I didn’t give up on life, being a banker today, a finalist for Mrs. World International-2022. I did not give up on life, being today a banker, a finalist for Ms. International World-2022

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“The father who gave birth, the big brother’s hand as the father in the head, can only understand the pain of not being there forever, who has gone through the pain of losing someone.”

Sangeeta Kumari, a finalist and banker in the Mrs World International-2022 beauty contest, in an exclusive conversation with Woman Bhaskar, says the two brothers had a lovely, bustling and understanding sister, but time has made it big and serious ahead of time .

Aside from studies, he had a lot of talent
As a child I enjoyed reading and participating in cultural activities. He was born in Haryana, but because his father was in the army, he studied in different states until the sixth grade.

The father’s last post was in Arunachal Pradesh. After that, our family lived in Telangana for 17 years. After retiring from the army, the pope got a job in government at the coal mines themselves. I learned Telugu and did all my further studies from here.

College toppers and names in newspapers
When I entered my freshman year of college, I was called a college graduate. College students thought she was just a nerdy girl. After that, I danced ‘Crazy Kiya Re’ on the college show last year and also published the local newspaper. Then people thought “I’m fire.” Hahaha

Sangeeta is a finalist in the Mrs World International-2022 beauty contest.

After graduation, it was decided that the family would move to Haryana, so she would have to continue her studies from there. To continue my studies, I went to Haryana for CAT training.

when the father had a heart attack
It was then learned that the father had suffered a small heart attack. I left everything and went back to Telangana Papa-Mummy. The father was in a lot of pain, but that son was telling me, don’t waste your time staying with me. Stand up and go to Hyderabad to work.

I cried after hearing my father’s words that he wants to take me away from himself. Well … I left Hyderabad out of my mind unnecessarily. I also found work at a computer company. After getting my first job, I got an MBA and got my little brother to enroll to graduate.

The father is no longer …
They spent four years working and studying. Acche din was about to come that suddenly one day a call came from home asking the son to come home. My hair put on my body. I had the feeling that something had happened.

When I got home, I knew my dad was gone. The older brother was emotionally very weekly and the younger one was younger. I don’t know in which corner my tears hid as I manipulated everyone. When army officers returned home after my father’s cremation, I couldn’t help but cry. I was thinking it came from my father’s duty.

Sangeeta says she lost her father and brother to the family, but did not give up the courage to live.

Sangeeta says she lost her father and brother to the family, but did not give up the courage to live.

I was proud of my father
The agents were saying how much my father believed in me. I was her pride in him. Hearing these words from my father of the agents, I began to weep bitterly. With great difficulty he endured. he took care of the family.

The older brother’s shadow also rose from his head
Our whole family came to Haryana. I got married too. The older brother had gotten the job of father and the relationship was also seen in him. I was four months pregnant at the time when I received another bad news that my older brother had had an accident and is no longer in the world.

It had only been a year and a half since my father had left, and now his brother was leaving, it seemed that life was crying a lot more. My condition was as it was, but my mother’s was worse than this. After leaving the brother, both the in-laws and the maternal uncle took over.

beauty contest information
When my daughter turned one year old, I got a job at ICICI Bank. After a two-year hiatus, he started working again. He worked here for three years. Meanwhile, the same year information was received about a beauty contest.

He then told his mother to look at how many opportunities have begun for married women today. Mom said why don’t you participate in this beauty contest. If you have so much talent and have actively participated in cultural activities since your studies, you should also take part in this beauty contest.

… and became a finalist
After receiving encouragement from my mother, I participated in Mrs World International 2022. I went to Mumbai and found out that I am on the list of finalists. That day I couldn’t believe I had climbed a new ladder of success.

Khushi had just called the yard who meanwhile realized that his mother’s heart was not working properly. Doctors said your mother will only survive six months.

Sangeeta overcame the difficulties and cut a path for herself.  He now says that children should obey their parents.

Sangeeta overcame the difficulties and cut a path for herself. He now says that children should obey their parents.

The mother’s condition also deteriorated
After hearing this, I felt why God is being so cruel to me. First the father, then the brother and now the mother will take me too. What harm have I done to someone, that I am not able to get someone’s love right.

Right now the mother is drugged. But doctors say his condition is a little better than before. I got the job of chief operating officer at HDFC Bank last year. My effort is that as long as the mother is with us, give her all the happiness in the world. My little daughter Anaya prefers to stay with her grandmother. That’s why the mother gets angry too.

Mom has a lot of problems but there is always a smile on her face. Seeing them, it seems that if there is a mother it is so. I only got here with the help of my mother. Family is my backbone.

obey parents
Now I would like to tell all the children that parents do a lot for children. We don’t know how many sacrifices our parents must have made for us, they don’t even tell us, so never tell your parents. He is the Supreme Power.

There have been many ups and downs in my life, but I never gave up. he trusted himself. He did not look back on what had happened. Focus on the present and improve the future.

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