It will focus on providing facilities to investors by tightening the screws to the builder: Amit Madholia

Author: JagranDate Posted: Sunday, July 3, 2022 6:08 PM (IST)Date Updated: Sunday, July 3, 2022 6:08 PM (IST)

Despite continued repression against illegal settlements by the town planning department, new settlements are being developed. Illegal construction after OC (Certificate of Employment) in residential settlements and violation of rules in the construction of EWS category housing. Illegal commercial activities in residential homes, RWAs in group housing companies, builders and contractors face a number of problems. Accidents are occurring due to poor construction in multi-storey companies developed by builders. Gaurain Abbreviation by Dainik Jagran held a detailed conversation with the newly appointed DTP Enforcement Amit Madholia about these many issues. These are the highlights:

What strategy will be adopted to prevent the development of illegal settlements?

Teams are being formed. Surveillance will be increased through the survey and, if it is discovered that illegal settlements are being developed, an FIR will be filed against the settlers and landowners by conducting a demolition campaign in the initial phase. of these colonies. Registration cannot be done in illegal colonies without NOC, so tehsils records will also be checked from time to time.

In the housing companies of the city’s private builders group, the winners are especially upset due to disputes related to RWA, builder. What will you do to diagnose?

Orders will be given to the builder’s management to resolve issues related to the successful bidder and the RWA builder within the time limit. Otherwise, it will be recommended to stop all works and approvals related to the builder by writing a letter directly to the Director General of Urbanism. Until the problems are resolved, new works or permits will be stopped. Infrastructure is affected due to illegal construction in EWS houses of residential settlements. There are also business activities.

Actions have been prepared on the illegal construction of EWS houses in DLF Phase III, Suncity, Sushant Lok and some other settlements. There is a plan to seal about 150 houses in the first phase III of the DLF. Similarly, action will also be taken in Suncity and other colonies. A list of 100 homes has been drawn up to act on the commercial activities that take place in residential homes. I call on people to recover the illegal construction and commercial activities on their own, otherwise action will be taken. Demolition, cancellation of the OC and sealing action of illegal constructions after the OC in the licensed colonies are being lost. What will you do to speed it up?

To prevent violation of construction regulations in the homes of DLF, Sushant Lok, Suncity, South City one, two, Malibu Town, Mayfield Garden and other licensed settlements, by training area teams, from 15 to 40 days after the issuance of the certificate of employment of The DTP planning inspection will be done twice a day. During this period, if an illegal construction is found, the action of registering an FIR against the owner by canceling the direct seal, OC will be implemented. In particular, the Architecture Council will be drafted to revoke the license against the architect.

Due to poor construction in multi-storey companies developed by the builder, every day there are many cases such as plaster, falling slabs, filling water in the basement, cracks in the joints, rusting of bars. What measures will be taken for the safety and satisfaction of residents?

The process of paneling engineers and agencies for the audit of the structure has begun, after which the audit work is sure to be accelerated. On the other hand, in companies where repair works are required, a plan will be drawn up to carry out the work within the established deadline after meeting with the construction management and the contractors. If the builder does not work, writing a letter to the general manager, all works of the builder, approval and purchase and sale of their unsold properties will be stopped immediately.

What will you appeal to the public to improve and strengthen the system of the Area of ​​Urbanism?

I worked as an ATP at Gurugram for almost six years. I understand the issues and problems here very well. The state government continuously facilitates the rules by modifying the policy for the betterment of the people. People should cooperate with the department by ensuring their participation for improvement and transparency in the planned and integrated development and system of the city. You can send your suggestions in person or by sending an email to strhlschddgthddh3.hlsh@ddddddddddya.shdd. For any problem you can contact me directly at my mobile number 9996693467. introduction

Name: Amit Madholia

Date of birth November 17, 1978

Education: Bachelor of Architecture from Ansal University and Postgraduate from Delhi School of Planning and Architecture.

Service: Appointed assistant planner (ATP) in the Haryana Planning Department in October 2010. He was at Gurugram from 2011 to 2015 as an ATP. After that from 2015 to 2016 he served in other districts. He remained at Gurugram from 2017 to 2018 and took over Yamunanagar after being promoted as DTP from there. After that, he served as DTP at CCP NCR, Town Planning Headquarters, Karnal. Now transferred to Gurugram’s DTP application planning department.

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