I respect Hindutva, but if I say anything against Islam, it is my right to protest. I respect Hindutva, but if I say anything against Islam, it is my right to protest.

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Congress leader, former Union minister, chief lawyer and well-known writer Salman Khurshid believes the country’s environment is not good. Freedom of expression has been severely affected. Today people in India do not look happy. Our name cannot be included in those countries of the world where there is peace. The first reason for this is greed and the second is the lack of this leadership which can bring about a radical change in people’s thinking. In conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, he also talked about Hinduism, Islam, weak opposition and violence in Udaipur. With well-measured words, but read Khurshid’s answer on hot questions related to the country …

Q. There is an atmosphere of communal tension in the country. We went back to where we left off. What do you think is the main reason for this?
A. This is unfortunate and a great irony. I want to ask, is this in our character? Or these things are being deliberately promoted. It is clear what is being promoted. The bitterness that has increased between different communities and specific castes, the kind of disgusting allegations that are raised between them have political motives at the bottom. It seems to me that this is not the nature of the country where we grew up, the country we have seen and understood, its character. This is not the thinking of the people of this country. Someone has tried to damage, spoil and spoil it, but I think they will get it. The atmosphere has become so strange that even if someone says that, it increases frustration, it increases tension. I think we need to have a little patience. If you plan to do justice immediately, you will not be able to do anything for the country. In our haste to achieve justice, we are losing our restraint, and when our restraint is lost, man falls so low that he knows no bounds. It’s a matter of leadership. People in all walks of life who are in leadership will have to prove it by doing so.

Q. There have been caste disputes in the past, what is the reason why leaders are not able to control the situation?
A. The feeling of division between the two castes has yielded as many benefits as it has been able to. The first problem was that he had to influence people. It’s been 10 years and in those years there have also been those who had to be influenced, those who had to be disappointed. Now you can’t find anything other than that.

Q. The Supreme Court has blamed Nupur’s rhetoric behind Kanhaiya’s assassination in Udaipur. Do you think this statement of the country’s highest institution is correct? Hasn’t that given other terrorists coverage to commit such heinous acts?
A. We have no higher institution in the Supreme Court. If we disagree, we say so with respect. To say that it should be reconsidered, but the Supreme does not understand it, is wrong to say that the Supreme is partial. Seeing what has happened in the country, any sensible person would say that it is not good for the country. We will not be able to understand whether the Supreme Court should use such harsh words because we are unaware of the pressure on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court says such provocative statements should not be made. Those who work in this court in black coats are also harming this institution with light words. So they stop going to court. The Supreme said we are the last stop, but it’s not that we don’t make mistakes. That is why the tradition of revision has been created. The U.S. Supreme Court changed a law after 50 years. This has happened to us too. If you tell your doctor that it is useless, the treatment will have to be done on your own. If you reject the Supreme Court, then who will you go to to present your point?

Q. For the country’s system to work properly, it is very important to have strong opposition. What is the reason why Congress has not been able to come to this role? Why is the opposition so lax? Congress has no face.
A. When your thinking changes greatly, you also have to change yourself. Even great power is weakened when it does not understand what has changed. A new youth sector has emerged in the country that wants change. He wants new faces to be given a chance by rejecting what already rules. The change that took place in Punjab and Delhi arose from this thinking. I think how Congress should think very seriously about what has changed in the thinking of the country and the country in which we are unable to fit. This is the moment of introspection.

Q. Do you think that the common man has suffered from the freedom of expression?
A. The atmosphere in the country is not good. Today people in India do not look happy. Our name cannot be included among those happy countries of the world, where there is peace. The first reason is that greed has increased a lot. Forgetting your knowledge of sages and sages, we have begun to worship money. When money doesn’t work, we take refuge in religion. We now need leadership that can bring about a radical change in this thinking, as Mahatma Gandhi did. At the time of the emergency, it was said to go slightly, then you started crawling. Some people have suffered from talking, but not everyone is behind bars. This government will also understand that this is not a way to get its point across, but there should be someone to explain it.

Q. You wrote a book about Hindutva which also had a lot of controversy. How do you see Hinduism in the present time?
A. I have no problem with Hindutva. Why would it be? Also tell me what are the good things about this religion. I will tell you about my faith. If someone says or does something wrong against Hinduism and Hinduism, he opposes it. Similarly, when something like this happens to Islam, I oppose it. I have the right to protest to distort Islam. Why oppose this? If you burn, kill or cut someone’s throat, it is neither Hinduism nor Islam. This is what I am saying that this is neither Hindutva nor Jihad. People are being harassed for their own benefit by creating a new meaning of Jihad. I am proud of Hinduism. It is very broad and very ideological. There are people who are humiliating him. These people are so wrong that when I expose this kind of thinking against Hindutva, they call it an attack on Hindutva. He who does not understand Hindutva cannot understand this country. I respect Hinduism, but I also have to understand the civilization of Islam because everyone lives together in this country. Changing the name will not end this civilization. What will you gain by destroying someone’s sanctuary?

Q. On your personality, whose influence on thoughts is the deepest and most profound.
A. My maternal grandfather Dr. Zakir Hussain. We called it Miyan. One day I asked him what Mian Muslim is, who is he? He said, “He who weeps for his sins in the dark night, with the intention of never repeating them, is a Muslim.” Now in this sentence you write Hindu instead of Muslim … the phrase will also remain the same for him.

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