65.67% of men and 60.41% of women voted, 7% less than in 2015. Guna (MP) Nagar Nigam Electoral voting updates; Kolhupura, Nanakhedi, BJP, Congress candidate

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  • Guna (MP) Nagar Nigam Voting Update Updates; Kolhupura, Nanakhedi, BJP, Congress candidate

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In the municipal elections of Guna, until 5 in the afternoon a turnout of 63.10 percent was registered. 65.67% of men, 60.41% of women and 54.55% of others exercised their franchise. This time the turnout was 7% less than in 2015. In the 2015 municipal elections, Guna had 70.26 percent of the votes cast. The elections were generally peaceful, although many interesting cases also arose during this period. Dainik Bhaskar continued to deliver information to you continuously from scratch.

Although cell phone was banned in the polling station, the congressional leader arrived at the EVM with the cell phone in Guna. Congress Scheduled Front leader Bindu Singh also clicked on her photos while voting and made them viral on social media. After the matter came to light, there is a demand for continuous action against Bindu.

An interesting view was seen in Guna. Shortly after the wedding, the groom took the bride to the couple to vote. He cast his vote after arriving at polling station number 168 located in the Cantt area of ​​the city. He got married the same Tuesday and on Wednesday the groom along with the bride came to the polling station. The groom casts his vote in this booth. This image was captured with the camera of Dainik Bhaskar.

Panchayat State Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia exercised his franchise. He arrived at the No. 2 neighborhood polling station and voted. An election table has been set up here in the District Education Office office. During this, the Panchayat minister called on all voters to vote.

5 centers with lower participation
Saraswati Shishu Mandir Friends Colony – 20.81%
Millennium Public School Kasturba Nagar – 27.07%
Khel Prashal, PG College – 28.34%
Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Gaushala – 28.67%
Gurukul School – 28.77%

5 centers with the most votes
Old primary corner – 81.38%
Bhawan Chandshahvali Community – 80.76%
Manglik Bhawan Old Cantonment – 79.69%
Scindia Memorial School, Sakatpur – 78.91%
Christ School- 77.61%

Guna collector Frank Noble A also exercised his franchise in the election.

Panchayat District General Manager Vivek Raghuvanshi exercised his right to vote. He came to Cantt Electoral College and voted.

A fake voter was captured in the 16th chamber set up for the municipal elections in Guna. This polling booth is in neighborhood no. An electoral college has been set up here in the district office. The family of Sitaram Omprakash Rathore from the area has gone to the wedding in Sagar. A young man on behalf of his family approached to cast a false vote. Officers sitting at the polling station caught him. As soon as the information was received, the Tehsildar arrived on the scene. He said they are being verified. On the other hand, the police have taken the young man with them to the Kotwali police station.

After 7 years, elections to the urban bodies are being held in the state. In the first phase, voting was held in 37 districts of the municipality of Guna. For a long time, there was enthusiasm among voters when it came to civic elections. However, a small number of voters turned out in the morning to vote. As the day progressed, the number of voters increased.

In areas living in the city’s elegant colonies, that is, educated areas, where enthusiasm for voting was less visible, while voters in backward settlements showed more interest in voting. , There were lines in the polling stations of settlements like Kolhupura, Nanakhedi.

Interesting shock in some important neighborhoods
Raju Ojha, independent of room number 22, was the district councilor last time. Surendra Srivastava of the BJP and Jitendra Sharma of Congress are in the fight for this seat without reservations. This is the neighborhood of MLA Gopilal Jatav.

Omvati Parmar, the last time the 31st district congressman, was a district councilor. Rani Raju Yadav, wife of Raju Yadav, who is considered very close to MP KP Yadav, has been nominated by the BJP from here. Congress has given the ticket to Ramamurthy Kushwaha in this seat reserved for OBC women.

Rambabu Rathore of the BJP was the counselor in room number 33 last time. In this seat with unreserved women, Neerja Shivpal Parmar is the BJP candidate and Sunita Sharma of Congress. If Congresswoman Sunita Sharma wins the election, she will be a great candidate for president.

Contest between Congress veteran Digvajay Singh and Minister Panchayati Raj
The eyes of the entire district are set on the choice of neighborhood no. The last time Sandhya Raghuvanshi of the BJP won from here. This time, Savita Arvind Gupta of the BJP and Durga Tomar of Congress are in the fight. It is the neighborhood of Panchayat Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia.

Warlord Arvind Gupta’s wife, close to the minister, disputes from here. At the same time, the mother of former Deputy Prime Minister Digvijay Singh’s deputy, Vikram Tomar, is on the electoral stage with a ticket to Congress. These elections are seen as a fight between Digvijay Singh and Minister Panchayat.

Before the start of the vote, the 4th District Congress candidate Rashmi Rajneesh Sharma visited the temple, Gurudwara, Mazar. He had the duman of Hanumanji in the courtyard of the Veterinary Hospital, Balaji with Udasi Ashram, the Kali Mai Mata temple located in Khatik locality, the Trimurti Jain temple, the Gurudwara bus stop, the Dargah of Cantt Balibaba and he received blessings from his parents and wished victory.

Democracy is recognized by this spirit of voting
The enthusiasm for voting is also visible among the elderly in Guna. Munnibai Virendra Kumar, a 67-year-old woman suffering from paralysis, also came to vote. He was taken from his home to the polling station in a car. Here they took him to the stand by making him sit in a wheelchair from the door. There he exercised his franchise. He arrived at the Kasturba College polling station to vote.

Rashmi Sharma is believed to be a great candidate for president
Vandana Mandre of Congress in Room No. 4 was the neighborhood councilor last time. In this unreserved seat, this time Anusuiya Raghuvanshi of the BJP and Rashmi Sharma of Congress are in the fight. Independent candidate Rahul Jain is also fighting vigorously with the two candidates. There is a discussion in the city that if Congresswoman Rashmi Sharma wins the election, then she will be a great candidate for president.

The police force was deployed to 57 sensitive polling stations. Similarly, 10 + 2 total reserve 12 and sector magistrates 5 + 2 reserve 7 were placed in Sector Officers. A total of 215 election teams and 860 employees, including 10% of reserved voting teams / staff, played a major role in the election. (An electoral party consists of five staff members, including a president and four election agents.

Room number Last time winners (party) BJP candidate Candidate for Congress
1 Prasanna Shishupal Yadav (Congress) Prasanna Shishupal Yadav Kalia Bai Yadav
2 Sandhya Raghuvanshi (BJP) Savita Arvind Gupta Durga Tomar
3 Virendra Sharma (Congress) Babita Rajesh Sahu Gayatri Sarpunia
4 Vandana Mandre (Congress) Anusuiya Raghuvanshi Rashmi Sharma
5 Bhagwati Santosh Sahu (BJP) Anita Mahendra Kushwaha Afroz Begum
6 Sarita Ganesh Gwal (BJP) Omprakash Kushwaha Akram Qureshi
7 Munni Devi (BJP) Prem Kushwaha Mahesh Kushwaha
8 Ramwali Ojha (Congress) Phulbai Ojha Sandeep Sharma
9 Urmila Ojha (BJP) Suman Lalaram Lodha Banwari Lal Ojha
10 Parvati Bai Kushwaha (BJP) Kalyan Lodha Avinash Rathore
11 Khalid Bunty (Congress) Brijesh Rathore Khalid Bunty
12 Prem Singh Kushwaha (independent) Nikit Jain teenager Rekha Jain
13 Dipesh Patni (Congress) Gayatri Surya Rathore Lalita Rajak
14 Neeru Brijesh Sharma (BJP) Dharmendra Soni Dur Mer
15 Neetu Mahendra Singh (Congress) Sandhya Soni Kaushalya Soni
16 Geeta Raju Dhakad (BJP) Dinesh Sharma Dipesh Patni
17 Asha Kailash Dhakad (Congress) Kirti Pradeep Sarvaiya Laxmi Chaurasia
18 Kavindra Chauhan (independent) Kailash Dhakad Gajraj Dhakad
19 Ajab Bai Lodha (Congress) Ruchi Girraj Bhargava Vimlesh
20 Laxmi Jatav (BJP) Rajesh Kane Rekha Jatav
21 Meera Bai (BJP) Dalsingh Pardi Ramveer Jatav
22 Raju Ojha (independent) Surendra Srivastava It tends to Sharma
23 Sunil Malviya (Congress) Tarun Malviya gautam ahirwar
24 Sonam Raghuveer Singh (BJP) Alka Dinesh Kori

Sushila Bai Ahirwar

25 Anjana Dharampal Jat (BJP) Mamta Tomar Bhagwati Sahu
26 Sunita Raghuvanshi (Congress) Ravindra Raghuvanshi Ashish Jain
27 Mamta Naveen Choudhary (BJP) Neeru Brijesh Sharma Shekhar Vashist
28 Pramod Yadav (BJP) Vinod Dewan account tarannum khan
29 Pramod alias Raju Yadav (BJP) Vandana Mandre Lata Kushwaha
30 Ramesh Bhil (BJP) Nirmala Sahara Laxmi Bai Bhil
31 Omvati Parmar (Congress) Rani Raju Yadav Ramamurthy Kushwaha
32 Manish Sharma (BJP) Manish Ojha (Sharma) Geeta Yes
33 Rambabu Rathore (BJP) Neerja Shivpal Parmar Sunita Sharma
34 Avinash Parish (independent) Pappu Khatik Sachin Dhuria
35 Mridul Sharma (BJP) Rakesh Yadav Tarun Sen
36 Mahendra Beetu Raghuvanshi (Congress) Dinesh Ojha Halim Ghazi
37 Laxman Singh Jatav (BJP) princess jatav Manorama Jatav

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