Blood in Lake City

and chaudhary

Udaipur. The most beautiful city in Rajasthan, known as the city of lakes. First choice of domestic and foreign tourists. But on June 28, there was such a bad spot in this city, that it will probably never be erased. The brutal and brutal way in which Kanhaiya Lal, known as Supreme Teller, was assassinated in the Maldas Street market in the Hathipol area of ​​Udaipur, has embarrassed not only Rajasthan but the whole country. Assassins Mohammad Riaz Akhtari and Ghaus Mohammad are associated with the Dawat-e-Islami organization. This is a Sunni Islamic organization based in Karachi. Its ropes are associated with Pakistan’s extremist organization Barelvi Pan Islamic Tehreek-e-Labaik. This organization is said to be active in Delhi, UP, Mumbai and Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Tonk, Dholpur and Bharatpur in Rajasthan.

After beheading Kanhaiya Lal, the two also released a threatening video, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also challenged. In the same video, they both said to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “You have set the fire and we will put it out.” At the same time, they also said, “Only punishment for the gullible prophet, separated from the head.” However, Rajasthan police arrested them both in five hours.

After the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) also took action, the team of four members of the NIA arrived in Udaipur and registered a case and started research. The NIA has filed a record under Articles 452, 302, 153A, 153B, 295A and 34 of the CPI. In addition, a file has also been registered under Articles 16, 18 and 20 of the UAPA Law.

To maintain peace, law and order, the Rajasthan government has imposed curfew on 11 areas of Udaipur police stations. Apart from that, Article 144 has been imposed with the closure of internet service across the state. More than a thousand police officers have been deployed in Udaipur. The Rajasthan government has announced government jobs and financial assistance of Rs 50 lakh to the two children of the late Kanhaiya Lal on contract.

Here, the last rites of the late Kanhaiya Lal were performed on June 29 amid close security. Despite the curfew, thousands of people have gathered at the funeral. The youths involved in this crowd kept raising objectionable slogans against Pakistan and a particular community. During this, the angry mob also threw stones at a cemetery in the city of Udaipur. Police also arrested some people to spread the unrest. People refused to perform the last rites after Kanhaiya Lal’s body was placed in the crematorium pyre demanding the release of those arrested. The police and administration performed the last rites with great difficulty.

The chains of Kanhaiya Lal’s murder case are also connecting with Pakistan. According to information received from NIA sources, both the Riyaz and Ghaus Mohammad assassins were in contact with Pakistan and the Arab people. Numbers of Pakistanis have been found on their mobile phones. Rajasthan Interior Minister Rajendra Yadav said the two had been training in Karachi for about 45 days in 2014-15. They had arrived in Pakistan via Nepal. They had both returned here after training there for a few days. After returning from Karachi, the two began instigating local youth. Police have obtained information that in recent years, the two had held several meetings in and around Udaipur. Hatred was so dominant in the minds of both of them that they used to fight with people from another community for the slightest problem.

Mohammad Riyaz is a resident of Asind city of Bhilwara district of Rajasthan and lived in a rental house in Khanjipir, Udaipur. He used to do khidmat work in mosques. Gaus Mohammad is from Bhim city in Rajsamand district. He participated in welding work and land transactions. Police are also trying to find out his foreign contacts. It is reported that both were associated with a group of young Muslims on WhatsApp, which has more than 100 members.

The NIA is also investigating the method of killing, because uploading videos after beheading is the method of ISIS and the Taliban. The sharp weapons used in the assassination are also commonly used in Arab countries. The NIA is also investigating how these weapons came about.

The Udaipur incident has also highlighted the failure of police and security agencies. However, the Rajasthan government conducted a high-level review of the Udaipur incident. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said: “In the preliminary investigation, it has become clear that, at first glance, this incident has been done with the aim of spreading terror. Information has also appeared on the contacts. of the two accused with other countries.Now the NIA will further investigate this incident.

failure of government agencies

In the last month and a half, the government of Rajasthan spent 10 days in Udaipur for the elections to the Congress of Chintan Shivir and Rajya Sabha. During this time, security and intelligence agencies were so active that not even a parinda could kill. But as soon as members of the Rajasthan government left Udaipur in Jaipur to vote in the Rajya Sabha elections on June 9, the failure of police and intelligence came first.

On June 9, a message was sent from Kanhaiya Lal Taylor’s mobile phone in Udaipur in support of BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma to make reprehensible comments against the Prophet Muhammad and against a particular community. Kanhaiya Lal said this message was sent by mistake by his son. This message spread like wildfire in Udaipur. After a while, Kanhaiya Lal started receiving threats to kill him. People from a specific community filed a complaint with the police station for this message. Police arrested Kanhaiya Lal on June 11. Kanhaiya Lal was later released after an agreement was reached between the two sides.

Even after his release, Kanhaiya Lal’s problems did not diminish. He continued to receive death threats. Meanwhile, both defendant Riyaz and Ghaus Mohammad also made a video threatening to behead Kanhaiya. After that, on June 15, Kanhaiya Lal filed a complaint at the Dhanmandi police station that five people, including Nazim, were making excursions around the store with the intent to kill him. Instead of taking action on this complaint, the police reconciled again. Under this pressure, Kanhaiya filed a memorandum of understanding on June 15 and called for a halt to the legal action. During this, two police officers were also parked around the Kanhaiya store for two days.

Kanhaiya’s eldest son, Yash, said that after two days the police officers engaged in security were dismissed. Fearing threats, Kanhaiya also kept the store closed for about seven to eight days. He started coming to the store only on June 28th. On June 28, Riyaz and Ghaus Mohammad came to their store on the pretext of having their clothes sewn. When Kanhaiya was taking the measure of Ghaus Mohammad, they both drew sharp weapons and cut his neck. Kanhaiya continued to struggle to escape, but the two poor men continued to attack him fiercely. After the incident, they both uploaded two videos, one of murder and the other of confession of murder. After killing Kanhaiya, the two fled to Bhima on a motorcycle. In Bhima, the police chased them and arrested them both.

One of the main reasons for the failure of the Rajasthan police is believed to be poor surveillance on social media. Like the Karauli riots, Dungarpur violence and community tension in Jodhpur, the police also had a weak eye on social media in this episode. Therefore, the antisocial elements continued to propagate hatred indiscriminately. Aside from the State Intelligence Office, people from the Central Intelligence Bureau are also active in Udaipur, but the two agencies did not detect the network and activities of the accused. This was also attributed to the lack of coordination between state and central agencies (see table:

weak coordination between security agencies). Rajasthan DGP ML Lather says: “The SHO and ASI of Dhanmandi police station have been suspended for negligence in this case. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the links of Mohammad Riyaz Attari and Ghaus Mohammad are linked to Dawat-e “Islam, an organization based in Karachi. Ghaus Mohammad had gone to Karachi in 2014-15.” But it is clear that the failure of the police and security agencies and the hate business has put a bloody stain on the state map.

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