6 children with the same umbrella try to escape the rain changing, noisy, fun: watch the video

Childhood is very innocent. No one cares, there is no stress at all, just reading and writing, eating and drinking and having fun. But unfortunately all never childhood You can’t live again because once time passes, you can’t go back. Yes, but if we see a child celebrating happiness while playing or going to school, then we can definitely say that maybe our childhood must have been the same.

A similar video goes viral on social media today in which many children are seen under an umbrella in the rain and trying to escape the rain. This image is even better. In earlier times, there were not so many facilities that people could capture these innocent childhood memories. But today technology has developed so much that everything can be captured on camera so you can enjoy watching it beyond. In this episode, today, through this article, we will introduce you to those innocent little kids who enjoy the rain while going to school. Seeing them, people remember their childhood and this video is going very viral on social media.

We all know well the power of social media, every day something or other goes viral that gives happiness and pain to people. But today a video that has gone viral on social media brings out smiles on the face because this video is of kids enjoying the rain while going to school. In fact, the video shows that these kids only have one umbrella and when it rains, these kids want to change into the same umbrella, which makes them very happy to see it.

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IAS officer Avnish Sharan shared the video

These 6 kids are under an umbrella and start walking. Everyone is happy to see the innocence of these children and remember their childhood. IAS Officer Avneesh Sharan (IAS Awanish Sharan) often to your twitter address Video Keep sharing and stay very active on social media. I had once shared a video of a child selling vegetables sitting on the side of the road and also studying, while a child studies sitting inside an ATM. But during this time he has shared the video but is full of innocence.

It will remind you of your childhood

Of 6 children, 3 are wearing school uniforms, the youngest has taken a blackboard in his hand. During the arrival of the rain, all these children try to be locked in a single umbrella and not get wet by the rain. Now all these children are moving forward to be able to reach their destination. When this video was shared among the people, people reacted a lot to it.

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It had 1.3 million views

When IAS officer Avnish Sharan shared this video on his Twitter account, he subtitle I wrote “Friend”, this video has 1.3 million views and people are also giving different reactions to it.

people reacted

One user commented in this video that this video reminds me of my childhood and I am glad to see it. Innocence and happiness in the faces of these children are priceless. the same other user said this comments Of course, this video reminds me of my childhood: “Walking 2 km as a child, sharing an umbrella with four friends on a muddy village road, the only difference between this and our childhood is that during that time we had no slippers. “

Although this video is only 9 seconds long, but it is bringing so much happiness to people that no one can guess. These innocent children march forward hitting the raindrops to reach their destination and at the same time try to bring their friends to their destination.

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