun, Sridhar Karunanidhi, Mukesh Pratyush, Sameer Parimal, Yogesh Pratap Shekhar, Vineet Rai, Gautam Gulal, BN Vishwakarma, , Abhishek, Ramesh Singh, Sumant Sharan, Anish Ankur, Soni Kumar, Manjul Kumar Das, Munna Singh, Vibha Rani Srivastava, Sunil Singh, Ajay Kumar, Arun Singh, Gopal Sharma, Kulbhushan Gopal, Archana, Nawab Alam ser, Ashutosh Kumar presents Pandey, Krishna Samruddhi, & c.

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