BJP News 2024: The BJP era will last 40 years … why is Modi-Shah so confident? – which bjp will rule between 30 and 40 years as pm modi and amit shah seem so safe

New Delhi: The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are almost two years away, but the BJP’s two-day Mahajutan in Hyderabad has already set the agenda. Interior Minister Amit Shah stated that the BJP era will last for the next 30-40 years and then India will become a Vishwaguru. He said with full confidence that BJP governments will be formed in all those states, including Telangana and West Bengal, where the party is still far from power. There is much discussion about this statement of his. Speaking of a safe and prosperous India, the “Mission 2050” set by the BJP, people started talking about different things on social media. Is there also a discussion about why the Modi government has so much confidence? Doesn’t the opposition see the strength to challenge it? In fact, Shah didn’t talk about “40 years of BJP”. If we look at today’s political scenario, BJP’s saffron chart seems to be rising in the country. After 2014, in the last eight years, on the basis of a popular face like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP destroyed many created equations such as casteism, regionalism and raised the slogan “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas “.

BJP leaders seemed confident after 2014. Their goal seemed impossible, but with the strength of hard work and a strong cadre, the BJP climbed the ladder of success. The 300 Plus slogan has now become a reality and not a slogan. The main reason for the BJP’s confidence is the absence of the force that can stop its chariot from victory. Recently, Lok Sabha by-elections were held in Rampur and Azamgarh, two Muslim-dominated areas. Both seats were considered the bastion of SP, behind which the formula of the Muslim + Yadav equation was proposed, but the BJP destroyed it and fed lotus. BJP candidates won both seats. This has sent a message to the country that now parties with casteism or appeasement of a section cannot defeat the BJP.

Along with the north, the BJP has also focused on the south. The Hindutva wave will have an impact on Telangana divided into religions and castes. With Modi’s unrest in Hyderabad, the trend of young workers will increase towards the BJP. Remember, at the time of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP used to talk a lot about the northeastern states, in 2019 the BJP has expanded to 18 states in the country, so before 2024, it is now the right time to “look south.”

Learn from the mistakes made by the country’s long-running parties, which today are trying to save their existence. BJP’s goal is to bring India from calm to realization.

PM Modi with BJP workers

At the BJP national executive meeting in Hyderabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a mantra of victory to party leaders and urged them to reach out to minorities, bring the country from calm to satisfaction and learn from the mistakes of parties committed to saving existence. . In this, the three points carry a great message not only for the BJP workers but also for the opposition. In response to criticism from the opposition, such as the “saffron party that spreads hatred against minorities,” the prime minister called on party members to make a “Sneh Yatra” to reach all sectors of the world. the society. In general, it is seen that Congress or other opposition parties have been projecting the BJP as anti-Muslim. But Prime Minister Modi is constantly trying to reach out to minorities or reach out to them with his policies and decisions. Whether it’s the triple talaq theme or something. BJP has been successful to some extent in giving a message to the people that it will not appease anyone, but will take steps towards the development of all. The third important point the prime minister said about the mistakes of opposition parties.

Shah knows full well that his 2050 Mission agenda will only succeed when the opposition is weak. The main opposition party, Congress, is shrinking. Today there is no government in any major state except Rajasthan. Even when there is talk of opposition unity, now the regional parties along with the anti-BJP are starting to talk about forming an anti-Congress front. If we look at the condition of the great Hindi-speaking states, then the crisis of their existence becomes visible. Whether it is SP-BSP in UP or RJD in Bihar, the ruling Aam Aadmi party in Delhi may have gained power in Punjab on its own, but its national impact has not yet been achieved. seen. On the other hand, BJP has been strengthening its base from the northeast to Gujarat and from Himachal to the south.

Party politics rests only on the strong shoulders of the cadre or say the workers. In this situation, despite enthusing BJP workers, Modi said on Sunday that our workers are neither tired, inclined nor stopped. In states like West Bengal, Telangana and Kerala, BJP workers work for the country even in adversity. He said we are proud of our workers. The Prime Minister reiterated the BJP’s motto of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”. The prime minister’s clear gesture was like those states where there are governments of opposition parties. Obviously, with the agitation in Hyderabad, the BJP will advance in its strategy to form a government in the southern states. His performance in Bengal was excellent, although he was unable to form the government, but is in full swing for the next elections.

Lessons from the mistakes of Congress!
Modi also said: “The situation of the opposition parties is very bad. We must learn from their position what are the evils and shortcomings that have made them so low, away from the public and continue. We must protect of these things, because we are not working for ourselves, but for the homeland. ”He said being out of power leads to an existential crisis for many parties, while in states where the BJP was not in power. For decades, there have been cadres and party workers, and if you look at the conditions in Congress, then the party is completely shattered. It doesn’t even have a full-time national president. Rahul Gandhi has not shown miracle so far.When the BJP points to parties on familiarity, from Congress, SP, BSP to Southern parties are also surrounded.

Youth army in the second row
Today, in no opposition party, is there a second line of leaders behind what people know as supreme or president. One of the main reasons for this is their fear that the people behind them will be able to overcome them. Whereas if we look at the BJP, it has created an army of young leaders in all states. His painting is visible from Jammu and Kashmir to Kerala.

close to Muslims
At the party’s National Labor Committee meeting on Sunday, Modi suggested that workers should also reach out to marginalized and vulnerable minority sectors. The prime minister made the suggestion during a presentation made by the party’s Uttar Pradesh unit. The BJP has won the recent by-elections in the Rampur and Azamgarh parliamentary constituencies. These areas have a large number of Muslim voters. Modi said many experiments have been done in Indian politics on the social equations of Hindus and efforts should also be made to reach socially backward minorities like the Pasmanda Muslims. Pasmanda Muslim leaders often claim that 80-85 percent of the minority population are Pasmanda Muslims, but what minority leaders are talking about on behalf of minorities are actually upper class Muslims. Pasmanda refers to backward or oppressed minorities. The leaders of this society have been accusing Congress, the Samajwadi Party that these parties have deceived them greatly. Modi stressed that party workers should not only reach the most backward and weak sectors of Hindu society, but should also go among the minorities and make sure that they get the benefits of various plans that are they run for their welfare. One such suggestion was made by Modi at a meeting of BJP officials last year. He said the party should make sure to reach out to the Christian community in Kerala so that its support base can be strengthened there.

Appeasement and attack on familism
The BJP has been accusing Congress and other opposition parties of promoting appeasement policy. The issue also occupied a prominent place at the Hyderabad meeting. Prime Minister Modi said the country is completely bored with familyism and family celebrations. Aiming at Congress, Modi said those who have been in power in the country for years are willing to blindly oppose the country’s interest schemes. The public neither listens to them nor accepts them. He just denies it. It’s hard for these parties to survive now.

With a call to push the younger generation forward, Modi asked party workers to get in touch with more and more young people and connect them with the party. Reiterating his message to the workers of the BJP National Working Committee meeting in Allahabad in 2016, the Prime Minister said that they should have the qualities of service, balance, coordination, positivity, goodwill and dialogue.

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