Vijay Darda blog: Maharashtra policy Shiv Sena will be able to stop Eknath Shinde | Vijay Darda’s blog: Will Shiv Sena be able to stop Shinde’s arrow?

Last week I expressed my anguish in this column. My grief was not at all for any political party, but my view has always been that through the path of development, the general public should be relieved … It is natural to feel sad when any arises disorders.

It has been the common man’s opinion that in the last two and a half years, most development works have been stopped except Corona Management. The common man has nothing to do with politics. It needs development. Now the political earthquake has slowed down a bit, so I hope both power and the opposition that development work does not stop in the earthquake of politics.

There was an apprehension for the sudden earthquake in state politics, but no one had any apprehension that the dice would come back like that, there would be an earthquake shock. No one could have imagined that the BJP would crown Eknath Shinde as Maharashtra’s chief minister and Devendra Fadnavis would return to power as deputy chief minister!
In fact, all of this is part of BJP’s powerful strategy. BJP has always raised slogans against familiarity in politics and has attacked these parties across the country where the source is with a family. The attack on Shiv Sena can be called part of this strategy. Anyway, Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena showed a harsh attitude against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Secretary Amit Shah and Devendra Fadnavis, who is called BJP’s Chanakya.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Shiv Sena slipped. When the net was being set up to move the earth, no one got any information about it. Deputies who first came to Surat and then Guwahati with Eknath Shinde had no idea that the BJP would make Shinde the prime minister. Devendra Fadnavis announced that he would stay away from the government with Shinde as chief minister, but joining the BJP, everyone was surprised because people assumed that Fadnavis would be the chief minister and Shinde as deputy chief minister.

After that, there was a consultation between Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah and Fadnavis was asked to join the government because by doing so he could have helped Shinde more. Being in government gives access to all the machinery and files. In this way, the BJP pulled back the chain of command and raised it. The arrow went out of order and hit the target with great precision. The BJP stepped on it so carefully that it should not be said that it is hungry for power and Thackeray could not gain sympathy.

By becoming Maratha’s chief minister, the BJP has also tried to break the ground of Sharad Pawar’s policy. Shinde is originally from Satara and Thane has been home to his politics. The western region of Maharashtra from which it comes is a stronghold of the Nationalist Congress Party. No doubt Eknath Shinde will go there and weaken the NCP.

There has been no hesitation in saying that the Shiv Sena has been scattered in the present times. Ahead are the elections for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Thane and Navi Mumbai. After that, the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, then the assembly elections are to be held. In this situation, the road will not be easy for Shiv Sena of Thackeray. The deputies who stay with them are mostly from Bombay. Now is there a fight over who will stay with Shiv Sena? Who will adorn the bow and arrow? Who will be the real successor to the name of Balasaheb Thackeray? … and the bigger question is who will prove to be an expert in political politics? Uddhav Thackeray has made a move. He has ousted Eknath Shinde from the party, but it should be noted that Shinde is the current head minister of the state. Connected to the ground, full of personality. Uddhav Thackeray cannot make any attempt to undermine it.

When he left power, Uddhav Thackeray issued GR wholesale prices in recent days, for which Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari had also asked for an answer. The Thackeray government changed the name from Aurangabad to Sambhaji Nagar, Osmanabad to Dharashiv and Navi Mumbai Airport to DB Patil. NCP and Congress did not even protest! When the governor has ordered the majority to be demonstrated, then that government no longer has the right to make decisions, so those decisions are legally invalid.

It is obvious that the Thackeray government did this to create a crisis for the BJP, as the BJP has also been in favor of changing the name to Aurangabad and Osmanabad. By the way, during the five-year government, the BJP had not taken any decision in this regard and the Thackeray government also did not take any decision in its two-and-a-half year term. He did this trick at the last minute.

However, this policy will continue. It is a matter of whatever the attitude of politics, whatever the earthquake, whatever the tremors of the earthquake, but the development work of the common man must not stop. Right now, farmers are worried across the state. Sown seeds have become useless due to lack of rain. The fertilizer was not useful. The orchards of bananas, pomegranates, grapes and orange trees have suffered severe damage.

In this situation, the government’s attention should be on farmers. They should receive all kinds of help. Development works that have stopped have to be accelerated. Consistent efforts are needed to improve the deteriorating economic situation after Kovid. Aside from politics, pay close attention to these issues, government!

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