He had to stop training 2 times, for the third time he opened a tuition center called ‘Akash’, today more than 1.1 billion businesses. He had to stop training 2 times, for the third time he opened a tuition center called ‘Akash’, today more than 1.1 billion businesses

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  • He had to stop training twice, for the third time he opened a tuition center called “Akash”, today more than $ 1.1 billion in turnover

An hour agoWriters: Kushan Agarwal

Most young people love the dream of being a doctor and an engineer cel I take my flight. The same sky that was once a tuition center and is now a $ 1.3 billion company. It has also merged with BYJU’S for a billion dollars.

Today in ‘Unicorn Dreams with Kushan Agarwal’ we will talk to Akash Chaudhary, CEO of Aakash. Things talk about the beginning of the sky, its journey and its fusion with BYJU’S, but before the things that created the sky, grew and reached the peak of success …

When and how did Kushan-Akash start? Why did your father call him Akash?

Akash Choudhary- My father started Aakash in 1988. This was his third attempt. Earlier, in 1983 and 1986 he also started training at the center, but was unsuccessful. After that, one of his friends advised him to train again at the center.

The son of this friend of his had become a doctor only after studying with his father. At his insistence, his father tried again and in 1988 Aakash started as a tuition center.

As for the denomination, my father had named his Ashish training center in honor of my brother. He later did the medical office, but if those two names didn’t work, he kept Akash for the third time.

Kushan: You worked in advertising production after college, you also worked at Infosys. What was your strategy behind this? What did you learn from that?

Akash Choudhary- After engineering in 2001, I received offers from some companies. I worked too. He then thought that why not start a job like this, which would also benefit the father’s job.

I realized that there is great scope in advertising and production. With the help of this, the business can move forward, because the father was not earning time from academic work, he could not pay attention to the promotion.

Kushan- What are the qualifications needed to earn the trust of investors?

Akash Choudhary- Look, it is only reversed when a good return is expected. Good returns will only come when the company has the potential to grow. Their management should focus on their work. The company should not be involved in any crime. What is the company culture? In which sector does the company work? What is your policy? How is the income? Investors only invest money after seeing all these things.

Kushan: Most coaching institutes move online, but Akash still focuses on physical training, why?

Akash Choudhary- Physical interaction is very important in the educational field. In physical education, the child studies in an active and productive environment. He has a face-to-face interaction with the teacher. After the Crown, the children are now back in school. It will arrive in increasing numbers in the future.

Along with this, when preparing for any competition, it is important to have a regimental system. Here the children study together and do tests together. From this it is known what child is understanding how much, what is the problem with whom, the child is told his mistake from the front. This is not possible in the online education system.

Kushan- Is Rural India Slowly Moving Towards Online Education? What steps is Akash taking to move to rural India?

Akash Choudhary- For online education in rural India, three things are needed. First – Internet connection, second – smartphone or any device and third – correct environment. There are many problems of these three things in rural India. Some children do not have a smartphone, others do not have an Internet connection.

Even if someone has a smartphone and internet, they don’t have the right environment for their studies. Where you study, there is a lot of noise. That is why so far we have not been successful in rural areas.

Kushan-Lakhs of children participate in NEET and JEE every year, what advice would you like to give to these children?

Akash Choudhary- Our experience so far has been that these exams are not that difficult. Yes, the method of preparation is different. Understand this method well, practice a lot, understand your shortcomings and work on it, then the path will be easier. Since there is also a negative note, focus only on those topics you know well on the exam.

Kushan – What’s the thought behind the $ 1 billion merger of BYJU’S and Aakash, what has changed in your strategy after that?

Akash Choudhary- Our thinking was that Aakash is a big offline business and BYJU’S is a great online platform. As the world progresses, many people are moving towards online platforms. So we thought we should both work together to be able to help as many children as possible in both modalities.

Kushan- How different is the education system of India from countries like UK and US?

Akash Choudhary- Right now, education in India focuses on the traditional system. It takes a long time to incorporate experimentation, practical approach, confidence in innovation and political trust into the education system. While these things are very much integrated into the outside education system.

Along with this, another thing is that in our country it focuses more on academics. While in foreign countries, along with academics, they also focus on extracurriculars.

Kushan- What advice would you give to Indian entrepreneurs, what qualities do you like?

Akash Choudhary- The best thing is that our young entrepreneurs think, approach and take on new things apart from the traditional ones. This is being seen in all sectors, but there is also a problem that most entrepreneurs are starting to compare with each other and have to suffer in this hurry.

My advice is that you should focus on the services and quality of your own product instead of comparing it to others. If your service is better, there will definitely be demand.

Kushan- How was your trip so far to Aakash Institute, did you ever face any difficulties, how did you face these difficulties?

Akash Choudhary- I joined the Aakash Institute in 2006. Back then, my dad wanted me to understand business and develop business skills, so instead of joining the company directly, he gave me a franchise. After that I started it from Bombay.

There were many difficulties in the first 2-3 years. The work culture here was quite different from the ICT where I came from. So it took a while to adapt and get to know this industry, but after that there was no looking back.

Kushan- What do you like to do when you are free?

Akash Choudhary- I love to ride a bike. So whenever I have free time, I go out on a bike.

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