The water crisis will be overcome with the laying of pipes; Many neighborhoods of Drizone | The water crisis will be overcome with the laying of pipes; Many Drizone neighborhoods

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People from the neighborhood area to the program.

At the Gurukul Coaching Institute located on DSP Road, a program of talks on behalf of Dainik Bhaskar was organized for you and your neighborhood. In this program, the councilors of the neighborhood six, eight, 18, 20 and 21 have participated and listened to the problems of the residents of the neighborhood present. On this occasion, the people of the neighborhood said that the city of Gumla is expanding. But due to the non-widening of the pipeline, all neighborhoods and homes in the city have been unable to obtain drinking water. While many localities in urban areas fall under the category of dry zone.

If the installation of drinking water is made available through the widening of the pipeline, the biggest problem of the citizens will be solved. On this issue of citizenship, councilors responded that with the installation of solar water towers initiatives have been taken to solve this problem in the 22 neighborhoods of the city. In the future, a water installation will be available throughout the town. We are working on a big project. The investment will be made by the World Bank. Work on this is also expected to begin this month. During the program, problems such as cleaning, fog, road construction, pension needs were also maintained. In which efforts were made and solution security was given.

Shivkumar Gupta said: fear of falling a weak house due to vehicle vibration, pay attention to this, measures should also be taken on the water meter

Shiv Kumar Gupta of Ward 8 said Sisai Road is on NH. There is a bump in the road. Vibration is caused by the entry of heavy goods vehicles as a layer is assembled. That is why there is also the fear of falling for a weak house. By the way, Councilor Harjit Singh has had it repaired with private funds. But it is insufficient. On this, Councilor Harjit Singh said that after the rains, a road should be built from Tower Chowk to Kolebira. At his request, the sensor said the pit should be better repaired. On the other hand, Shiv Gupta insisted on installing water meters. On which Harjeet reported on the purchase of more than 1400 meters by NAP.

The newspaper gave the opportunity to hold the public talk at the time

Citizens said the role of the newspaper is important for change. Dainik Bhaskar knows how to fulfill his role and responsibilities. The newspaper offered the opportunity to hold the public conversation at the time. Because in everyday life, problems are left behind and people move forward because of their work. People ignore small problems. But Dainik Bhaskar is the only newspaper that offers the opportunity to highlight these small and big problems.

Councilors said: all contribution will be devoted to development in the remaining term

Councilors Sushma Kujur, Harjit Singh, Anita Singh, Lalita Gupta and Shail Mishra expressed their gratitude to Bhaskar. He said they go to great lengths. But there is still work and problems. Some things don’t even reach them through citizens. Dainik Bhaskar shared the problems by putting them face to face. They will work for the development of the neighborhood and the city. He now has less than a year left in office. But in this short term, he will fully contribute to the development of the neighborhood and the city so that his neighborhood becomes a model.

After Corona, development work gained momentum under SDO’s leadership

Councilors said that over the past two years, urbanization work has been hampered by the Crown. Development gained momentum after SDO Ravi Anand took over as EO. Several experiments were done in the city. In addition to roads, ditches, culverts, guards, works were done to increase the sources of income. To develop the city, many works are being done such as double room, restaurant, which were necessary for the development of the city. Modern cleaning equipment has been purchased. Work is underway to complete all necessary works with the aim of providing comfort to the people.

Dinesh Aggarwal said – To overcome the problems of the room, the public has many expectations of the councilor, it is necessary to meet

Dinesh Agrawal of Palkot Road said the audience has high expectations of the councilor. The city needs fog right now. So that the outbreak of climate-transmitted diseases does not increase. It is also requested to clean the dirt regularly. On this, councilors reported on the increase in resources for cleaning tasks by NAP. There was also talk of the decision to send two fog vehicles each day dividing them into different areas. He said it is also his responsibility to live up to people’s expectations.

Kamala said: The councilor appointed his representative in all areas, better work is being done to solve people’s problems

Kamla Pandey, of Ward 21, thanked the councilor for doing the room area work in the planning phase. He said that the councilor himself is a public representative and for the work of the neighborhood, he has chosen a representative for each area. Because if something goes wrong, then the councilor’s representative has to pass on their information to the councilor and the councilor can resolve it. Kamala suggested making this effort in every neighborhood. He said that this will solve even the biggest problems and there will be no room for debate.

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