The boy from Sikar marries a German girl in Dubai, now life is in trouble due to a dog … leaving home and staying at the hotel

The boy from Rajasthan Sikar had married in Dubai after falling in love with Julia Baynes, a resident of Germany. Because of the Crown, he began living in Sikar. But after moving the dog to the colony, the people of the colony are now making threatening attacks on the couple. That’s why they both have to leave home and stay at the hotel.


Jaipur, first published on July 3, 2022 at 19:28 IST

Jaipur. After walking the dog through a colony in the capital Jaipur, the people of the colony attacked a couple for two consecutive days. When the victim reported this to the police, the police did not take any action either and arrested the young man for disturbing the peace. Due to fear, they both left Jaipur and started living in Sikar. The victim alleges that even after more than a week has passed, the police have not contacted her regarding the incident.

The love happened between the two in Dubai
Uttam Kumar Sharma, a Sanwaloda Purohitan resident in Sikar, said that until about 1 year ago, he worked at a multinational multinational company in Dubai. Here he met Julia Baynes, a resident of Germany. There was love between the two of them. A year ago they both got married. Both arrived in India before the second wave of Crown. But he did not return due to confinement. They both started writing here in Jaipur.

Abused German girl
After that, for a year, they both started living in Mahima City Villa in the Jagatpura area of ​​Jaipur. On the morning of June 24, his dog was walking in the colony. During this, Ramraj Jangid and his fellow judge Surendra Kumar abused us. Ramraj pulled a hockey stick out of his car to kill them both. and attacked the head of Uttam. And he said he would kill the dog too. Describing himself as an officer, Surendra told Julia why the English and foreign race has come to our country. and threatened with death. In this situation, Uttam explained the whole incident by phone to the Ramnagaria police. After 1 hour the police arrived and went directly to the home of Officer Surendra Kumar. After that, people from the colony came to our house together with the police.

Police did not record any cases
Surendra Swami and Ramraj both threatened before the police that they had bought bungalows in the colony paying 1 crore each. What is tomorrow tenants will teach us the rules. Police also refused to receive the complaint and said he would come to the police station. The couple went to the police station. Where at first the police refused to take the complaint. He kept them both sitting there for 2 hours. Uttam returned to the police station, but police refused to file a complaint. In the evening, when both husband and wife returned to the police station and asked for an FIR after filing a complaint, a police officer said the complete information would only reach them on their mobile. The next evening the people of the colony society convened a meeting. Where the women of Surendra Swami and Ramraj and some ladies surrounded them both. They both got home.

tried to attack the house
The same night on her social media account, a girl named Anushka Jangid made a threatening comment. Uttam of which took a screenshot and posted it on social media. On the evening of June 25, they were both walking their Pomeranian dog. At the same time, Ramraj Jangid’s daughter, Anushka Jangid, came running. And showing the cell phone to Uttam, he said why did you share my comment on social media. After a while Ramraj and some others came running towards Uttam and Julia. And he tried to grab his cell phone and started hitting. When both husband and wife fled after saving their lives, the people who assaulted them entered the site of their home. And he knocked on the door, causing Uttam’s hand to hurt. The assailants also tried to break the car parked in court. The door also broke, but both the wife and husband saved their lives by applying the super. Uttam called the police but the police did not come. After 40 minutes the police arrived there, seeing that the attackers were leaving the place. The cops called Uttam and Julia out. Uttam narrated the whole incident to the police. In this situation, Surendra Swami told her colleagues in front of the police that they would break both of their legs. Police asked Uttam to come to the police station and give the report.

Police arrested the young man for violating the peace
After that, Uttam went to Ramnagaria police station after sitting in a police car. Where police arrested Uttam accused of disturbing the peace. He has friends to meet Julia, so the police present there did not allow him to enter the house. He said police also misbehaved with him at the police station. When Uttam asked the policeman for water to drink, a policeman named Ganga Sahay gave the same amount of water in Uttam’s mouth and told him that if you want to drink, drink it. There is no water at the station. Uttam said he left the house that same day out of fear. And one day after staying in a hotel in Jaipur, he arrived in the village. Uttam says Surendra and Ramraj are also threatening their friend. Uttam said so far the police have not registered any cases.

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