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I feel Sharma

I feel Sharma

Recently, a Kerala High Court judge said that if a woman is raped, given the promise of marriage involved, she can get the help of the law to punish the offender but if a man is convicted. no help from the law. What kind of law is this? The law should be free of gender discrimination. He has also expressed similar views in another case previously.

Recently, an actor and director from Kerala was charged with rape by an actress, then took the name of that actress on his Facebook Live, although doing so is a legal crime. But this actor said that when my name is taken openly, why shouldn’t I take that actress ’name? Can anyone understand what is going on with my family, friends, family after this complaint. A lot of people said in the actor’s post that this is what is happening these days. These fake cases increase day by day.

According to the National Crime Bureau, seventy-seven rape cases were reported in India every day in 2020. In 2014, the Delhi Women’s Commission said in a report that of all rape cases registered since ‘April 2013 to July 2014, 53.2 percent were found to be false. Of the 2,753 cases recorded, 1,287 were true and 1,464 were false. Think that when the figure of a year is this, then that of a decade would be how much. It is also said that after the formation of new rape laws in India, false cases increase. It is also said that often, when the marriage is not celebrated for some reason, the parents know that the girl was in the apartment with the boy, or that the two have had a relationship and the marriage is no more. So they consider that this will bring a lot of discredit to the society. That is why in many cases they pressure the girls to register a rape case. Sometimes, these cases are also recorded for other reasons, such as property, cohabitation with the child’s parents, some love affair, rupture of life, revenge after a fight, and so on. Take a look at some examples: In April of this year, a woman accused her husband of raping her before she got married. But she was unable to prove this in court. At that time, the court also imposed a fine of ten thousand rupees on him.

Also in Indore, a woman had accused her neighbor and friends of gang rape. Later, during the investigation, it was found that he had also made this complaint in the past. He also received two lakhs compensation from the government. Many people say that the reason for the flood of fake cases is also the compensation of governments. The most amazing thing is to see this, often if the girl’s life is lost in these cases, her family members are burdened with various kinds of economic benefits. Many political parties are actively involved. But why? A crime was committed against the girl, she lost her life, why the relatives of the victim should get these benefits in return. For these reasons, the feeling of greed also increases in parents. Many times they also record these cases with their own girls in the hope of compensation. Which is often found to be false.

Also in Ghaziabad, a woman had accused the neighbor of raping her daughter, later this case was also proved to be false. The woman was also fined. We must remember the case of Vishnu Tiwari of Uttar Pradesh, who spent twenty years in prison for false allegations of rape. When he left, not a single member of the family was alive, the kutcha house had collapsed. There was no penny nearby for anyone to start a business.

Now that the courts and judges are also commenting on these cases, warning women if these cases are false, giving orders to prosecute them, these things need to be taken into account whenever laws have to be made for the benefit of women, they should be kept free from gender discrimination. So that whoever has been persecuted, whether male or female, can get the help of the law. For someone to be punished even after making false allegations and someone to die for life because of false allegations.

One more thing, as soon as someone is accused of rape, their photos, names are constantly made public by all means. Photos are displayed repeatedly. Somehow, the defendant proves guilty. But when the same person is fired from office, there is no news anywhere. Although neither the girl’s name is made public, nor is any photo shown, even if the complaint is false. Therefore, it is also necessary that until the allegations are proven, in the way the identity of the girls is hidden, the identity of the boys is also hidden. After all, their human rights must also be respected. If it is believed that the girl’s identity should be hidden so that she does not face social stigma, the same goes for boys. Why are boys not supposed to be afraid of social stigma and ostracism?

Apart from that, not only the rape law needs to be reformed, but also the sexual harassment law, the dowry law and the domestic violence laws. Under the laws, where arrests are only made in name, no one should be arrested until the charges are proven. Sometimes the names of all the relatives are subject to the law of dowry. In many cases, settlements are made with large sums of money.

If girls really need the help of the law, then they should distance themselves from those girls, women who abuse these laws for personal gain or revenge or to teach a lesson or blackmail, who try to help persecuted women. . . Apart from that, whenever a new law is made, not only the opinion of women but also of men should be taken into account first. Only then can the laws really help everyone. They should not be unilateral at all.

The author is a senior journalist.

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