CM said in Jabalpur: I would say walk forward, walk backwards, go right, walk left

Jabalpur, New Dunia Rep. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan held a general meeting in support of BJP candidates. Addressing the people of the old bus stop near Pisanhari ki Madhiya, the CM said the development of the city would stop if the mess became mayor. I would say: if we go forward, they will walk backwards, if we walk to the right, we will walk to the left, if we go up we will go down. So vote very carefully.

Attacking Congress, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said he has made builders his candidates, if builders win, they will be built, but the AAP houses will not be able to be built. Our government had previously initiated many schemes, including Mukhyamantri Teerth Darshan Yojna, Kanyadan Vivah, Ladli Laxmi, but the government of Kamal Nath, which came to power for a year and a half, stopped all these schemes. But the BJP has initiated some of the stalled schemes as soon as it returns to power, while others are expected to start soon.

Golu, Bunty, Munnu, Lalla: they will all read

Shivraj Singh, describing the importance of educating poor children, said the government is committed to providing higher and good education to all children. Golu, Bunty, Munnu, Lalla will all be able to study. The government will bear the cost of their education.

Now the doctor will not add bones

CM said in his statements that if the Jabalpur resident makes Dr. Jitendra Jamdar win, he will no longer add bones to his hospital, entrust the work to another person and serve the society. During the general assembly, the names of all 18 BJP candidates who came from the eighteen districts of the Garha region were called from the stage and a call was made to vote in their favor.

The crowd gathered in a small field

There is not much space at the old Madhiya bus stop in Pisanhari, barely thousands of people stayed on this one and a half hectare site. The agglomeration of people was such that after the general assembly, traffic on the sanitary road could not be normalized for a long time.

The national interest is paramount for the BJP, Congress makes appeasement policies

Earlier, while addressing the election meeting in Bada Patthar Ranjhi, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the national interest is paramount for the Bharatiya Janata party while Congress pursues the policy of appeasement. A glorious, glorious, prosperous, prosperous and powerful India is being built under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. No power in the world can deny the power of India. India will become a Vishwa Guru under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. The chief minister called for public blessing for the party’s mayoral candidate Bharatiya Janata, Dr Jitendra Jamdar and the candidates for councilors. He said Dr Jamdar has pledged to serve the public with a fee from Re. If the mayor and councilors of Congress win, the development of Jabalpur will stop. The chief minister said I am campaigning to change the lives of the people, not the government. He said the longest pass of the state is being built in Jabalpur, which is not in Indore and Bhopal.

Terrorism is not tolerated in the soil of Madhya Pradesh-

Referring to the incidents in Udaipur and Maharashtra in Rajasthan, the chief minister said that terrorism will not be tolerated on the soil of Madhya Pradesh. We will crush terrorism and terrorists. The excavators will run on the mobsters who exploit the public, the malefactors of the mafia. The terrorist mentality will be crushed in Madhya Pradesh.

Congress did nothing but ruin it

The prime minister said Congress has done nothing but ruin it. Congress did nothing. He said I am asking on stage what Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh did for Jabalpur. The congressmen ate 52 Talaiyas from Jabalpur. While the BJP government renews them. The chief minister said Congress has no vision for development. The prime minister fiercely attacked Congress and Kamal Nath. He said that when Congress came to power, Kamal Nath had stopped the Sambal plan for the welfare of the poor. Congress has committed a great sin.

The cinema city will be built in Jabalpur, there is no shortage of money for development

The chief minister said there is no shortage of money for the development of Jabalpur. The city of cinema will be built in Jabalpur. He mentioned about IT Park, Garment Cluster, Sweets Cluster, Furniture Cluster. He also talked about giving land rent to the poor to build houses. The prime minister said that after giving the land rent, money will also be given to the poor to build houses. Many programs are being carried out for children of the poor to progress in reading and writing.

From 11 to 15 August, the tricolor will be hoisted from house to house.

Chief Minister Chouhan said the tricolor will be lifted from house to house from August 11-15. During this, thousands of citizens present at the venue pledged to hoist the tricolor at home. During this, all BJP leaders and workers, including MP Rakesh Singh, MP Ashok Rohani, BJP mayoral candidate Dr Jitendra Jamdar, BJP City President GS Thakur were present. .

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