180 candidates passed the enrollment with more than 90% marks in grade A-1; 92.2% of the candidates passed the district in the enrollment exam

Author: JagranDate Posted: Thursday, July 7, 2022 4:03 AM (IST)Date Updated: Thursday, July 7, 2022 4:03 AM (IST)

180 candidates earned an A-1 grade on enrollment with over 90% marks

Jagran Correspondent Rourkela: Odisha Secondary Education Council made public the result of enrollment on Wednesday. The examination was conducted twice on the CBSE lines on behalf of the board and the result has been stated on the basis of the total marks of both examinations. Due to Corona, the result was published without examination for two years. This year there was a lot of excitement among the students when the written exam was done. The result in the state was 90.55 per cent, while in the Sundergarh district the result was 92.02 per cent. Of the total of 22,983 approved candidates, 10,901 boys and 12,082 girls.

In Sundergarh district, 24,975 candidates from a total of 400 secondary schools had applied. Of this, 1648 were absent while 23327 took the examination. Of these, 180 candidates passed the A-1 grade with more than 90% marks. 1826 earned the A-2 grade with over 80 percent grades. 4718 students passed with more than 70 percent grades and earned a B-1 grade. 6,507 candidates passed with more than 60 percent marks and received the B-2 mark. 5982 obtained a C grade, 3263 a D grade and 507 an E grade. 341 candidates have failed. This year’s result has been better than previous years.

Saraswati Shishu Vidyamandir Sector-6 Topper

Jagran Correspondent, Rourkela: A total of 153 students took the exam this year from Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, Sector-6, Rourkela. Of these, 44 have earned more than 90 percent grades and an A-1 grade. 77 got the A-2 grade with more than 80 percent grades, while 24 got the B-1 grade. 07 got the B-2 grade and one got the C grade. Sai Smita got 589 grades out of a total of 600, which is 98.1% of the grades and is the best in school. Suchismita Parida has 587 points, or 97.8 percent. Ujjain finished third with 586 points. Vishnu Priya, Suchismita Das, Ashish Panda, Rashmita, Piyush, Akhil, Sweety Maharana, Akash Patra, Nivedita Mishra, Pritensh, Sanchita Routray, Snehlata Majhi, Divydarshini Sahu, Gyanranjan Sahu and Sonam Patra are among those who have scored more than 90 points. percentage points. , Shubhshree Das, Devashish Mudli, Gaurav Sahu, Madhusmita Behera, Rajshree Mohapatra, Priyanka Pradhan, Soumyaranjan Mahkud, Varsha Nayak, Supriya Das, Ananya Swain, Deeptishree Sahni, Nivedita Sahu, Rashmipra Shubhaman, Rashmit J, Pashim Nayak, Arpita Down, Shubhendu Mohapatra.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Rourkela: 119 candidates took the entrance exam of the Chinmaya Vidyalaya of Odia located in Sector-7 and all have passed. 10 earned grade A-1 while 22 earned grade A-2. 39 got a B-1 grade, 37 got a B-2 grade, 10 got a C grade and 1 got a D grade. Hemant Kumar Sahu was first in school with 585 points out of 600, while Manas Ranjan Panda was third with 565 points. Ananya Raut, Divyashree Sahu, Arpita Nayak, Ayushi Mishra, Rajesh Sahu, Smritirekha Mohapatra reached the top ten.

Madhusudan Shiksha Niwas: A total of 252 candidates had taken the Madhusudan Shiksha Niwas enrollment exam, located in Sector-17. In this one, seven have passed the A-1 grade with more than 90 percent grades. At the same time, 43 have obtained the A-2 grade with more than 80 percent of grades. 47 students have passed grade B-1 with more than 70 percent grades. 73 got a B-2 grade, 63 got a C grade and 19 got a D grade.

Saraswati Shishu Vidyamandir: 50 students showed up from Shivaji Marg Saraswati Shishu Vidyamandir and all have passed. Here are more than 80 percent of sixth-grade A-2 students. Eight students earned a B-1 grade, 19 earned a B-2 grade, 16 earned a C grade and one earned a D grade. Neha Sahu led the school with 526 points out of a total of 600 points . It has 87.6 percent grades. Satya Prakash Sharma was second with 516 grades, which got 86 percent. Shobha Kumari finished third with 513 marks, reaching 85.5 percent.

Saraswati Shishu Mandir Jagda: A total of 65 candidates took the Saraswati Shishu Mandir exam located in Jagda and all have passed. 10 got the A-1 grade, 19 got the A-2 grade, 21 got the B-1 grade, 12 got the B-2 grade and three got the C grade. Swastik Patra headed the school with 583 points and scored 97.16 percent. Ritesh Sahu came in second with 582 marks, which achieved a 97 percent mark. Pradipta Giri got 571 marks and finished third with 95.1 percent marks. Among the top ten, Pratibha Nand was fourth with 557 points, Manisha Mahanti was fifth with 555 points. Sneha Raut, Sangram Sahu, Buddhadev Sahu, Sujit Kumar Sahu, Animesh Mandal also reached the top ten.

Chend Housing Colony Nodal School: A total of 78 candidates applied for the Chend Colony Nodal School examination located in Chend Colony. Of these 74 have passed. Two candidates passed with more than 90 percent marks and earned an A-1 mark. Three students got a grade of A-2, 12 got a grade of B-1, 19 got a grade of B-2, 22 got a grade of C, 12 got a grade of D, 4 got a grade of E and 4 they got a grade F. Motilal Das led the school with 548 points, while Smritirekha finished second at the school with 544 points.


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