Weekly Numerology Horoscope Weekly Numerology July 4-10, 2022: Take Care of Your Health This Week – Weekly Numerology Horoscope Forecast July 4-10, 2022 saptahik ank jyotish rashifal these natives should take care of your health

According to the numerology calculation of the week, it will be successful for some people radix. Although some people need to be careful in terms of health. Diseases like blood pressure and sugar can affect many people this week. So we know this week’s numerology from Pinaki Mishra numerology.

Radio 1

This week people with Radix 1 will see a tremendous combination of numbers and planets. This week, while maintaining mental concentration, keep moving toward your goal, success will be assured. Parents who in recent days were concerned about the marriage of their children, will see how the problems related to marriage are resolved through a thread of contact. However, eye and brain problems can affect you this week.

Radio 2


The natives of base number 2 can perform difficult tasks this week thanks to their intelligence and hard work. Not only that, you can also deal with mental pressure this week. But despite all this, you will achieve your goal by overcoming all obstacles and hindrances. A sudden meeting with an old friend or acquaintance will solve your immediate problem. In financial matters, don’t trust anyone all week, but there can be a big loss. Good news can be received from children.

radi 3


People who have base 3, this week their thinking may be a little ahead, you can keep trying to fix it all as soon as possible. However, this type of thinking can affect your core functionality. It would be better this week to devote all your energy to your current job. You will also have good success in academic work. There is a chance to get good news over the weekend for selected candidates. From a health standpoint, beware of throat and ear problems.

radi 4


People who have base number 4 Earlier this week, you will succeed after a fight. Problems related to high blood pressure and diabetes can increase in the last days of the week, so be careful in this matter. The feeling of arrogance in married life may extend bitterness to the relationship this week. It takes a lot of intelligence to make business decisions. Issues related to love relationships will be at their peak this week, a happy married life will also be achieved. You may have a cough problem this week.

base 5


People who have the base number 5, this week there may be a chance of achieving some great achievement with the guidance of the elderly in the family. The ups and downs in the husband-wife relationship can spoil the atmosphere of the home at this time. It is recommended to take care of the relationships a bit. Decisions made in financial matters may be the cause of your problems in the future. Patients with high blood pressure and sugar should take special care this week.

radi 6


People who are number 6 this week will see the peace and fulfillment of their wishes. Problems such as phlegm during the week can cause mental disorders in between. People associated with music and art can be very successful. New sources of income will also be opened and it will also be seen that the suffering of people with financial problems is reduced. Thinking about the future, you will not be able to do your current job properly. So first focus on the work of the present. C – Take special care of dust and air diseases.

base 7


People with base 7 This week, the work plans made earlier will be coming out of the ground. At first, after a little struggle, you will succeed. Don’t do any work and don’t start any new work this week because of emotional judgment and emotional load. Move forward with a strong mental state and work with your mind instead of your heart. Problems related to high blood pressure and diabetes may increase after Thursday, be careful. The feeling of ego can extend bitterness to married life. Business decision making requires a lot of intelligence.

Radio 8


For the people of Radix 8 it is advised for this week not to do any work under emotional criterion and emotional charge and not to start any new work. Move forward with a strong mental state and work with your mind instead of your heart. Nerve-related problems can upset your body and also your mind this week, which is why it’s important to take care of them-related problems early in the month. Offering coconut at Kali temple on Saturday will be beneficial.

Radio 9


For the people at Radix 9, today’s business decisions can be right and profitable because of business experience. This week, with the strength of your intellectual capacity and power of reasoning, you will also make up for your damaged work. Last week’s pending work will be completed this week. Make the fastest efforts to complete any job, success will be achieved, this week will also look good from an income standpoint. At the end of the week, there may be some weirdness in love relationships.

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