Malnourished children will now be able to reap the benefits of nutrition. Malnourished children will now be able to reap the benefits of nutrition easily by changing the guidelines, children will increase in NRC

62 children were recruited in 70 places in five centers, only 28 were in April


Posted: July 4, 2022 12:22:43 PM

Anuppur. The government has now amended its previous order on the nutrition of malnourished children in the district by admitting them to NRC centers. Under the new guideline, along with the admission of malnourished children with serious complications, such as problems related to weight, age and breastfeeding of children under 6 months, instructions have been given to admit these children to the center. Following the new government-issued guide, in a month, five vacant NRC centers in the district are now filled with children according to their capacity. Currently, 62 malnourished children are admitted to five centers in the district with the prescribed capacity of 70 beds. Dr. CM RHO’s SC Rai said some changes have been made to the previous order, in which the recruitment process has been extended to include the children’s physical condition. The Bhopal National Health Mission, while issuing an order on June 23, has ordered all civilian surgeons in the district to admit malnourished children under the new guidance and follow-up according to the provisions during their discharge. The result is that in April, where 28 children were admitted, there are now 62 malnourished children. He said by government order it has been said that as of 2020-21, the Department of Women and Children’s Development has started the statewide C-Sem program. In which community management is being done to children with severe malnutrition without medical complications. In view of the operation of the program, following the suggestions and consent given by the State Technical Committee, the prescribed procurement criteria of the Nutritional Rehabilitation Center are being expanded.
These malnourished children must be admitted
Under the new government guidelines, severe children with medical complications, such as height, thickness, roundness of the arm (less than 11.5 cm), weight, including severely malnourished children with swelling pecks on both legs. Other than that, children are so serious that they have failed the hunger test in the C-Sem program, which has been confirmed by the Anganwadi centers. or have not recovered at 12 consecutive weeks of follow-up. When there is a decrease in weight in two consecutive weeks of follow-up, or the weight has remained stable in 3 consecutive weekly follow-ups. These guidelines have been prescribed for children with severe malnutrition in the age group of 6 months to 5 years. While for infants under 6 months of age (including non-medical complications), separate criteria have also been prepared for recruitment. These also include being less than 45 cm long with little weight, arm thickness and roundness, weight loss and stability and difficulty breastfeeding and the mother with breastfeeding problems or the baby’s mother is unavailable.
Where and at which center the situation of hiring children
Children admitted to the NRC fixed bed center April (late) July (first week)
Anuppur 20 05 15
Jaithari 10 08 12
Kotma 10 05 10
Rajendragram 20 06 20
Karpa 10 04 05
Total 70 28 62
Box: 156 very serious in the district
The names of 59,191 children are registered in 1149 Anganwadi centers operating in the district. Anganwadi is responsible for the nutrition and care of young children from pregnant women up to 5 years old. Here 1858 children are victims of malnutrition. Of these, 365 are in Anuppur, 320 in Kotma, 449 in Pushprajgarh and 568 in Jaithari. At the same time, the number of highly malnourished children is 156, including 34 in Anuppur, 38 in Jaithari, 33 in Kotma and 51 in Pushprajgarh.
Ground staff do not track, no information on malnutrition found
In rural areas, local field staff are not taken very seriously when it comes to monitoring child malnutrition. In this, the actual information of the malnourished children is not available. In the provisions, instructions have been given to Anganwadi workers and Asha workers to provide information to the NRC on the weight of children arriving at Anganwadi center. To avoid this, the field staff shows the overweight children in the center of Anganwadi and sends them back home. That is why children with medical complications or severely malnourished do not arrive at the NRC.
The government has made some changes to its order, more children have been recruited than the new guideline. The Collector, while reviewing malnutrition, has led the team to get malnourished children into the NRC. In this, the duty of worker of Anganwadi, worker of ASHA, ANM, BMO has been imposed.
Dr SC Rai, CMHO Anuppur.

Malnourished children will now be able to reap the benefits of nutrition easily by changing the guidelines, children will increase in NRC


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