BJP uses criminal elements for its communal division agenda: Mehbooba Mufti

Srinagar / Jammu: The chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mehbooba Mufti, alleged on Monday that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is using criminal elements for its “communal division and hatred” agenda.

Mehbooba tweeted: “First accused of the Udaipur massacre and now a Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist arrested in Rajouri, both have active ties to the BJP. The ruling party is using criminal elements, whether they are cow guards or terrorists, for their agenda of communal division and hatred.

He said that if these defendants were related to any opposition leader, many FIRs would have been registered now.

Mehbooba said: “Imagine if any of these criminals were linked to an opposition leader. By now the FIR would have been registered and Godi Media would have published this news in ‘prime time’ to defame the opposition. ‘opposition.

It should be noted that Talib Hussain Shah, the mastermind of the recent serial blasts in Rajouri, along with his Pulwama aide, Faisal Ahmed Dar, were caught by villagers in the remote village of Tucson Dhok in Reasi district in the early hours of Sunday. and later handed over to the police. Two AK rifles, a pistol, seven grenades and a large amount of ammunition have been recovered.

As soon as it became known that Talib Hussain Shah and his assistant Faisal Ahmed Dar were arrested by the villagers and handed over to the police, alleged photographs of Shah with the head of the Jammu and Kashmir unit were seen on social media. BJP, Ravinder Raina, and her participation in party programs. were shared.

In one of the photographs, Raina is seen giving him a bouquet, while in another, a letter from the party leader, Sheikh Bashir, has given him the responsibility of the new head of IT and social media at Minority Morcha (province of Jammu) in May. 9. It is.

Apart from this, it was also reported that Riyaz Attari, one of the accused in the murder of the tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, had alleged links to the BJP.

The BJP has denied the news of having a relationship with Riyaz Attari. At the same time, he has claimed that Lashkar terrorist Talib Hussain had resigned 18 days after joining the party in May.

The BJP denies that the detained terrorist is a member of the party and demands an investigation by the parties

The Bharatiya Janata Party has rejected claims that the terrorist Lashkar-e-Taiba arrested in the Reasi district of the state is a member of the party. Congress and other opposition parties criticized the saffron party and called for a high-level investigation into the matter.

BJP spokesman Abhinav Sharma claimed that the arrested and resident terrorist in Rajouri, Talib Hussain Shah, had come to the party office posing as a reporter for the news portal as part of a conspiracy to attack the party leaders following the instructions of their boss. He did recognition.

He rejected claims that Shah was responsible for the computing of the minority cell in Jammu and Kashmir. Along with this, the BJP spokesman demanded to strengthen the security of the office and party leaders.

“According to our official records, he was neither a main nor a basic member of the party, so there is no doubt that he is an active member of the party,” Sharma said.

“He had visited our headquarters posing as a journalist for a news portal and interviewed our president (Ravinder Raina), known for his nationalist views and who speaks openly against Pakistan and terrorists,” he said.

“He has received death threats several times, Shah’s frequent visit to the party headquarters was a conspiracy to target our leader,” the BJP leader told reporters.

Congress workers protested Monday against the BJP in Jammu, accusing them of “supporting terrorists.”

Taking a photo of a Lashkar terrorist sharing stage with Raina, Congress workers walked out of the party headquarters towards Shaheedi Chowk and tried to organize a protest.

However, police stopped the protesters who later returned to the party headquarters. Earlier, he tried unsuccessfully to break the police cordon.

Congressman and former Congressman Raman Bhalla told reporters, “Shah was an active member of the BJP’s computer cell, no evidence is needed for that, but it’s a matter of concern and there’s a big lapse of security “.

“Photographs of Shah with Raina and even the Home Secretary talk a lot about his affiliation with the BJP, which helped him join the party and achieve a higher position in the computer and media cell.” , said Bhalla.

He questioned the failure of intelligence agencies to detect the presence of a terrorist in the BJP.

The congressional leader said: “This is a serious security breach and a failure of the intelligence agencies, which needs high-level investigation and action.”

The Aam Aadmi party has also targeted the BJP. Party leader Sanjay Singh said: “It is not a coincidence or an experiment. The BJP’s links with terrorists should be investigated by a joint parliamentary committee.

Singh said: “This is a very serious issue and of national interest.”

Bhalla said the Bharatiya Janata Party cannot be saved from this responsibility. The congressional spokesman said the party would not remain silent on a serious issue such as national security.

According to Hindustan Times, the incumbent Congress president, Bhalla, said the BJP cannot be relieved of responsibility. “The presence of these elements in the BJP from Jammu and Kashmir to Udaipur is a matter of great concern,” he said.

Congress alleged that those accused of killing a tailor in Udaipur were members of the BJP, but the BJP denied the accusation. The congressional spokesman said the party would not remain silent on the important issue of national security.

Meanwhile, BJP spokesman Abhinav Sharma said the letter being distributed, which was allegedly issued by Sheikh Bashir, is being investigated.

“Whether Bashir had given him (Shah) the post informally is not yet clear, as the posting in the computer and media cell is done at the highest level,” he said.

“We call on Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and his administration to strengthen the security of the BJP headquarters and party leaders, especially Raina, who faces the threat of anti-national elements after visiting the office of a terrorist, ”he said.

However, questioning the silence of the NIA, Congress leader Bhalla said, “They should investigate the high security sites where they have used the identity of the BJP leader.” This is the research topic. BJP should apologize for that.

“Terrorists are entering BJP workers and the so-called nationalist party should tell people what these terrorists are doing in the BJP,” he said.

But Sharma called it a conspiracy to target BJP leaders. “His (terrorist) intention was to do a reconnaissance of the BJP office and share the activities of BJP leaders with Pakistan-based terrorists,” he said.

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