The mother-in-law cried and told the daughter-in-law, the daughter-in-law and the only son died due to the daily teasing and drama. The mother-in-law cried and told the daughter-in-law, the daughter-in-law and the only son died due to the daily teasing and drama.

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  • The mother-in-law cried and told the daughter-in-law, the daughter-in-law and the only son died due to the daily teasing and drama.

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Bahu … or daughter-in-law … Where she died … Kamala raised her voice … She had just gone to bathe after all the work was done and was used to hearing these mother-in-law voices every two minutes , a little The mother-in-law was starting to scream when she moved out of sight. This time the sound was a little louder. No mishap had happened, she somehow poured two glasses of water and, dressed, ran from the bathroom to her mother-in-law’s room. Oh dead, not a single thing goes well with you, cried Kamala Devi again. What happened mother, she asked in fear. What happened? I can’t see the shit, there’s water in the room, didn’t you clean it today? If I had fallen somewhere now, my rib would have been broken! Kamala Devi shouted. ‘It was planted, mother’! he said softly. So where did this come from, my God, my luck is broken, that my son got hooked on a girl like that. I don’t know where from where, they sold him relationships from big houses.

Well now let’s clean it up quickly, cried the mother-in-law and said. He knew that before he went to bathe, he would clean the whole house and that his mother-in-law had deliberately spilled this water to harass and mock him. Still, without saying anything, he cleaned the water that had fallen and came to his room and sat down to rest for a while and began to think, what will the mother-in-law’s cry now ask for.

This was not a matter of today for her, as she had come to this house after she got married, it was a daily routine as soon as her husband went to the office. Something today, something tomorrow. Her mother-in-law only needed an excuse, if she didn’t get it, she was an expert in the art of making excuses.

She is usually fed up with this daily routine, but some tolerated it for the love of her husband, some for the age of the mother-in-law and some for being the new daughter-in-law of the house. He himself could not understand when and how this change in his own existence took place. He doesn’t even remember when at home his mother or father ever spoke to him in that tone. She was one of the great girls during her days in college and school. Throughout school or college, where there was something wrong with someone, she used to be at the forefront of fighting, fighting with the whole system for anyone’s rights, but today she is turning against herself.

Tolerating injustice in silence. I used to think, is this the meaning of marriage, when a girl has to crucify her respect and honor in a new family?

When her husband came in the evening, she said many things, she was there a couple of times, but she didn’t pay much attention to him because she was tired and then she didn’t hear a word against her mother. Her mother also spoke to her with great pretensions in front of her son, but as soon as the son left home he changed his attitude, which he did not understand that

How can a person do two types of behavior at a time?

Kamala Devi’s biggest problem was with the dowry she obtained in her marriage, while her parents spent more than her status on their marriage, but the hopes and aspirations of getting the dowry or whatever free thing of others have no end. Everything seems less. And on his arrival, first of all he left the lady of the house and kept his steps in the house.

In addition, even before the color of the mehndi in his hands disappeared, apart from the rest of the work, he also sold all of Bai’s work. And Kamala Devi never considered her more than a maid.

Her life was being cut short like this, every day there was a new fight and every day she tried to handle them peacefully, thinking that she would soon have to sit down with her husband and mother-in-law and find a solution peacefully, but only In this routine, there was no time to sit and talk to everyone.

One day he was sweeping as usual in the morning, when Kamala Devi was weaving a sweater sitting next to his bed, suddenly as soon as he approached him sweeping, he kicked his daughter-in-law without seeing anything and he cried, Hey, there’s also some wisdom or the grass has gone to graze. When I’m doing something, only then do you understand the job, right now you had to sweep my room, don’t you know how allergic I am to dust?

That was the new excuse today, to harass him. Because this job was done every day at home and never before had something like this happened. Then she too, knowing her mother-in-law’s behavior, would have acted very carefully. As soon as he bent down to clean the place shown by them, Kamala Devi did not know how Kamala Devi stepped on his feet and put himself on the daughter-in-law’s shoulder, until he could handle it, he hit her. the head. the front wall and fell.

Kamala Devi cried, what happened, she died, why doesn’t she get up, who will do the work she has left, she will go up, she was listening to some of his words, but she couldn’t understand anything and with great courage, somehow he was trying to get up when Kamala Devi stumbled again and his head hit the wall again, this time the daughter-in-law had fainted. The mother-in-law murmured and cursed her, when she did not wake up, Kamala Devi started to swell up and immediately called her son to come home.

Her husband immediately took her to the hospital, then Kamala Devi also came and she was being whispered even at the time of admission, everyone knows her character triya, everything is done to do it and harass me . So that no work has to be done at home and we all serve it.

Although his son had long seen and understood everything that was going on in the house, today he is very angry after seeing so much satire from his mother, but at that moment he had to save his wife’s life. Despite all the doctor’s efforts, he remained in a coma for a few days before a vein exploded inside his head, and the following week he left the world.

Over time, where things are hidden, little by little in the language of the neighbors, things began to come to the fore in the bad behavior of Kamala Devi, which also used to come out the name of Kamala Devi’s son and when things started to get worse So, fed up with them, one day Kamala Devi’s only son committed suicide by hanging himself from the fan.

Now the whole house was silent all day, Kamala Devi was visible to the people for a few days and often their voices were heard from inside the house. Hey, where Kalamunhi died, my son took me too. Come soon the daughter-in-law’s house is very dirty, let’s dry a broom.

Then she heard her voice cry at the same rate, she was a very good daughter-in-law, she never complained, she is still in the hospital, the treatment continues, because of me they tore her head off, right? The son is with her too, but now he must be fine, and someone should take them both back, now I won’t tell him anything.

A few days later, it was found that some of his distant relatives had sold that house to someone at a price of use, because there was no one left to see the house after Kamala Devi was admitted to the asylum.

– Sangeeta Khare

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