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In Hong Kong, getting land is a difficult task and the cost of burying corpses there is very high. In this situation, more than a dozen animal crematoria have been built, where pets are cremated.

Kent Look, who runs a dog shelter called Pause Guardian Rescue Shelter, says this option gives pets a compassionate cremation. Luk takes care of about 500 homeless dogs together and many of them have to take care of these dogs until the end of these dogs.

last goodbye

They believe that a respectful final goodbye leads to respect for their dogs even at the end of their life. He also said that if he delivers the corpses of his dogs to the government, they will throw them in one of the many rubbish dumps in the city.

Animal carcasses are likely to be dumped in the trash in Hong Kong

“We don’t want these bodies to be thrown in the trash. We want them to be treated with some respect,” Luk says. Cremations are done at a nearby animal crematorium, where a ‘symbolic’ fee is also charged.

human cremation

Many pet owners also pay more money. This rate starts at $ 180 and can charge more for larger animals. Pet owners are given a separate room where they can be dismissed.

Hong Kong pet virus outbreak

A woman wearing a mask with her dog in Hong Kong

Later, if they wish, they can take home the ashes left over from the burning of the body or scatter them in the garden of a cremation center. Joey Wong chose cremation for his cat Suet Suet. He said he wants to scatter his cat’s ashes under a palm tree on his balcony.

Wong wanted Suet Suet to be cremated like humans. “She can look at us from the balcony … and she can continue to be a part of our lives and see how our children grow,” she said.

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