Mp News: Self-help groups became examples of public participation and women’s empowerment – Mp News: Self-help groups became examples of public participation and women’s empowerment

The government of Madhya Pradesh is continuously working to make women self-sufficient by giving them social and economic opportunities through the formation of self-help groups. The joint efforts of society and government are bearing fruit and positive changes are being seen.

Example of a self-help group for public participation and women’s empowerment

Self-help groups have proven to be a milestone in establishing a model of women’s empowerment and public participation in Madhya Pradesh. Under the state rural subsistence mission, more than 41,000 women work in more than 3.5,000 self-help groups in more than 45,000 villages in the state. Some 1245 cluster-level organizations have been formed. From 2012-13 until now, 1158 million in financial aid has been given to self-help groups in the form of a Revolving Fund and CIF. So far 3,325 million bank loans have been disbursed. With this money, group members are doing more than 100 jobs based on agriculture and not agriculture. By joining groups, women’s lives have changed and they have become economically empowered. Thousands of women who before could earn between 3 and 4 thousand rupees every month, today their income has exceeded 10 thousand rupees.

took care of the family during the pandemic, took responsibility with society

Today you will find self-help groups in all the towns of the state, in which women will be seen working to strengthen themselves financially. Even during the Crown epidemic, his hands did not stop, along with the help of society, the members of the groups not only took responsibility for their family but also earned more than other days. . He not only took care of himself but also of society. Along with the production of masks, disinfectants, he did his duty in times of trouble by making sanitary napkins and PPE kits.

Self-help groups are fulfilling great responsibilities

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan gave great responsibility to self-help groups to run nutritional food factories. Self-help groups are also doing the work of buying crops at a support price in some districts of the state. The group is successfully operating Aajeevika Express passenger vehicles. Not only that, the country’s major oil companies have given responsibility for filling gas cylinders, selling diesel and lubricating oil to self-help groups at the panchayat level. In the Dewas district, of the 35 villages selected, groups have begun work on them in some villages. Speaking of small businesses, Didi Cafe is run by self-help groups in a better way. Today 128 Didi Cafes are ready to serve you a variety of cuisines. The members of the group have made a business of about 561 million in the last two years doing sewing of school clothes. By joining the Jal Jeevan Mission, half the population is prepared to help provide clean water to all households. Burhanpur is the first district of the state where the 100% drinking water system is being delivered to the groups and provides tap connections under the Jal Jeevan mission.

Half the population becomes strong and self-sufficient

The government has prepared the Aajeevika Mart portal to offer a new platform to self-help groups and a subsistence products market. Details of more than 6 and a half thousand products are available on the portal. More than 400 million have been sold through the portal. The government has set itself the goal of providing a two billion rupee credit bond each year to further empower women living in the village. The goal is to connect 2.5 million more women to self-help groups over the next three years. There is a plan to offer loans of Rs 2,525 crore to women’s groups in one year at minimum interest rate.

bright future

Along with this, 100 million rupees Mukhyamantri Nari Samman Kosh is being set up to provide financial assistance to self-help groups, women entrepreneurs, victims and women beneficiaries through self-help federations. The new Mahila Udyam Shakti Yojana is being implemented for training, advising, product packaging, branding, market linking and digital marketing distribution network of women and their groups. There are plans to establish industrial parks in Bhopal and Indore to encourage women entrepreneurs. Efforts are being made to bring new businesses to the village to find work, so that women associated with self-help groups can have all the livelihood opportunities by connecting them and making them self-sufficient.

Self-help groups ensured the participation of women

Self-help groups have given women courage to fight difficult situations. Today they are becoming a separate identity as owners of group offices, federations. The hesitation to leave home is over. Understand the importance of education. Participation in social activities. They have become aware of their rights. The government of Madhya Pradesh has secured its association in the development of the state by providing strength to half the population. Today Madhya Pradesh is becoming an example of public participation, good governance and social justice.

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