The winners celebrated without declaring victory and defeat until well into the night

Date of publication: | Tuesday, July 5, 2022 12:07 AM (IST)

Morena (Representative of New Zealand)

On Monday, the votes were counted in the Morena and Jaura blocks. The scorching heat affected both the counting of votes and two phases of counting, which had to be done in four phases, could be completed in 12 hours. Officers were engaged until well into the night in counting the remaining two phases. The figures for this count may have been released on July 14, but the winners only celebrated it on Monday.

It should be noted that in the second phase of the Panchayat elections, on July 1, the voting of Sarpanch, Panch, members of Janpad Panchayats and Zilla Panchayat members of the Gram Panchayat blocs of Morena and Jaura was held. There are 176 grams of panchayats in the two blocks, of which sarpanch has been chosen unopposed in three. Similarly, of the 50 seats in the Morena and Jaura districts, 6 district members have won without opposition. A total of 1,340 candidates are in the fight for Sarpanch, Panch, 44 members of Janpad Panchayats and 8 members of Zilla Panchayat of the remaining 173 Panchayats. The counting of votes by them polled began Monday at 7 p.m. Amid the heat, the vote count was so slow that the two-phase count could be completed in 12 hours, that is, from 7 to 19 hours. The third phase of counting votes on the Morena block began at 7pm and continued until 10pm. After that the counting of votes for the fourth, that is, the last phase, continued. During the counting of votes, the counting of votes had to be done again in Ehchauli gram panchayat and two more panchayats in the Morena bloc, so the second phase was delayed by about two hours. Additional collector Narottam Bhargava said the vote count will be completed from 12 to 1 p.m. The counting of votes continued in the premises of the school of Morena and Jaura, without being announced, the candidates knew their defeat and victory through their scrutinizing agents. As the winning candidates marched to their village celebrating from outside the counting place, the losing candidates were carried away by their followers giving consolation.

Employees suffering from the heat, the health of many deteriorated

It was very hot on Monday. The light rain on Sunday evening increased the feeling of sticky, stifling heat, so even the AC forgot to do its job. The fans gave off hot air like flames and the humidity was rising from the fridge. During this time, the condition of workers hired for the vote count worsened due to the heat. In the first round of counting votes, the health of three employees deteriorated, after which a doctor had to be called for them. The status of an employee deteriorated amid the vote count he had to be admitted to the district hospital. In the counting of votes, the duty of the employees was put in turns, so that hundreds of employees were seated outside the school on the premises waiting their turn. Sitting under tents and trees, these workers also suffered from the heat that after taking off their shirt or T-shirt, sitting on the floor with their vest on, some newspaper was blowing with a towel.

College surrounded by supporters of the candidates

A crowd of people gathered at the counting place from 6 p.m. In the afternoon, there were so many crowds that thousands of people were sitting in front of the university on Ambah Road, a nearby bus stop and by the lake, eagerly awaiting the number of votes obtained by the candidates. During this, many people came to the school grounds climbing the wall or climbing the barrettes, which were chased by the police with sticks. Enthusiastic support from the candidates made them want to find out about the people who live around the mobile vote count and explain it to their acquaintances. The same situation prevailed in the region of Jaura. In the evening, when the crowd arrived at the venue of the counting place, the police had to use sticks, so a young man fell and was injured in the stampede, which was moved from Jaura to the ‘district hospital.

Voting in Ambah, Porsa Napa tomorrow, 65,999 voters will elect 33 councilors

The first phase of the urban body elections is tomorrow, that is, Wednesday. In a first phase, the elections of councilors will be held in the municipalities of Ambah and Porsa. One of the elected directors will be elected as chairman. The elections of the urban body will be made by EVM, so the electoral material will be sent today, that is, on Tuesday. Voting in the urban body will take place from 7 am to 5 pm. In the first phase of the poll in Ambah-Porsa, 65,999 voters will exercise their right to vote. In which 34 thousand 658 are male voters and 31 thousand 335 are female voters, while there are 6 more voters. 89 polling stations have been set up for the election of 18 councilors in the municipality of Ambah and 15 in the municipality of Porsa. Rector Rajeev Samadhiya reported that 50 polling stations have been set up for 18 Nagar Palika Parishad Ambah district councilors, in which 35,258 voters will exercise their right to vote. In which 18 thousand 421 are men, 16 thousand 834 women and 3 voters more. Rector Porsa said councilors from 15 districts will be elected to Porsa City Council. 39 polling stations have been set up in this area, in which 30,741 voters will exercise their right to vote. It includes 16 thousand 237 men, 14 thousand 501 women and 3 more voters.

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